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old biker
07-18-2011, 21:00:05
Death Valley Escape is the 267th escape game from 123bee.com An archaeologist goes to a place for excavating a few manuscripts. Alas! He meets with an accident on his way and his vehicle rolls over a stone. He looks around and finds the place is the Death Valley. He plans to make a vehicle of his own and flee away from the scary place. So help him to find the appropriate things to construct his new vehicle and get going from there..

Good luck


old biker
07-18-2011, 21:20:34
too easy :)

07-19-2011, 15:26:43
i made it... now i get to ride thru the desert...

07-19-2011, 16:10:35
Eventually I made it but I hope I don't ever need to do this in real life..:haha: