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old biker
06-19-2011, 20:47:33
Find Dwarfs 10 is another Japanese point and click type adventure game by Nekonote. In this game, you try to find all dwarfs. Use your point and click skills to search around and find dwarfs.

Good luck


06-19-2011, 21:01:56
That was fun, thanks for posting:)

old biker
06-19-2011, 21:03:16
ok ,level 8 is ridiculous ,quitting

06-19-2011, 21:21:32
Now I have to play again:P

Oh, I just wrote it down by number, easy then!

old biker
06-19-2011, 21:44:02
but it kept on coming ,at least 12 combo's of 9 note's
not having my day :wht:
gonna retry
this time i made it after five combo's :?: and made it out

06-19-2011, 21:48:11
No there were only five series, the longest one was nine notes.I did not write down the first one, but counting from the left, 12345;

06-19-2011, 22:45:44
Finished it, i won't have to write a walkthrough for this one.
Level 8 wasn't so hard now was it, got it on the second attempt. Started with big to small, then small to big and that did the trick.
The memory part was harder.

06-20-2011, 00:00:04
I'm no good at the musical note memory thing....ARGH!!!

07-10-2011, 02:26:56
that was fun... and ez

07-13-2011, 21:26:31
:hmm: no idea how to start this thing so stuck on stage 1 with the cage..what am I supposed to do..:? Keep clicking till my mouse battery is empty.:?
I think my game isn't working..only have a green screen with a cage and it took me about 3 times clicking to get the stage 1 arrow to disappear..using IE so maybe that is an issue.:???

07-13-2011, 21:36:47
Works for me, there should be a play arrow and after that you'll get a bunch of memory cards.

07-13-2011, 21:55:28
Got the play arrow but when that one finally disappears (after clicking on it for 3 times) I only have the cage and no memory cards..:S so not working for me at the moment but thank you for checking..:hug2:

08-01-2011, 11:22:40
Thanks to tipper!!!