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01-23-2011, 17:39:07
Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Pinedale is a new adventure game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com! There was a robbery a few days ago at the museum. The crooks took some valuable jewels. They have been tracked to this secret hideout. Your mission is to get inside and recover the stolen jewels. The crooks are very tricky, so don’t expect this mission to be an easy one. Good luck and have fun!

Play SSSG - Pinedale Here! (http://www.melting-mindz.com/sssg_pinedale.php)

01-23-2011, 20:25:59
what does the different versions mean

01-23-2011, 20:30:45
Think, you can choice. And for this thread, i think it's better we write, which version we are on?
Ver 1
In the top right room (map) 1st floor I lit three candles and got white key.
Got 2 black marbles, one red and one light blue, lighter, hammer, screwdriver and lightbulb.
Found place and clue to put colored marbles. Looking for white keyhole...

01-23-2011, 21:12:26
can´t find the lighter in ver 1

01-23-2011, 21:25:46
Can't remember exact, but first went left and got it early. Somewhere on a table, white square.
Sorry, I'm tired and cannot longer concentrate on this!

01-23-2011, 21:38:58
I think it was in the first kitchen view, but I may be wrong. I can't get the Bo, Ed and Al puzzle to work:?

On coffee table, second living room view, floor one

01-23-2011, 21:49:31
It's an Anagram DOaBLE 41512125
Gives gold key

01-23-2011, 22:09:12
Thanks bip, did not think about scrambling them!

01-23-2011, 22:31:29
oh, the orange gem was hard
in the room, you put marbles in a box, bottom, one brick, open with screwdriver
Now only the pink one... Where are you?
got it! It's hidden behind a picture in a bedroom (2nd floor left), screwdriver needed, code 4 digits
from time Magazin, the sentence He boykotts the slalom; every word a number/count letters
out, 47 coins

01-23-2011, 22:42:37
Missing orange gem, fifty plus one coins.

And out, 271,350:D

I can't remember where the pink one is, I think it is behind a panel with an electric lock.

Edit: V2 - I have everything but the order of the gems:?

01-24-2011, 07:34:00
You can always rely on an "SD" to turn up, just when you most need one!
Thanks, SelfDefiant! ;)

Edit: And there aren't many places where one gets to cut the cheese without giggles.

01-24-2011, 18:16:10
map (BASEMENT), fourth floor, first left-to-room, where you can COLDKEY, there is a reference, but (map floor 1) this reference does not open the box thing.

01-24-2011, 23:22:36
Version1 - only choice I think I had although 3 start buttons. I took first "start"
Well, evidently noted a hint wrong. And I hate pushing the down arrow and ending up in a room to one side.
hammer, sd, lightbulb, 2 black marbles, lighter (used), water, blue gem, white key (used), sneaky coin, 37 coins
edit: well, dinner time is almost here. I did find another item after reading about item the hint was one. Should have caught that the first time. This break will costs me in time ..later

Rats! This computer requires clicking on black screen to wake it up. I evidently double clicked and thus get to start from scratch as an add came up *sigh* wonder if it saved .. that would be asking too much.

Wish I had made better notes. Used an item and got two items. Replaying from the start reminded me I need something for outside. Mom called and so now back to the hunt with new items.
Aha! Can at last take care of the smelly cheese.
Missing Gold gem. what haven't I done?
Got it and out
Very big score so won't post and 49 coins. Nice game. I'm just slow going up and down all those stairs.