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01-14-2011, 17:24:50
This Abandoned Asylum once housed thousands of patients from all over the world. It was shut down over 50 years ago due to unexplained phenomena. Over the last few years many explorers have searched for the secrets that lie deep within the asylums confines, some never to return. Your curiosity has brought you here to search the depths of this desolate site and uncover whatever darkness lies within.

Play Abandoned Asylum Here! (http://www.melting-mindz.com/abandoned_asylum.php)

01-14-2011, 17:36:22
Going in.......

01-14-2011, 17:38:09
Have fun!

01-14-2011, 17:40:50
Love these! Where in the world do you find these crazy places?
Going in too... may take a while though (trying to play as I work--shhh don't tell the boss (hubby))

01-14-2011, 17:48:01
WOW, what just happened? I played for a few minutes, then clicked the down arrow in the first room and exited the game with the following message: Congratulations! You made it through the abandoned asylum unscathed...... You collected 15 orbs and your score was 142.

Wha happened??

01-14-2011, 18:09:52
Hahaha Scissors, you seem to have found a bug :haha: :P

Hmmm, I thought for the compass puzzle, I had to use the hint from bookbut didn't work :hmm:

Got items:
crowbar, cloth hanger, bottle with purple liquid, book, map.
Seen one of the gems, but can't take it yet.

01-14-2011, 18:11:56
I'm back in and am very aware of my postioning now. Same thought I had Mistery; still working on it.

01-14-2011, 18:17:05
I fixed that end game bug. Sorry it was for me for testing and I forgot to take it out.

01-14-2011, 18:21:20
Any news Scissors? Haven't found any keys yet, and nothing new :hmm:
Guess I'm going to stay in the asylum and become even more :crazy: than I am :haha:

01-14-2011, 18:23:09
I have a meeting, gotta go. Unfortunately, I didn't see a way to save. Oh well. Good luck everyone!

01-14-2011, 18:23:52
I figured something out and got my first key! LOL the hint in the book is an anagram for the compass puzzle--only word that came to mind! and on I plod..

01-14-2011, 18:28:23
I checked there was only one answer according to the anagram server!

01-14-2011, 18:30:52
Ummmm, how is
pehl em ews an anagram for the compass puzzle :?

01-14-2011, 18:37:16
Oh.. sorry... was just the ews clue = "sew"

I have to leave for a while (going to just keep it open until I get back)... work beckons!

01-14-2011, 18:38:58
Figured it out, thanks anyway :)
Almost dinner time here.

Got gold key, used, and got silver key.
Used silver key, got red key.

Found knife and hammer.

Got purple gem and red gem.

Opened door with number code.

Opened locked box and got green key.

Got magnifier. Got a code, need to figure out where to use it.

Well, my post starts to sound like a diary or log. :haha: :P So:

Captain's Log - stardate 7130.4
Orbiting around the asylum. Nobody to be seen, except a creature that wants crystals.
Found "strange tiles" but dunno what to do with them, tried my items on them without success.
Plus, I need a screwdriver...

01-14-2011, 19:07:15
the words in the book may not make sense. arrange them so they do. you'll find the compass puzzle answer will defenitly be _ _ _

01-14-2011, 19:26:42
Captain's Log - stardate 7132.4
Located screwdriver in bathroom at one of the toilets
Also located creature from Skeleton Planetin bathroom at other toilet
Looking for a method to remove the gem. No success yet.
Update: Neutralized creature with purple liquid

Going to beam over to the correct room to use screwdriver.
Have now also yellow and blue gem.
Continuing to explore asylum, and trying to examine strange tiles again.

Captain's Log - update
Located green gem in room with zoomed wheelchair
Solved mystery with strange tiles, and located purple key by using screwdriver on tiles
Located locked box, opened, found orange gem.

Escaped asylum :dewave:

01-14-2011, 22:12:31
I made it out! :D (Thanks for some hints there Mistery! -- :lol: at "Captain's Log") I wandered the halls all over again, but only got 48 orbs :(

01-14-2011, 22:18:09
Hehe :haha:
You're welcome, and well done :D
I didn't find all orbs either :hmm:

01-15-2011, 00:48:16
Thanks Mystery for the SD info; the only help I needed...well, except for I found only 48 orbs too.

01-15-2011, 02:06:16
I need keys!!!! and all the other things too.:D
I have map(duh:P), book, bottle filled with purple liquid, crowbar

Don't want to read the log Mistery made yet so I will go back in and try to find more.
I have seen some papers with hints and a door that needs a 6 digits number but I don't think that I've seen a hint for that one.
I have also seen some strange symbols, just like in the book, with dots and no idea yet what to do with those.
I also have 31/50 orbs but I have some locked doors so I'll probably find some more:)

@Tipper75, yep I've found that item as well. :P
Okay, will come back to this one tomorrow. Need to get some sleep now.

01-15-2011, 02:08:59
You should also have a coat hangerI am still searching, before reading back!

01-15-2011, 12:42:58
I have seen some papers with hints and a door that needs a 6 digits number but I don't think that I've seen a hint for that one.
I have also seen some strange symbols, just like in the book, with dots and no idea yet what to do with those.

Note down the number of dots for each symbol, then use them in the sequence from the book for the door

01-15-2011, 16:23:10
help, can't find the book, looked everywhere!!

01-15-2011, 16:26:03
help, can't find the book, looked everywhere!!

From the screen where you have started from, go left to see color/number clues on fire extinguisher. Then go left again, and use these clues on fire place to open it

01-15-2011, 16:27:21
help, can't find the book, looked everywhere!!

Bottom left on map, use the code form the fire extinguisher

Edit: darn alien posts at warp speed:haha: Out with fifty orbs:D

Nice game selfdefiant, thank you:)

01-15-2011, 20:40:44
Alright, back in the game. Have found 5 gems (yellow, blue, red, purple, green), and 4-digit code. Need place for number code, purple key and the 6th gem. (I hope that's all I need!!!)

01-15-2011, 22:40:36
If you can't find purple key, I've left a hint in my Captain's Log :)

01-15-2011, 23:11:26
Thanks Mistery, I didn't read any of your hints. Out with the 50 orbs and 1355.

01-16-2011, 02:27:28
Stuck on finding the red key and not a clue about which tiles Mistery is talking about.
I have used the gold and the silver key and got a knife but I don't know where to use that either.
I have blue and yellow gem.

01-16-2011, 02:43:19
I have map, book, hanger, crowbar, purple liquid in container, a bunch of pink things (over 30) and saw a note and 3 red signs need lots of keys among other thijngs. And a cup of hot tea .. Willread to see if there is a hint.

01-16-2011, 03:05:47
43/50, 1725. hardest thing for me....green gem:) thanks Mistery.

01-16-2011, 03:51:51
who would have thunk anagram got me started - have found 3 keys so far and other items. Need one mome number for code. I'll yell HELP if I get stuck bad.
I have 5 of 6! Closer. Trying to recall what I might need to do something with. Had a break to let dog out and a break to do hubby's eye drops. Need to look at email real quick and then try to finish this up.
49 orbs .. missing 1? or 11? but I'm out and can now go to bed. good game. Thanks!

01-16-2011, 14:42:53
I have used the gold and the silver key and got a knife but I don't know where to use that either.

There's a room with with a hospital bed that you see from near, look for a conspicuous spot on it

01-16-2011, 15:42:02
Thanks Mistery but I think that I don't have that room yet. I haven't opened the door with the 6 digits either. I think I'm missing one sign for that one. If it is the signs that I need for that door.
Brute forced the number door.

01-16-2011, 15:50:58
Okay wait, going in again because I don't remember the details :)

Have you found the red key?
It's in stuck oven door in kitchen, use crowbar

Then use red key to find another item and for the hospital bed that I was talking about

01-16-2011, 16:02:26
Nope I still don't have that one. Did find the purple and green one.
I so don't understand why I can't find the room that you are talking about.
I've even started over to do everything in a better order but I still don't see that key.
I have blue, green, yellow and orange gems. Have seen the red gem but can't get it with SD, crowbar or knife
Used crowbar, magnifier and SD but not the knife

THANKS never saw that place where the key was. Got it now.

Out with only 47 orbs, no idea where the other 3 are and I have searched every room again.

Thanks again for all your help Mistery :hug2:

01-16-2011, 16:07:56
Left a clue in my previous post how to find red key. Then use it.

Use the knife in 3rd row, 3rd room on the right (from map)

Glad you've found it! :D
Woohoo, congrats :appl: You're very welcome :)

01-18-2011, 05:26:41
out with all 50 orbs...only needed a little bit of help and had to re-count my dots a few times on the symbols...VERY nice game!!!