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04-30-2011, 09:56:00
Help Obama rescue his family from the jurassic island.


05-01-2011, 07:39:54
Ok, I have rubber duck, sword, lighter, rough stone, a hook and a bowl from the first scene, a parachutist, parachute, an oar, and rope from the second scene.

To get past Raptors, sharpen the sword on the stone (preferablly before you get to the raptors), use hook on the middle tree branch sticking out, and then use sharpened sword on branch. In the fourth scene, get the arrow and use the watermelon to get the T-Rex.

get the gas can, and bow, from outside, go into the building, get the jelly, and place the skeleton on the rack, put TNT on skeleton, light the TNT, then push, and blow up the raptor. Get the hand grenade. In the Sixth Scene, view grenade, pull ring, place in duck, put duck in river, then watch the mario turtle blow up. Use the sharpened sword on the big log, then the rope, then hop on and use the oar. Get to other side of river and grab spiky turtle shell.

Put the jelly in the bowl. Walk to the middle, and when the prehistoric tadpoles come to attack, put the bowl of jelly down. They'll eat until they almost burst. Walk to next scene. With the "Four Harmless Dinos" walk to the middle and use the shell (non spiky shell, found at the edge).

Walk to the middle and wait for pteradactyl. Use spiky shell on it. Grab deflated balloon and fill it with gas from the gas can. Use sword on parachute. Use rag from parachute on arrow (if you combined it with the bow, you need to split them). Combine with gas can, then with bow. Walk to next scene. Hide behind bushes and throw gas filled balloon. Then shoot arrow at head of dinosaur. Rescue your family and leave the island.