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05-09-2011, 18:03:24
Hello guys,

I'm just about to release this game.... anyone want to give me some last minute feedback?

It's a 3D sokoban style thing... Available for Windows and Linux.

http://garnetgames.com/puzzlemoppet/screens/balloons_and_boxes_small.png (http://garnetgames.com/puzzlemoppet/screens/balloons_and_boxes.png) http://garnetgames.com/puzzlemoppet/screens/confusion_small.png (http://garnetgames.com/puzzlemoppet/screens/confusion.png) http://garnetgames.com/puzzlemoppet/screens/pyramid_mining_small.png (http://garnetgames.com/puzzlemoppet/screens/pyramid_mining.png)


(in particular, do you think the trial is too short? do you think it's commercial quality, or should I rework some stuff before releasing it? any other general opinions of the game?)

Apologies for the drive-by posting, but I've sucked dry all my usual ports of call for beta testers...