View Full Version : Belial Chap. 2.5

01-26-2011, 20:27:49
In this supporting chapter, Belial must work with Beelzebub and Lilith to unleash Baal from within himself.
Use mouse to interact with the scenes. Click on items and use them on another item or to place on your inventory.


01-27-2011, 17:00:47
Good game! I'm out. No one chatting today. If you need hints ask now, I'll wait a few...

01-30-2011, 22:17:04
I'm trying to get the four pieces on the heart but I can't remember how I got them.
NVM Process of elimination led me to this. bread, pendant, wood, glass .. clockwise from the top

Er .. I seem to be dead .. that's life, I suppose.