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Eternal Becky
09-19-2006, 18:55:29
The final in the escape series, this time you must find 10 keys and escape from the graveyard.

Originally given by Escapegirl :)

Play here (http://gameshandbook.com/escape/gh-escape-4/)

Eternal Becky
09-19-2006, 19:17:35
I've got four keys so far.

09-19-2006, 19:22:12
1 so far....2

Eternal Becky
09-19-2006, 19:29:21
I got the 5th one. This game is hard.
Edit ~ Got the 6th one too. Phew..

cant touch this
09-19-2006, 19:30:59
I finished the game!
If anyone needs help then let me know.

09-19-2006, 19:31:22
yeah...ive done some things but only got 3 keys...

cant touch this
09-19-2006, 19:35:42
What keys do you have?
Heres are 2 keys if you dont have them:
"click on the flames until the lamp explodes. there will be a key on the ground. now stir the cauldren, it may take a while, but a key will eventually rise to the top"]

Hope this helps!

Is anyone there?

09-19-2006, 19:44:01
still stirring

09-19-2006, 19:44:10
I am...and I need HELP!

Eternal Becky
09-19-2006, 19:44:21
Got the 7th Key :)

09-19-2006, 19:46:17
got 5

09-19-2006, 19:47:06

09-19-2006, 19:48:47
I only have 5 keys!! Anyone know what to do with the skeleton?

09-19-2006, 19:49:17
still trying to figure that one and the buzzard

cant touch this
09-19-2006, 19:50:32
About the skeleton....
"Its just a distraction. you have to pull all the feathers off the vulture. on a feather is the key."]

09-19-2006, 19:51:25
I think I may have gotten the one from the buzzard...but I'm not sure...Then there's the pot I need to get a key from I think....But I don't know how!!

Eternal Becky
09-19-2006, 19:52:50
Still stirring the pot and found nothing, zip, nada

09-19-2006, 19:54:05
keep going until your hand almost falls off..its there

once its on fire anyway

09-19-2006, 19:55:52
I'm getting frustrated!! It's fun...but I've been stuck SOOO long!! :(

09-19-2006, 19:56:32
i cant find anything in the feathers..i think ive moved them back and forth 4 times

09-19-2006, 19:58:21
Umpthis...and you don't think you got it already without realizing...?

09-19-2006, 19:59:00
no i kept track of which ones i had

nvm..found it finally..have 6 now

Eternal Becky
09-19-2006, 19:59:30
Did you guys get the one from the tree?

@ Umpthis ~ Belated Happy Birthday ;)

09-19-2006, 20:00:27
yeah got that one...thanks becky

7 now

cant touch this
09-19-2006, 20:03:32
Heres a walkthrough for those who need help.

is under the coffin diagonal of the praying man. use shovel to open the coffin and get key next to skeleton.

is in the lamp. keep clicking the lamp until it explodes and take key on ground. now stir cauldren for a while until key 3 rises to the top.

is in the tree in scene with owl, cat, and mouse. click cat to scare mouse away. click the owl at the right moment to catch the mouse. key should be under the area where the mouse was first at.

is in the same area as key 4. click the tree and you will look up at it. now look at the top left of the screen. you should find a small key, (so look carefully), when it moves up

is by the flowers. click the flowers until they are all the same, and you should see a key next to the flower pot closest to the screen

is at the area where the bats come out. click all the bats and a key should fall to the ground.

is in the area with the cauldren. click on all the bugs and a key should fall to the ground as it did the bats.

is at the area with the bowl and the cat. push the bowl to the left until it cant move any farther. the cat will drink the milk, reavealing the key at the bottom of the bowl.

is with the vulture. pluck out all its feathers and on one of the feathers is the key.

congragulations, your free!

09-19-2006, 20:03:48
Where in the tree?? I don't see it?

09-19-2006, 20:06:19
I Have 8 keys but starting to get stuck

09-19-2006, 20:06:24
its up top...i just finished..my hand is cramped

09-19-2006, 20:06:32

09-19-2006, 20:07:29
You rock, Can't Touch this!! :D

@ Darknight, ya, I'm trying not to use the walkthrough...have 6 keys....still trying to get the one from the cauldron, but my wrist is going to get carpal tunnel syndrome!!! ;)

Eternal Becky
09-19-2006, 20:09:36
OMG I closed the window of the game *Faints*

09-19-2006, 20:10:16
@ Darknight, ya, I'm trying not to use the walkthrough...have 6 keys....still trying to get the one from the cauldron, but my wrist is going to get carpal tunnel syndrome!!! ;)
Zoom in - its probably already there -you just can't see it. got 9 keys and looking for the last. No walkthroughts.

09-19-2006, 20:13:36
OMG I closed the window of the game *Faints*

Oh! Poor Becky!! *throws water in face* You going to try again?

@ Darknight...I zoomed...still no key. *SIGH* My wrist hurts, on to other keys for now!

cant touch this
09-19-2006, 20:15:41
Thanks, escape girl.
and thats happend to me alot, Eternal becky
I gotta go now. Hope the walkthrough helps.
be back on later
C ya!

09-19-2006, 20:18:42
bye Can't Touch this!

09-19-2006, 20:22:07
I'm out going back to the GH H

09-19-2006, 20:24:57
Lucky Darknight! :(

09-19-2006, 21:01:36
I'm getting really frustrated with the mouse/owl key. It's my last key and I can't get it.

Oh, wait a minute now. I got the owl to pick up the mouse twice now. BUT. The mouse keeps coming back and NO key? What's happening?

HUH. Third time was the charm I guess.

09-19-2006, 22:51:13
I am going back to the game. Now let's see how good or bad :P I am in this room escapes. Lol.

4 minutes later:
Oke I got my two keys. I started a fire under the pot and found the third key.

9 minutes later: 4th key. I come back later for this. Mystery solved maybe a game error problem again. ;)

09-20-2006, 01:42:33
woot i beat it hardest game ever

09-20-2006, 02:21:24
can someone help me? i'm in the room with the cauldron and got the keys but can't get out of the room.

figured it out

09-20-2006, 02:58:19
that was a crap ending

09-20-2006, 10:36:26
can't find the key in the cauldron

nevermind, didn't stir long enough

pink bunny
09-21-2006, 18:29:35
got nine keys..the last one is in the birds that are flying (??)
is that the cat and owl scene??

09-21-2006, 18:54:42
I know everything, is miss only 2 keys - but my fingers.... and my whole arm!
I give it up.
It's very sadystic game:)

09-22-2006, 03:35:35
my god...this is seriously a good time waster....i've got 9 keys...but just can't get the bat thing...I really want to KILL the bats now...someone help me catch those bats!!!

09-22-2006, 17:18:28
all u have 2 do is the cat 1 where u have 2 scare the cat by hovering over it so the mouse runs away but then click on the other cat so it catches the mouse then if u do that 3 times a key will appear where the mouse is and click on it but careful u dont go near the cat coz the mouse will run away with the key and just keep doin that till u have all the keys but the ending is crap

pink bunny
09-24-2006, 00:56:20
ya i have the mouse and cat one... the last one i need is in the bats...but i was just asking if that was the same SCENE as the cat and mouse one

because i dont see bats flying anywhere esle...so do i have to click on all the bats for the key to drop??

09-24-2006, 06:11:21
[QUOTE=cant touch this]Heres a walkthrough for those who need help.

"is under the coffin diagonal of the praying man. use shovel to open the coffin and get key next to skeleton."[\QUOTE]

I had try to click the big black box above the gray coffin diagonal with the cross and next to praying man and it's not there. Can you post picture and tell me where did you click it at the under the coffin diagonal of the praying man?

09-25-2006, 17:02:52
Herrjesus, this game is really annoying! A game, where you just being tested on your endurance... and rewarded with nothing....

11-09-2006, 22:35:54
Did it without using any help.

Wasn't easy...

Good but went a bit boring with the stirring and the clicking. I guess I'm not patient enough!


11-24-2006, 07:57:40
FINALLY!!! After more then hour of stirring, I got that damn last key. :P
There was a point that I seriously thought about giving up.
But WHOHOOOOO!!! I did it! :D

11-24-2006, 08:32:20
yay i beat it too and that was really hard and i hate that stupid cauldron -.-