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02-05-2011, 07:43:06
Dark Disharmony is a new point and click type horror - adventure game by Chrost. In the role of a will-o'-the-wisp you will have to reveal all the five murdered members of the death-metal band to unleash hell on the Earth. Good luck.:clover:

This game is not suitable for children.

Play here. (http://play.escapegames24.com/2011/02/dark-disharmony.html)

02-05-2011, 15:06:36
Kinda tough... so far got rid of bird, opened hatch on can (need code), opened hatch in earth, trying to figure out the wind/fire/water/earth 'hints'?? I can make it rain... not sure where I need to do that though (can move the storm cloud)

Little progress! click wind then the leaves---same with fire, water, and earth... have a pentagram on fire, an overgrown plant on the door, a guy's face coming out of the ground with a "5", and a dead drummer in a casket that says "2"

More... fire then water on 'urn'... explodes it... ghost comes out & gets caught in pentagram & opens the mausoleum door. Used fire everywhere until I got rid of the guy in the mausoleum... just have to figure out how to use code!

Out! I broke loose hell on Earth and should be proud of myself! :D code = left to right & make sure to hit #

02-05-2011, 17:55:19
Now that was strange!!! :wht:

02-05-2011, 19:40:56
and the last one(green) was the vokalist?? lol

02-05-2011, 22:43:24
Well, I'm stuck: captured a guitar-dragging ghost in the pentagram and opened a grave to reveal a dead drummer. I can see a couple of numbers but obviously not enough for the code. How can I open the mausoleum? I've thrown everything at it. Now I have a swirly spirit (?) where the lit pentagram was.
I'll keep clicking.

Okay .. managed to force the three-digit code and have finally loosed hell on earth.
Don't give much for their chances in the Top Ten.

02-06-2011, 02:31:26
phew a intresting one got there with help