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10-16-2006, 20:59:09
Hey all, what's up? Freakshow59 here, just to let you know that I have revised the Gamershood Chronicles. In this version you'll:

- Learn how I came to the site

- My real age and name

- My hobbies (not like anyone cares :P)

Another thing is that some of the stuff (like my mentioning of my (mine) forums) is a bit out-of-order but don't sweat bout it. Also, I will post (or try to) once a week! So check every week for a new installment :) So, listen up and learn from a person who's writing is one to be reckoned with :)

I was told by someone not to be named that this might be all about myself and only me referenced throughout. (.............) Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't think that might happen! Fat chance the story will only be about me. The GH gang will be in there, (yes, they will have say in it and all that good stuff *ooh, just got chills up my spines, sheesh!*) they will also be "followed" by the story in which all of this will (*does retarted voice* Somehow) come together :P

Just remember, this is a "new" beginning and then the story will follow from the old chronicles once it gets to that point.

(Mistery's Graphophobia and Lilli and Escape's Adventures in Gamershood, both in which I feel may be referenced to, they are great, keep it up guys :fingers: (or, have refernces of this in them :P)

<<Special Rules:
This thread is only open for Freakshow to post until further notice. Mistery>> <-- Thank you Mistery. . . for that, erm, statement :P

So, here we go with it again! :fingers: Oh, and there will be two parts posted today as a introduction-type party, thing-a-ma-bob.

Brett is your typical 13 years old. He goes to school, gets honor roll grades, has friends and hangs out. He plays video games, reads a little bit, manga as well as novels, goes out side and has as apparent normal life to the typical person. But, his alter ego is one that would defy laws, psychics, even the world. Everyone goes online, click here and there, and type your word in Myspace or other blogs. But, Brett wasn?t into that, he had something else in mind.

He?s a quite type online. He plays his online games, maybe the Sims 2 once in a while. He?s seen his fair share of flash and viral. But, the one thing he couldn?t get enough of is forum posting. He has his own forum, Paradise Somewhere (he unfortunately shut it down after a spamming fight broke out), he goes to Gamespot and posts about what video game?s the best as well as other things. But, he grew bored of this. He wanted something new, creative and entertaining. Somewhere where his creativeness and his imagination could spread and overflow onto the banks of charisma and knowledge.

He sat down in the usual purple-ish magenta, plaid chair. He detested it but it was comfortable, despite the color. He slowly turns on the computer, system first, dons his headphones, monitor already on. First, he put on iTunes, and put on a custom made list, ranging from Linkin Park to Weird Al Yankovic. He went to Google.com and typed in ?room escape games?, having been a big fan of them. The first result was a website for gamershood.com. Figuring he?d give it a shot, he checked it out.

His first reaction was shock. He never saw this many games in just one website. Over 300 games in total he figured at first thought but then saw that it was beyond that. At least 700 or more, Brett was in awe. Picking and choosing the good ones, he played through them. But, he got stuck and needed a walkthrough. He scrolled down the page and saw a link for a forum.

When Brett saw this he thought his calling was answered. ?Finally! A forum that might be interesting! Let?s check it out. . .? he thought as he clicked the link. The forum was pretty well set up, however he noticed he needed to register to post. So, he did, but being careful, he used a fake birthdate, and said he was 14. Satisfied with his screen name, a screen name that he would not know would become the most popular screen name in the forums until a couple months after his registration. The name that would become famous throughout the forums? Freakshow59.

10-16-2006, 21:54:48
But, as soon as he signed up, he noticed that a very, very bright light was emitting from his computer.

He was only thinking ?What the hell? Where I bloody hell did this come from?? before the computer stopped. But, Brett, was nowhere to be found, not under the desk, in the closet, in his room or in anywhere. The last place, where he really was, anyone would check was the computer. He passed circuitry which seemed frightening, webpages containing god knows what, he was flying solo and fast, without a clue to where he was going. He also noticed he turned digital, his body still intact, but instead noticed that many different colored 0s and 1s made up his body.

As he was just about to touch them, he was violently spat out into a light bluish environment. There were hills in the background, green with greener tops, a fluffy cloud here and there. But, the thing Brett was more amazed at was the title, floating about his head.

?Gamershood Forums? No way? I can?t be inside the internet!? he thought very quick and tried to get it out of his mind, but it stayed there, like a dog looking for a treat from its owner, or a scratch beneath the neck. As he wandered around, he noticed doors leading to somewhere, people came in and out very quickly and it seemed like it would never stop. He found one named ?Chit-Chat?, another named ?Music?. He checked Chit-Chat first and found the door to be quite bigger than when he started it. He found yet another door, a bit smaller this time, with the same name. Figuring he could get some answers here, he entered the door carefully.

Inside were but only 4 people. Another thing he noticed is that they all had names above them, they were named Adventure, Hollandgirl, Megadoomer, and Dermik. Walking up to them slowly, he silently eavesdropped on the conversation:

Adventure: Hi Hollandgirl. I already asked in rate that sig and avatar what you precisely mean by your signature, but I ask again. Do you mean that if you are telling always the truth people think you are a liar? I am curious about it.

Hollandgirl: well, it's a bit complicated but in these times, the truth is sometimes painful and people don't want to hear it, so if you tell the truth they think (or just don't want to accept it's true) you're lying. So if you want to be thought a liar, always tell the truth. You get it now??
Now explain yours

Megadoomer: i just sent myself a private message which said HI ME

Dermik: LOL

Hollandgirl: ahahhaa reeally interesting didn't know it was possible!

Megadoomer: neither did i it worked and i sent it 5 times to ME

Adventure: Originally Posted by Hollandgirl
well, it's a bit complicated but in these times, the truth is sometimes painful and people don't want to hear it, so if you tell the truth they think (or just don't want to accept it's true) you're lying. So if you want to be thought a liar, always tell the truth. You get it now??
Now explain yours Yes I get it and it is so true. My sig isn't easy to explane. I tried it in # 212 of rate that sig or avatar, but it doesn't cover the whole ground thought. I think you understand what I mean with the first line, but not the second line. The point of it is that the natural behaviour of human isn't in the line of evolution anymore. We make really a mess of it and I think it is a ending story. So if we behave ourself a bit more and think in the greater picture and not only of our own small life, maybe we then can evolve. If we don't our "empire" will fall like all the other great civilizations (Egypt, Greek, Roman, etc.). Sorry I can't explane it very well.

Hearing about this, he figured its time to introduce himself to the place.