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02-05-2011, 16:42:26
Starship Down is a fast paced first person shooter game for PC's. You are the captain and you find yourself stranded after your ship is destroyed. You must defeat an army of humanoid robots and other droids. Your goal is to rescue your remaining crew, destroy the hidden enemy base and escape. Use whatever weapons at hand, from rocks to blasters to powerful mini-gun. Figure out how to infiltrate the base, unlock the doors and blow it up. After beaming to the enemy ship, you have to find a way to destroy it and get to safety. Lots of dynamic exploding and breakable objects, grenades, transporters, bombs, elevators, and key-coded doors, this is a great well rounded game.There are hidden places, and things to figure out along the way. Pickup objects, throw objects, pickup guns, ammo and other useful tools. Version 2.0 is a blast! Save your progress often if you want to survive! Droids are notoriously hard to kill, so don't turn your back on them unless your sure they're dead!
Version 2.0 New Features:
Vast Improvement In Gameplay!
Much More Challenging
Updated Game Engine
New Lighting and Shadow Effects
Smarter Enemies
Removed A.I. Glitches
New Installer
http://xtremefpsgames.com/images/xfpsgamesdemo300.jpg (http://xtremefpsgames.com/freegames/StarshipDownDemo.zip)


02-08-2011, 21:17:45
Post your thoughts about the game. This is the first level only, but fun.