View Full Version : Click Tribe

04-02-2011, 11:34:40
Help the Click Tribe throughout a hunting day gone wrong in this Point and Click adventure.


04-03-2011, 00:37:43
big monster! Having trouble getting them in order I want. where is my black whip?
green and orange appear to be attacking and blue will go - but the rest?
at last finished it ..

04-05-2011, 20:44:59
Ugh! I'm having the same problem with the monster. I had them all stacked up almost...and now that same combo won't work...but no other combos work either...I don't know what makes them fall off because sometimes they stay and sometimes they don't. Fun game up until now.

I looked at the walkthrough and the combo I have is right...but it won't work for some reason. Hmmm

I think it's a glitch because one of my dudes just straight up disappeared. Maybe I'll reload.

Ok, reloaded and finished. Cute game