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05-17-2011, 21:11:54
Ok, i have decided to create a chat based escape the room game. This may not work but bear with me :).

You start out in what seems to be an empty room
This room has five coloured walls
all but one of these walls has a riddle or a question
The answer to each riddle will give a one digit number
Once all riddles and questions have been solved you may turn your attention to the last wall
This wall contains a door and a keypad
The keypad needs a 4 digit code to unlock the door and regain your freedom
There is a message below the keypad written in white chalk "Over the rainbow "
When you found the 4 digit code, write it down in a spoiler tag.
..4 digit code...
As soon as the creator of the room confirmed the 4 digit code was right, the first one to get the 4 digits code correct creates a new room that others may try to escape.

The red wall
64(34) x 25 / 823 - 60

The green wall
In a certain country ½ of 5 = 3. If the same proportion holds, what is the value of 1/3 of 10 ?

The yellow wall
If a rooster laid 11 eggs and the farmer took 5 of them and another rooster laid 14 eggs and 5 of them were rottenhow many eggs were left?

The blue wall
123 x 321 / 4567

05-19-2011, 00:31:11
Sorry for the delay in approving this thread. :) Let the escaping begin and good luck!

06-08-2011, 17:34:28
I'm not sure to understand:

may we post just an answer to 1 wall and wait to see what other people post next and try all together to reach the final solution
we have to post only if we think to have the final 4 digit code ?

06-09-2011, 21:30:08
You can discuss hint's and answers between other user's, but the first person to post the correct answer wins, and must therfore make a new room with new riddle's and questions.

Hope that helps

06-19-2011, 16:39:22
Someone would give me a little hint for the red wall please?
I don't understand what 64(34) means. Am I so ignorant of math?


maybe (34) means sqrt(34)?

well, I try:

1940 ?