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10-29-2006, 12:06:01
Who wants to know about all the Saw 3 Traps? ME!

Body Chains
Troy wakes up in a forgotten empty classroom with chains hooked into his flesh. His legs, feet, arms, hands, back, stomach, shoulders and ultimately one hooked into his lower jaw. A bomb is on the table giving him under two minutes to rip the chains out of him and escape the room before KA-BOOM! Troy starts ripping out the chains and has one left - through his lower jaw. Unable to remove it the timer expires and KA-WAMMA!

The Ribcage Trap
Kerry wakes up hanging from the ceiling in something that looks like a leather belt strapped around her body and neck, attached to several chains hanging from the ceiling. Upon further examination of her harness, she finds that a device has been placed on her chest, hooked into her ribcage by needles. Hanging next to her is a jar filled with acid, into which a key is dropped. In her video Jigsaw/Billy says she is "dead on the inside," which is why she must enjoy working in situations with death. It says she has "one minute to find a way out," or before the key to safely remove the device is dissolved by the acid. After hesitating, Kerry plunges her hand into the jar, severely burning it but failing to get the key. Plunging it in a second time, screaming in pain, she grabs the key and pulls out her bloodied, severely corroded hand and unlocks the cage, trying in vain to find a way to remove the trap. This was the second trap that Amanda created that could not be escaped from, and as Amanda walks into the room, the devices embedded in Kerry's torso are ripped back in opposite directions, completely removing both sides of her ribcage, killing her and leaving her internal organs completely exposed.

The Shotgun Collar
Amanda places a collar equipped with loaded shotgun shells onto Lynn. The hammers behind each shell are clicked back, and the collar responds with Jigsaw's heart rate. If he flatlines, or if Lynn moves out of range, the shells will explode, killing her instantly. Lynn is forced to operate on Jigsaw to keep him alive long enough for Jeff to complete his series of confrontations in the warehouse. When he does, Jigsaw orders Amanda to remove the collar from Lynn, as she has completed her task. However, Amanda refuses. Jigsaw gets killed by Jeff before the collar is removed, and the shells explode, blowing Lynn's face and head away.

Jeff's Trap
Jeff wakes up in an empty shipping box. Upon escaping, he must walk through a warehouse containing the victims of the ice shower, intestines pool, and rack. Each person in said trap is directly or indirectly involved in his son's death. He must go through each scenario and decide whether or not to forgive and assist the person or watch them die a horrible death. Upon completion of this, Jeff must face Jigsaw. During this confrontation Jigsaw gives him the choice of killing him and taking revenge, or making the ultimate choice of forgiveness. However, unknown to Jeff the choice of killing Jigsaw will ultimately kill his wife as well because the shotgun collar will be activated. This choice is the true aim to Jeff's trap. He ends up killing Jigsaw, and the movie ends with possible further tests for Jeff as Jigsaw left one last tape before his passing. This tape could possibly give further instuction on rescuing his daughter; and yet more traps for Jeff.

The Ice Shower
Danica is shown hanging by her arms in a walk-in freezer, where two vertical poles spray her naked body with cold water. Jeff is forced to decide whether or not to help her. Danica was the one witness to the death of Jeff's son, and she fled the scene, giving Jeff the choice to save her or let her freeze to death. In this trap, behind freezing cold pipes, there is a key that Jeff can reach if he gets close enough to them. By doing this, however, his skin sticks to the pipe and he has to rip it off. Ultimately, Danica freezes to death before Jeff can save her; her upper body and chains are completely frozen over in ice. Jeff leaves as more water sprays, building up the ice on her further. This trap is similar to an act of torture given by the infamous Elizabeth B?thory

The Intestines Pool
Upon entering a room, Jeff hears the voice of a man screaming for help. As he searches around for the man, a large silo in the middle of the room begins to emit a loud, pulsating buzz. Jeff climbs up a ladder to see a man attached to the bottom of the silo by a metal brace holding his neck. As he screams for help, Jeff plays a tape. Jigsaw tells him that when the judge presiding over his son's murder trial sentenced the murderer so lightly, his soul never recovered. He now has the power to sentence the man's soul straight to hell, or he can choose to forgive. As the tape player ends, a series of large, interlocking saws up above the man begin to whirl and buzz. Hanging from a conveyor like bar comes out a dead, rotten pig filled with maggots. The pig is dropped onto the saw blades and ground up, leaving the large amount of thick grey liquid remains to be splattered down, hitting the judge in the face and choking him. More dead pigs are pulled in on the rotating chain and dropped, one after the other, into the saws. Soon enough, the judge is on the verge of drowning. In order to save the judge, Jeff destroys all of his son's possessions (photographs, stuffed animals) with an incinerator to find the key to the judge's neck brace. The judge manages to escape thanks to Jeff's help, but is later shot while following Jeff into another trap

[edit] The Rack
Jeff stumbled upon this trap after saving the judge's life from the Intestine Pool. Tim, the victim in the trap, turns out to be the man responsible for the death of Jeff's son. The victim's head is held in place by a rotating lock, while the arms and legs are held in place by spikes through the hands and feet. Each end is able to twist 360 degrees, taking the victims head, arms, and legs along for the ride by spinning him around. Jigsaw states on Tim's tape that this trap is a particular favorite of his. The only way to free Tim was to obtain a key that was attached to a shotgun's trigger; if the key was taken, the shotgun would go off and shoot Jeff. As the judge watches Tim's bones slowly break one by one, Jeff manages to untie the key from the shotgun, but in doing so sets off the gun, killing the judge. Jeff rushes over to Tim just as his head begins to rotate and inserts the key, but fails to unlock it before Tim's neck is fatally broken. The gears slow down after Tim's head twists almost completely around.

Amanda's Test
After becoming Jigsaw's apprentice, Amanda begins to crack under the pressure. She soon becomes a killer, making traps that have no escape, such as the Body Chains and the Ribcage Trap. Jigsaw realizes this, and decides to give her another test to prove that she is willing and able to continue on his work after his death. She shoots Lynn before removing her collar, just as Jeff enters the room. It turns out that Jeff is Lynn's husband, and now equipped with a loaded gun, he shoots Amanda in the neck, killing her.

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oh my goodness, scary.

10-30-2006, 23:41:06
went to see it on saturday. was not as good as the first two but still a good film. worth going to see. by far the goreiest(sp) one of the trilogy.

10-30-2006, 23:50:23
I wanna see it but I am only 13 (turning 14 rlly soon)
o.O Just the describing of the traps makes my hair stand up

11-01-2006, 05:55:42
Excellent!! They sound quite good - might be worth seeing?

11-01-2006, 17:51:41
troy wouldn't have been able to get out anyway, the door was welded shut

11-01-2006, 18:19:47
*srry, offtopic* Jellybean? Wow, haven't seen you in a LONG time!! How are you?

in the news today they said there had been 3 people who fainted at the cinema because of this movie!

11-02-2006, 19:26:35
yeah, hi! fainted? come on, it wasn't that bad, i cryed a lil at the sad parts

11-06-2006, 19:27:27
so is this like the final 1

11-07-2006, 00:30:11
Sounds like an awsome movie

11-07-2006, 16:13:18
so is this like the final 1

11-07-2006, 17:53:50
i like how at the end of each one someone gets there throat slit

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11-09-2006, 23:05:39
Grusome.... but Awesome...

11-11-2006, 22:07:20
hmmm very creepy and gory(spelling error probabaly(even this too)) i hope i can see it next saturday :evilSMILE:

01-03-2007, 12:58:47
Actually there is supposed to be another Saw movie coming out (Saw 4) either this year or next. Something I don't understand though is that Saw 4 supposedly has Jigsaw in it?!?! The only way I think he could be in it is really just going back into the past. But thats pretty much what Saw 3 has in it.

02-11-2007, 03:34:40
I just saw this movie tonight after having rented the first two on DVD. This one is definitely and surprisingly much more gory than the first two, something I didn't expect. Being an adult though, it wasn't really scary to me, just like the first two. However I had problems with seeing the brain surgery scene :S

The story was just as good as in the first two, with lots of twists to the plot and a nice ending that does open up for a Saw 4 :D All in all, I like it. And I went to see it at midnight, a fitting time for a movie such as this :P

02-15-2007, 04:21:15
i saw this movie when it came out its bloody and gory and awesome all at the same time the most gruesome must have been the ribcage one it shows her insides and everything!

04-14-2007, 14:36:02
Actually there is supposed to be another Saw movie coming out (Saw 4) either this year or next. Something I don't understand though is that Saw 4 supposedly has Jigsaw in it?!?! The only way I think he could be in it is really just going back into the past. But thats pretty much what Saw 3 has in it.

Here's how Jigsaw could appear in Saw IV:

He could've survived the neck slash (remember this line: I can have an ambulance in four minutes)
Or he will appear in flashbacks
Or Saw IV could be a prequel.

04-23-2007, 17:54:06
SAW IV Is supposed to involve Jeff getting his daughter out the air tight room she was in,by going through more traps :P

So I've heard

06-12-2007, 01:01:43
saw III is kinda......... gross.

Da Walkthrough
06-17-2007, 14:33:55
Gross is cool, cool and cool for me. I've watched Saw I, II and III only. Any news on Saw IV?

07-23-2007, 17:28:55
Nah, i really dislike all saw movies. yuck

04-14-2008, 15:31:27
YumYum, I love horror <3
I'm planning on watching all 4 of the Saw'movies in a row very soon!
Is there a 5th coming up, or is it all over? :O

04-14-2008, 17:21:43
Cat0ii according to Wiki they have already begun filming Saw V. :)


05-16-2008, 13:28:52
I watched all the saw movies and yes... they freaked me out like hell!

i like violence and blood but not that much. like whats gonna happen next on (if coming) Saw V? is jigsaw next apprentince going to put a bomb in a guys belly and blow up cause the hole place to blow up destroying a city or something? that would be over violence and blood. that would be death and kills instead.

06-23-2008, 01:27:13
This movie was pretty good. They are supposed to make the trilogy up to saw 6. Possibly further than that.

06-23-2008, 03:16:01
Further than six???!!!!

Wow, that's going to be a lot of scary movies.

07-31-2008, 11:38:13

Already released the trailer.