View Full Version : Happy Mother's Day!

05-08-2011, 18:08:14
Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms!!


Frantic Freddie
05-13-2012, 21:33:01
To all the mothers out there & to my own Mom.

I'm returning the favor to her by taking care of her now that her health is poor (not too bad,she can still hobble around & even drive herself to the store & church*) & I'm making her one of her favorite dinners,lamb kebabs. We took her out to a real nice Japanese restaurant on Thursday because she doesn't want to fight the crowds today.

When my stepdad passed she moved here & lived with us for 6 months,until in a stroke of incredibly good luck,I was able to buy her a small house just 200 yards away.Since I'm semi-retired,I can take her to the Dr. when she needs to go (25 mile drive into & through through the city,I don't want her driving that),when something breaks I'm there to fix it,my wife the pharmacist drops off her meds on the way home.Mom loves my wife & it's mutual (wife lost her Mom to cancer in 1990 :( ).

*she has the quintessential little old lady's car,an '07 Dodge Caliber she bought new,it currently has a grand total of 17,000 miles on it :D

taniya jain
10-29-2014, 09:48:43
Thank you. I also would like to wish every mother a "Wonderful Mother's Day".