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01-07-2011, 17:27:58
You are locked inside the chinese restaurant, solve puzzles and make your way out! Have fun and enjoy!

Play here (http://www.abroy.com/play/escape-games/chinese-secret/)

01-07-2011, 17:43:14
Lots of empty views. I never solved one of the puzzles, but I got out.

old biker
01-07-2011, 17:46:31
thanks abroy ,pretty easy

witch puzzle :?

01-07-2011, 18:00:34

Good game.

01-07-2011, 19:43:10
Can't figure out how to clean my dirty coin. I have a cloth but can't wet it anywhere.
Also not getting center shape puzzle.
Wow that POP really works. I asked then found the answers to all my questions.

01-07-2011, 21:57:09
I'm in the same place as beachbum... but no POP! Dirty coin I can't clean, and the center shape puzzle baffling me! Have 5 coins...

Yay.. POP for me! the shape code is back by the two ying-yangs near the 'man' you put the coins in... and there's cleaner in the one 'odd' red dish

And OUT! :D

01-07-2011, 22:24:18
need 3 more coins. see a tool I can't pick up. So much stuff to look at ..

01-07-2011, 22:36:20
Nice little game. Thanks for posting
I have no idea what the dices were for or the cloth with cleaning stuff
Okay, forgot that I had used the first one for a puzzle :P

01-07-2011, 22:46:26
Yvonne... dice were for the 4 colors... cleaning stuff on cloth for dirty coin

01-07-2011, 23:10:24
upper left coin? found it

01-08-2011, 06:26:49
Wow, I'm out with no help at all :o:huh: That is impressive.

01-08-2011, 14:51:47
Stuck. Have a key, cleaning cloth (used on coin), cleaner (ditto), a dagger (used). There's a tool I can't pick up. Done several puzzles to get coins.

01-08-2011, 15:01:06
There is a place where you'll have to put the items you've found.
You can't pick up that one but there is another one somewhere :)

I'm playing it again to try to help you. Have you done all the puzzles yet or do you need help with those too??
Where did you use dagger,
You're gonna have to use that one twice
dish to get coin and on the golden pot on the table to get tool

And again, I didn't use cloth

01-08-2011, 15:02:51
If you have the key you just have to use it and you are out. Remember, where you broke the chain, thereĀ“s a keyhole...

01-08-2011, 18:02:23
Pretty easy. Out.

01-09-2011, 12:06:26
out without help

3rd one tonight!

01-11-2011, 02:06:01
wow! out, without cheating:))

01-12-2011, 23:14:00
upper left coin? found it

I'm still looking for that one!
Found it .. but only by using the walkthrough .. after all that!
Good puzzles.