View Full Version : Anti-Cast Adam and Eve

03-25-2011, 13:56:37
(point and click)

Leon is a regular student having a normal life. During class he somehow got thrown into a strange world known as Aura. Help him find Sara, a girl from his class, and discover how and why he is in Aura. Have fun!

Play Here (http://www.gamershood.com/15891/point-and-click/anti-cast-adam-and-eve)

03-25-2011, 15:59:11
Seriously odd, what's the thing upstairs that you can only ever grab by the arm(?), me no likely fighting games :(

03-25-2011, 19:27:18
used my crank. Have 50 cents? coins? and some other stuff. Movement is odd - never sure where I'm going.
Do things and not much reward.
can't color the fairy... she won't stay still. Hmm.
60 coins.
met mystery man. Now collecting glass pieces.
So far no fighting. well - now fighting a ?spider thing? more like an arcade game that I may be too slow for.
got him but second guy - clicking both hands - I'm just not quick enough. So up until now I enjoyed the game but bowing out at this point.

03-26-2011, 06:43:07
Best game i've played on here in awhile! i even registered just to say so!!

03-29-2011, 17:00:35
that was hands down, crazy!!! but I liked it! looking forward to part 2!