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Missing Adventure

It was strange that Adventures hubby contacted Mistery, no one outside the GH planet had ever tried it. But it was urgent, Adventure had gone missing for three days and the residents of the planet had gotten worried. Mistery was able to trace back the beloved butterfly to Adventure Island, one of GH planets most beautiful islands, where the Nectar Falls comes crushing down from the Lady Bug Mountains, and running into Sparkling Nectar River. A group of residents decided to go on a mission to look for Adventure. Among them was Mistery, Lilliputt, Darknight, Escape, Freakshow, Beanman, Sir Theme, miss Holland, Doglover, Dazed, Becky and Lili. All of them got together at Misterys space ship, but they were unsure where to begin. A choice between Honey Bee Gardens and Bright Peaceful Forest had to be made. “Maybe we should split into groups”, Beanman suggested. “No I really want us to stick together”, miss Holland said calmly, “we might need each other”. “But if we split up, we might find her quicker”, Sir Theme objected, “…and get lost while trying to”, Freakshow said with a grin. “I think we should stick together at first and maybe split up later on if need be”, Mistery suggested and everyone agreed. “So do we go to the forest or try the gardens?”, Darknight wanted to know. “I know how to solve that problem”, Lilliputt said and smiled. She pointed at the map of Adventure Island that was on the table in the middle of the room in the space ship, covered her eyes and went. “ Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo, Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers let him go. Eenie Meenie Miney Moe”. She uncovered her eyes and looked at the map “Honey Bee Gardens”, she said triumphantly. “And since Lilliputt always manages to get into trouble, my bet would be on Bright Peaceful Forest”, sir Theme said earnestly. “Hmpf!” Lilliputt said and crossed her arms over her chest feeling very misunderstood. “There now”, Becky said encouragingly, “if we go through the woods I can scout and you can come with me. How is that?”. The wolf did have a way of making the little islander feel better about herself so she agreed. “Then it is settled”, Beanman said, "we go through the forest". “Cool”, said Freakshow absent minded as he started to play on his PSP. “It will be an interesting expedition since very little is known of Adventure Island”, Mistery said. “Yes”, said sir Theme, “we should gather information for the data base”. “I will take notes for OneBun”, said Doglover, “but you cannot tell me what to write so pfffft!”. “But Onebun isn’t here” Lili said carefully, “how will you know what notes to make for her?”. “Because she has taught me a lot and I know what is important”, Doglover stubbornly insisted. Since there did not seem to be a good way to answer the comment, Lili fell silent and stood a little closer to her partner in bloom so they could blossom some more.
It was a beautiful day on Adventure Island with a bit of brisk wind blowing, making the leaves of the forest trees turn and shake. The group of friends had been beamed down from the space ship at a clearing near a path that led into the forest. It seemed endless, and yet sir Theme and Mistery seemed to be in a very good mood, carefully examining the surroundings and going “Ahaaaa!” or “Oooh!” as they found new specimens of a mineral or a plant they had never seen before. They analysed and compared results, speaking in terms that still seemed very foreign to the carefree Carrot Islander for one. “I have had enough of this”, Doglover said impatiently, “are we going to stand here all day or look for Adventure?”. Blushing, Mistery took the lead and the rest of the group followed the alien into the woods. Lilliputt kept herself near her sisters in arms while blossoming together with Lili. The forest was silent and bright by the sunlight, with tall old oak trees and beech trees and the likes. The group fell silent while admiring the beauty of the surrounding nature.

----------> to be continued by Mistery :D

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The friends walked in single file while Becky was running back and forth, listening very carefully to the noises in the forest. "Any new information?", Mystery asked but the Wolf Chef shook her head.
After a long while they arrived at a glade, where they decided to take a break. Darknight, who had wrapped some tomatoes in his cape, distributed them to the group. Everybunny sat down, and started to eat their tomato while thinking about their good friend Adventure. A little mouse approached the group and observed them from a safe distance. Darknight immediately noticed in which danger the mouse was, since Escape had told him how much she loved to eat mice for dessert. He quickly put his sidekick on the ground, ran into the woods and called: "BatCat, try to find meee!", and Escape followed his voice. She found this new game very entertaining. In the meantime, Lilliputt and Lili smiled at the cute little animal, and the Carrot Islander said: "Hi mouse, don't be scared. We are looking for our butterfly friend." The mouse asked: "The yellow one or the blue one?", and Lilliput replied: "No, the red one, Adventure." The mouse shook its small head and said: "Adventure? Never heard. Must be living on the other side of the island." Lili asked the little animal what this place here was called, and the mouse replied: "This is the Illusoric Circular Square Glade", and disappeared in the woods. Sir Theme and Mystery got very excited about the name of the glade, and started to analyse the circularity of its square shape, nodding at each other, and talking about strange mathematical formulas. Miss Holland whistled very loud to give Darknight a signal that the danger was over. So the hero joined the group, followed by the cat. "That was such a huuuuge fun!", Escape exclaimed, "You have to join us next time!"
The group finally decided to follow their search for Adventure, but they noticed that Freakshow stayed behind on the glade, performing a headstand. "Freakshow, let's go!", Becky called him, but he just answered in a peaceful voice: "I feel so balanced right now." The group tried to convince Freakshow to come with them, but they had no chance; so they decided to leave their friend behind and beam him up later.
The friends continued their way through the wonderful forest with trees that they had never seen before. Sir Theme and Mystery collected some samples, while Doglover filled more and more sheets of paper with notes. The pile grew too high, and the friendly Dog started to drop some notes. "Pffffttt!", she said while trying to gather them together again. BeanMan suggested to tie the pile of paper filled with notes to his bike, and after a short while the group could continue their way.
Suddenly Becky, who was still running back and forth, arrived back to the group, panting for air, and said: "I have talked to an old owl not too far away from here, and he said that he has heard rumors about a group of wasps capturing a butterfly not many days ago!" The robot asked: "Was there any more information available from the owl?" "Yes, but not much. He heard that there was a group of wild wasps which attacked the honey bees in the Honey Bee Gardens, and captured a butterfly that was discussing with the bees about the pollution of the Sparkling Nectar River that has become a problem lately."
Lilliputt crossed her arms and looked very angrily at Sir Theme: "What do you say now? My *Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo* brought correct results. We should have gone to the Honey Bee Garden instead of running around the forrest for hours! You... logic-machine, you!" Sir Theme replied: "According to my statistic evaluation...", but Lilliputt interrupted him: "Your statistic evaluation?!? Of what, please?!? Upon which data did you make your evaluation?!?" "Well, the probability calculation has shown that following your suggestion would get us into troubles, although the error probability was 10%." Lilliputt didn't understand this computer gibberish, and so she just replied: "My *Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo* was right." And Dazed exclaimed: "I loooove wasp goo, let's go!"

---------> To be continued by Lilliputt

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Doglover felt hesitant about the wasp goo, but she still thought the work of the pink bunny must be continued so she bit her lip out of frustration and carried on. “Why do we have to walk all the way to the Honey Bee Garden, Mistery?”, Maniac said as he started to feel tired, “beam us up to the ship and then down to the garden”. Mistery could not believe the suggestion. They had finally a good reason to explore this unknown island, to register new data for the database and examine the flora and fauna of this fascinating environment. She sighed and reached for her beaming device, but it would not work. Three times she tried but to no avail. Sir Theme approached her and so she let him examine the device. As far as sir Theme could tell the gadget had no obvious faults, so he could not explain why it would not work. “The Glade”, Dazed said, “is enchanted”. Becky agreed with her sister in arms, “the owl said so anyway” but then tried to avoid Misterys irritated gaze. “That is superstitious nonsense”, the alien declared, “the trees are disturbing the transmission”. “In that case”, a little voice said, “I do not exist either”. The whole group started too look around the woods in confusion but could not discover the source of the voice. Just then a tail of glitter appeared and a little purple creature settled on Beckys head. “And who might you be” miss Holland said in surprise. “My name is Tae Fae and I am a fairy”, the little figure said. It was a truly charming little character, so everyone greeted Tae Fae with the usual GH resident warm politeness. Mistery was tempted to take a blood sample of the creature but resisted the temptation and asked the fairy how it was possible that the glade was enchanted. Tae Fae explained that nobody knew for how long it had been enchanted, only that as far as she knew it had always been that way. It was a protected place where no harm could come to the glades. “I see”, Mistery said politely and smiled but thought it must be some sort of force field with an unknown source. Maybe the island had some kind of energy core buried deeply in the ground. As she pondered on logical explanations, her thoughts were interrupted by Doglover. “….chaaaan…teed”, Doglover repeated as she noted Tae Faes explanation. “Mistery”, Maniac said with a worried tone, “we just left Freakshow in the glades. How will we find him now?”. “I might be a able to help”, Tae Fae offered, “I’ll gladly look for him”. “Errr…yes…uhm”, Dazed said, “but be careful. Freakshow eats new people some times. It’s his way of greeting new acquaintances.” That was a bit embarrassing but Tae Fae simply said, “I think I can manage”, and so with a poof she was gone. The journey continued while Becky and Dazed searched the woods and reported back the progress. Lili and Lilliputt had a good time blossoming together in the woods as they found the environment quite fitting for their ways of bloom. When they finally were out of the glades, the path divided in two directions, on to the right and one two the left. “A-HA”, said Lilliputt triumphantly, “and now of course you want my help”. “Well”, said sir Theme politely, “if you please”. And so Lilliputt did her Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo and concluded that the left way was the right one. Everybody did follow the advice of the little islander and took the road that soon turned out to go uphill. As they all walked happily along the little path it suddenly took an abrupt end because they had reached the edge of a gorge. Becky and Dazed had disappeared somewhere on the mountain, leaving the Lilies to blossom with the group. Obviously they could not continue because the cleft was too steep, so they took a little break and watched the breathtaking view of the island. As they stood and admired the sight together a loud and strange noise grew louder. At first it sounded only like a buzz but as the noise grew louder it made the group turn their heads to see a grey looking cloud heading towards them. It seemed to hunt two figures, Becky and Dazed. The wasps where coming, attracted by the Lilies and their blossoming ways. The group froze as the stood trapped between the gorge and the wasps. “Ok, Mistery this really is a good time to try your beaming device”, Lili said with fright in her voice. The alien quickly reached for the device but as she had a lingering effect of coffee spillitis she fumbled with the little technological gadget. The cloud of wasps grew closer, and just when Mistery was about to use the thingy, Lilliputt accidentally pushed her and it fell to the ground. Still intact, Mistery reached for it but it seemed too late. Just then another cloud appeared out of no where it seemed. The bees had also sensed the blossoming Lilies and before the wasps had got close enough, billions of bees lifted all the residents one by one. The whole group was carried down the gorge, and back from where they came, taking the right turn at the dividing path and continuing until the reached Honey Bee Garden. As they tried to adjust themselves from the very strange ride, sir Theme walked up to Lilliputt. “I thought you said the Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo method was reliable. I would consider this however getting us into trouble. Statistically that means…” he was cut off by Lilliputt. “Ok, so I made a small boo-boo, but it still works ya know. Look at were we are", and with a sweeping gesture she pointed out the surroundings. “I got us here, didn’t I?” she said and with a “HMPF!” left sir Theme puzzled with the islanders reaction. With this in mind he strolled over to Mistery and said, “You know, we have forgotten something”. “Oh”, said Mistery who had taken an interest in a flower she had never seen. “We didn’t name the gorge”, he said and smiled.

Freakshow had almost settled when an odd creature disturbed his peace. He started to chase the little character but she was very quick and seemed to be able to predict his every move and had the insolent manner to laugh at his attempts to catch her. “Who are you?”, he finally grunted. “I am Melody”, the creature said lightly, ”Cheese Assassin, at your service”. She bowed in amusement. Freakshow found this most disturbing and started to chase around Melody, who easily dodged his every move while teasing him cheerfully. This was how Tae Fae found Freakshow. A boy chasing after the famous Cheese Assassin. “Oh, dear”, she thought to herself “I’ll just sit here and wait until he is done trying to catch Melody”.

----------> to be continued by Mistery :D

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"Oh yes", Mystery replied, "What about The Breath Taking Look-Out? Although I'm afraid that Adventure will start to ROFL if she'll hear the names of locations that we invent." Escape giggled: "Maybe we can call it The Bee Launch Pad?", but Sir Theme said: "I suggest to name it the Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo, Chance To Stay Alive Is Low" and threw a mischievous look at Lilliputt, who suddenly got overwhelmed by Tonguitis Nervosa.
"Stop fighting, this won't help our dear friend Adventure", said a voice behind them. Everybunny turned around and saw Becky with Dazed on her back. The friends grew silent. The Wolf Chef then announced: "We have no idea where Adventure was taken by the wasps, so we need information." Sir Theme and Mystery nodded: "Yes, we need information." The group delibarated on the question how they could get some information, when Darknight had an idea, and asked: "Is there anybunny who can speak waspish?" The group remained silent, but after a short while Lili said hesitatingly: "Just a little bit." "Can you call for help in waspish?", the bat grew very excited, and Lili replied: "I could try at least." The friends looked very confused at Darknight and didn't understand what he had in mind. But then he explained them, that wasps are known as aggressive but not very smart. So they could search for a small stone of the shape of a wasp and paint it. Then tie it with a thin thread to a branch on the edge of the forest, and glue another piece of thread to it to be able to move it a little bit by pulling the thread from a hidden place nearby.
The group wasn't very confident that this plan would work well, but since nobody else had a better suggestion, they started to create the wasp of stone. Sir Theme found some colored liquid, glue, and a very thin brown thread in his inner safe, and finally the artificial wasp was hanging on a tree, and the group hid behind a huge shrub near the tree. Darknight was holding the thread, and turned to Lili: "Now call for help in waspish!", and Lili started to buzz in a deep voice. The buzzing made Escape very nervous, so she took her hidden flask and drank some carrot rum to calm down. The friends waited, their nerves were all on edge, and they didn't dare to breathe.
After a short while the grey cloud of wasps appeared and came nearer and nearer. The leader of them started to buzz towards the wasp of stone, and Darknight asked Lili what it had said. Lili replied: "He asked why it was calling for help - I think.", and the bat said: "Now explain them, that you were sent to the jail where the red butterfly was locked in, and that you had orientation problems and needed more specific coordinates." Sir Theme and Mystery were very proud of their bat friend, who seemed to get very logical on Adventure Island, but Lili whispered in a very shocked voice: "You didn't tell me that I had to say such complicated things in waspish. I can't translate this." Escape took her second hidden flask filled with carrot rum and emptied it with shaking paws. The rest of the group froze in shock, and the loony friends stared at each other. They realized that they were in big danger, and regretted their mindlessness. They should have discussed the plan with Darknight and made sure that it was feasible. But now it was too late.
Lilliputt asked Mystery if she had access to a waspish dictionary, but the alien shook her head. "Then beam us up, hurry!", the Carrot Islander whispered to the alien, but no matter how Mystery tried, the beaming device would not work. "There must be some kind of force field on Adventure Island, I'm afraid that we have to find the portal that leads to Myranda Island, the main island on GamersHood Planet." The bat grew very impatient and whispered to Lili: "Say something!", and started to pull the thread gently in order to move the stone wasp. Escape took her third hidden flask, and gave a little bit of carrot rum to the shocked lilly who started to buzz again. The wasps suddenly fell to the ground and started to ROFL. Darknight stared at Lili and asked what she had said, and Lili replied: "Many years ago, I heard a joke that a wasp told to another wasp.", and she giggled. Becky, Mystery and Sir Theme, who were about to heap reproaches on Escape for taking carrot rum with her, remained silent, and felt a gleam of hope that Lili could somehow get them out of that trouble with the help of carrot rum. The wasps gathered again around the stone wasp, and Darknight pulled the thread again. Lili took another sip of carrot rum and talked to the wasps again. She then turned to her friends and announced very proudly: "I told them that they had to tell me the way to the butterfly or I would tell them 100 jokes", and she giggled, "And you know? Wasps don't like to ROFL too long without breaks, since they can't watch out for enemies while ROFLing, hahaha."

Freakshow was still chasing Melody, but got very tired meanwhile. He was out of breath and fell to the ground: "Who are you?", he asked. "As I said, I'm Melody, the Cheese Assassin." "Cheese Assassin, huh?", Freakshow said despisingly, "And where are you from, Cheese Assassin?" "I come from The Zooniverse, but I often visit Adventure Island.""Aha.", Freakshow said, and Melody asked: "You don't want to play anymore?", and Freakshow answered: "No, I'm going to take a nap in my coffin. Ummm... but I need to find it first.", and being very tired, he closed his eyes and fell asleep. Melody laughed, winked at Tae Fae, and was gone all of a sudden. Tae Fae lifted the sleeping human, and took him to the portal on Adventure Island. She gently put him on the ground in front of the portal and covered him with moss and leaves.

-------> To be continued by Lilliputt

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The wasps considered the suggestions carefully while flying around the stone dummy wasp. Then there was another noise and it became clear that the honeybees had realised there were wasp intruders on their territory. Quickly Lili started speak in waspish, but the wasps then started to attack the stone wasp. Obviously it was a bad choice because the ones who did attack, hit themselves so hard against the stone that they fainted, leaving the rest of the wasps to flee in great hurry. Darknight threw himself on the wasps that were left behind and captured them inside a box before the bees reached them. But the new-found treasure created another problem for the GH group. The bees would not let them go and so they were lead to the queen of bees. Hanging from a great and very old oak tree there it was, an enormous hive with a shape no one had ever seen before. Lilliputt said out loud it looked alien and so got another irritated look from Mistery. ?Well, it is futuristic in its shape, but I doubt there is any advanced technology inside it?, sir Theme said frankly. ?Fuuu?..tuuuu?.riiistiiiic?, Doglover repeated as soon as she realised the discovery should be noted. There were other hives as well hanging in nearby trees although the garden was mostly covered with different flowers of all sorts of colours. Lilliputt and Lili were of course delighted and blossomed like never before. Butterflies and bees seemed to get along in harmony, sharing the flowers and greeting each other with respect. The garden had visitors such as ladybugs and crickets as well. Suddenly a swarm of honey bees paraded down from the hive and in the middle the queen herself was carried down on a leaf to greet the group of residents of the GH planet. Mistery thought it logical that there should be a greeting ritual when presented before a queen and so she started to dance. Sadly it did not really help since bees only danced when they searched for food and somehow the group of friends did not seem so appetising, which made the bees confused. The queen suddenly started to buzz but Lili could not understand it, it was too formal and complicated for her to understand. ?The queens asks you to explain yourself?, said a voice from behind the trees. Flying around a deep red rose nearby, Tae Fae appeared with a smile. She made her polite courtesy to the queen as she approached. ?YOU speak honeybee language??, Darknight said in disbelief. ?Of course? said Tae Fae, ?this is my home. Perhaps I can help you?, she offered. And so explanations followed, the capture of Adventure the butterfly, the group of friends setting out to help her and how they in the end had caught a few wasps. ?We should interrogate the wasps?, miss Holland suggested, ?they might know where Adventure is hidden?. ?Yes?, Lili agreed, ?and perhaps Tae Fae speaks better waspish than me?. The fairy agreed to help and so the wasps were let into the presence of the queen. Honeybee guards immediately surrounded the wasps to make sure they did not pose a threat. The queen declared that she would allow the interrogation but then she wanted the wasps to be handed over as prisoners. With that she left and so the group were free to interrogate the wasps. ?There is a cove not to far from here,? Tae Fae said, ?That is were Adventure is held. I know where it is. Follow me.? Finally the group knew were to look for their friend and with Becky and Dazed as scouts, the group made their way through the Honey Bee Garden. The Lilies bloomed together inspired by the flowerbeds that covered the garden. But as soon as they were out of the gardens, the fields and meadows seemed colourless by comparison. ?The river is close, you see? Tae Fae said with a frown, ?we think it has been poisoned?. As they moved along the small path, all in a single row, there was a figure emerging from the trees. Suddenly Becky and Dazed appeared holding a defensive stance behind the stranger, while Darknight stepped out of the dark woods in front of the unknown character. Lilliputt thought the stranger didn?t really look human but more like, well?.alien. ?ALIEN?!?, she thought to herself, ?BUT?.?? Abruptly her thoughts where cut off by Mistery as she shouted ?WHAT are you doing here?!!?. ?Well,? the man said looking very uncomfortable, ?I got a call from Adventures hubby and got worried so I thought I?d come and see if you are all right?. ?Now listen,? Mistery demanded of her hubby as she was in no mood for any nonsense, ?there is nothing wrong with me. I am here with Escape the talking cat, Darknight the superhero, Becky the wolf, Lili the brave intelligent ceramic figurine, Doglover the dog who is taking notes for OneBun the pink bunny and so on. We are on a mission to find Adventure the talking butterfly. Why would you think there is anything wrong with me?? Of course any other husband might have had objections to this undertaking, but Misterys husband simply sighed and said, ?all right. Are you going to be long? Never mind, I?ll just arrange to sleep somewhere around here.? To Misterys great surprise her hubby had brought a pillow and making himself comfortable under a tree, he went to sleep. The whole group fought the urge to laugh out loud and so they left Misterys hubby sleeping under a tree near the banks of Sparkling Nectar River. By nightfall they reached the cove and the area had become very silent since there was no buzzing from any bee or wasp. Becky and Dazed went to search the grounds, Darknight disappeared in the shadows, while Mistery and sir Theme occupied themselves with picking dirt and mineral samples. Miss Holland quietly whispered stories about Twinkle her horse to Doglover who said she would name her bike ?Twinkle? too. They giggled. The Lilies watched the stars together with Escape who missed her drinking buddy. Beanman and Maniac found a sock together in the woods only it turned out to be Zox who resembled a sock very much in the dark. They waited and just when the group started to get sleepy because of the late hour, Darknight appeared. ?We have found her?, he announced, ?She in a deep pit guarded by a few wasps. We could try the stone trick again and distract them, while another team rescues Adventure?. When Becky and Dazed returned, they agreed that Darknight, Dazed and Becky would free Adventure, while the rest of the group tried to distract the wasps. They found a stone and from Beckys bottomless pockets they got what they needed to turn it into a wasp dummy. The teams hid in different places, and so started to pull the thread of the tone while Lili spoke in waspish. No sooner had they done so when out of the pit came the guarding wasps and started to fly around the stone dummy. Just when Darknight, Becky and Dazed were about to storm the pit a loud crack from the woods disturbed them and Freakshow came out of there. He spotted Mistery and so started to shout ?HIII! FINALLY I FOUND YOU! There is this thief of cheese that I found called Melody and?.?. He broke off as he realised the wasps who didn?t know what he was saying attacked him. He tried to fend himself but the wasps tried to sting him and so he fled into the woods. ?Well, I suppose that is also a way to distract them?, sir Theme stated as if it was a logical conclusion. The all gathered around the pit and started to dig. In a big matchbox, they finally had found her: Adventure. ?Well, you took your time?, she said while dusting her wings, I was trapped in that thing for days and only let out for a few hours a day. ?We have to hurry and stop the wasps from disturbing order on Adventure Island?. ?what is going on?, Mistery wanted to know while analysing the matchbox. ?They have polluted the Sparkling Nectar River with anti-ROFL serum. ?Why?? said Mistery in great surprise almost spilling?. no, DROPPING the matchbox. ?Because they to ROFL poses a threat to them and so they cannot use the water. It won?t be possible to take a ROFL shower anymore, creating serious cases of GamersHooditis Forgetfulosa.? ?Statistically??, sir Theme began but was cut off by Lilliputt. ?Oh, hush now, there is no time for such gibberish! Ya think OneBun might help??. ?If we could ROFL then maybe OneBun would sense it and get here too.? That?s a good idea!? said miss Holland. ?I could take a sip of carrot rum and tellin? ya really funny jokes?, said Escape and from nowhere she suddenly pulled out a small bottle of carrot rum. ?I think I know a better way?, said Lilliputt, ?how about we say "Hi, how are you today?" in translated Japanese??. Lili looked puzzled ?why would that be funny??, ?It makes me laugh all the time?, Lilliputt said, ?here it goes: ?Today. It is vigorous??. Whatta?? but she couldn?t end the sentence without starting to giggle and soon they were all ROFL. And this is how OneBun found them, in the middle of the night, in an unknown part of Adventure Island, too close to wasps for safety, and they were all laughing very hard. So she started to take notes until Mistery and the others had managed to pull themselves together. ?We need your help,? the alien said. ?the river is being polluted?. ?Well, I?ll see what I can do, peeps?, OneBun said with a smile. ?We still have something left to do", sir Theme said. ?What??, Mistery asked. ?Name the cove?.?, he answered politely.

----------> to be continued by Mistery :D

11-17-2006, 14:00:59
"The cove? Phylaca Vesparum Papilionem.", Mystery answered and Escape looked at her in astonishment: "Phyl... What?!?" "Phylaca Vesparum Papilionem. That means Dungeon of the Wasps for the Butterfly." Adventure added: "It was dark in there..." The alien replied: "Then its name shall be Phylaca Obscura Vesparum Papilionem" and added the new name to her database. Now even Adventure seemed to be content. ".... Paaapiiiliiioooneeem", Doglover finished to write down the new name.
"Good, now that everybunny had their exercises in declension, we should solve the pollution problem.", OneBun said. "I will add some GH Virus to the river, this should help." The group agreed, and the looneys walked up to the spring of the Sparkling Nectar River. OneBun asked Mystery to beam over a barrel of virus from her basement, but the beaming device still didn't work on Adventure Island. The friends stood there, very disappointed and dispirited.
Suddenly Darknight exclaimed: "I can fly to OneBun's basement and carry over a barrel of virus. I'm good in lifting heavy things!" Everybunny got very excited and the pink bunny explained where the barrels with the virus were located: "You enter my basement, go straight through it. At the very end of it, you'll find three secret doors. Hmmm....wait... now I have forgotten where the barrels with the virus are since I have cleaned up 2 days ago... But no probem. You just need to find my notes about my Big Cleaning Day with the correct date - I think it was my Big Cleaning Day Nr. 512, there is a list where I have put everything." The bat nodded and lifted off, and his friends were waving goodbye. The group sat down to have a rest, except Sir Theme and Mystery, who decided to collect and analyse some sample of the polluted water.

Darknight was happy about the important mission, and started to feel again like a hero. He arrived in OneBun's basement and began to search for the new list. Finally he found a piece of paper with the title *Big Cleaning Day Nr. 512, Nov 15 2006*. He read through the list, but to his deception the text ended with *Note to myself: this order didn't work well, invalid list*. So the hero started a new search through the piles of paper. After reading the 11th invalid list of the latest Big Cleaning Day, Darknight got angry and exclaimed: "Why does OneBun keep every note??? This is just a very silly habit! Arrrgggh!"Of course the bat knew that he wasn't the one to give up, no matter how desperate a situation looked. He was a hero, and as such, he would complete every mission. But he knew that he had to calm down before he could continue to read the lists. So he decided to look for some carrot whiskey first.

The group sat at the border of the river. Escape was playing hide and seek with some bees; OneBun was nibbling on carrots and taking notes; Lili and Lilliputt were blossoming happily; Doglover was hoping that nobunny would say anything for a while since her paws were hurting from writing so much; BeanMan was riding his bike in circles and trying to make some funny tricks; Bread, Zox and Freakshow (who finally managed to escape the wasps) were climbing on the trees and having a lot of fun; Becky and Dazed decided to go for a walk on the hills; Hollandgirl was telling about some adventures with Twinkle to Murph and to Adventure; Hyper was digging a big hole near a tree; Maniac went for a search for Mystery's hubby and wanted to share with him his experience with polyphasic sleeping; Slimy Jim explained to Bige some inquiry technics; Riku formerly known as Vault was exercizing with his new sword; and Sir Theme and Mystery were talking about the pollution rate of the river. OneBun suddenly exlaimed: "Where is Darknight? He is gone for 4 hours now!", but just at this moment the bat appeared above the group in the sky. He was carrying a barrel, but seemed to have some coordination problems. The group froze, and the looneys watched their friend hitting the ground at the border of the river in some distance. After that the hero disappeared. The friends immediately started to run to the place where Darknight had disappeared: "Darknight, where are you?!? Are you okay?!?" Becky, who heard the shouts, quickly took Dazed on her back, rushed back to the river, and joined the group soon. They saw Darknight floting on the river, still clutching the barrel, and heard him calling out as he was carried away by the current: "No problemzzz my friendzzz *hiccup*, me gotzz zze viruzzz. I'm gonna zzzzave Adventure Izzzlandzzz *hiccup*"

[Sorry, I can hardly continue the chapter because of ROFLing problems :haha:]
Becky turned to the pink bunny: "Now, there. What is wrong with Darknight?" OneBun just shrugged her shoulders, and joined the group who followed the river to find Darknight. Sir Theme opened his inner safe and took out a rope. He threw it to Darknight as soon as he reached him and yelled: "Grab the rope, I will pull you out!!!", but the bat shouted back: "Me not wanna loozzze zzze viruzzz." The robot saw that Darknight approached a waterfall and quickly made a decision. He transformed himself into a helicopter robot, took Becky and Murph on board, and flew very near above the bat. The wolf and the bengal tiger pulled Darknight out of the water and they flew back to the spring of the river. Their friends immediately turned around, and ran to the other direction to join the four looneys.
Maniac and Mystery's hubby heard the loud voices and decided to hurry to the river to see if they could help. The whole group was staring at Darknight who was acting very strange. OneBun tried to grab the barrel, but Darknight wouldn't let go: "Plzzz show meeee your authooorizzzationzzzz for zzzze viruzzz, otherwizzzze I caaaan't *hiccup* giiiive it to yaaaa." Escape jumped on his shoulder and whispered: "My dear hero, you sound like a wasp, hehe." Darknight got alerted, dropped the barrel and looked around: "Wherezzz zzzze wazzzpzzz?!?", then he suddenly lost his balance and hit the ground. The cat managed to jump down at the right moment, otherwise she might have been squished by Darknight. "Zzzzat wazzz a zzzzuper hero'zzz trick *hiccup*", and BatCat, who didn't feel like teasing her hero, confirmed that she was very amazed by that trick.
Meanwhile OneBun quickly opened the barrel, and poured the virus into the river. The babelfish immediately started to RIRL (roll in the river laughing), and the water became very sparkling and bright again. The robot and the alien took again some samples and confirmed that the water was clean again.
The only question was how to get to the portal, which connected Adventure Island with the main island, with Darknight, who seemed to have had too much of carrot whiskey.

---------------------> To be continued by Lilliputt

11-23-2006, 13:56:11
Lilliputt thought that Darknight did not seem well and in her mind the solution to all status problems was of course to eat a carrot, so she offered one to the hero. “Whaz tha…?!” said the bat in a less then sober voice and eyed the orange vegetable with wide eyes, ”oooooh, why…thanzzz…I mean THAAANKSS…a lot”. He took the carrot and tried to give Lilliputt a kiss but missed and a nearby tree got the expression of his affection instead. Then he smiled looked at the carrot again and put it up his nose. Now this was not really what the islander had in mind but pointing that out seemed unwise since the carrot was not so appetising any more. Escape then gave Darknight some of the honey she got as a present from the bees and the hero slowly fell to the ground and started to sleep. So sir Theme, Slimy Jim, Freakshow, Murph and Becky decided to carry the great hero on a stretcher they made out of ropes and branches. Building the stretcher became however a time consuming problem since sir Theme insisted on calculating the best possible construction while Becky and Murph simply made random braids of the ropes and tied them to the branches. The first two stretchers were too weak and broke so sir Theme argued that the random method was invalid and that a proper calculation was necessary. “Why build a stretcher?”, Lilliputt asked, “can’t you transform yourself into a vehicle and transport Darknight?” For an irrational and not very logical being the islander did seem to have a point. Sir Theme considered if the data were valid and came to the conclusion that it was not irrational but an interesting experiment and so transformed into a bandwagon that carried the not so sober hero. The rest of the group found it good idea too since they suddenly didn’t have a burden to carry. Now the problem was to find the right path to the portal because they were in unknown parts of the island too close to wasps for comfort. “I know the way”, said Adventure, “all we have to do is…” and then fainted. The strain from being abducted, kept in a matchbox for days and not seeing her hubby finally got to her. “Ok, so I understand that she is exhausted but she could not find a worse possible time to pass out”, Dazed said. “Now what are we going to do?” miss Holland asked feeling worried. “There is another problem too, I think”, OneBun said between her nibbling on the juicy carrot. “Oh, yeah, what?” Slimy Jim wanted to know. “Yeah, what?!” said Freakshow from high up in a tree. “Hmm…? Oh, well that’s easy too see peeps” said OneBun deep in thought while going through her notes, “we might have cleaned the Sparkling Nectar River for now but what will keep the wasps from polluting it again?”. “That’s easy to deal with” said Freakshow with a grin, “we just blow them up with a nice bomb”. “Excuse me?” Lili the brave intelligent ceramic figurine said, “but who would kill insects with a bomb?!”. “Freakshow obviously”, Zox said as a joke. “Statistically”, sir Theme said “ the probability for evaporating the wasps is 100%, but it also means that anything around the explosion will also cease to exist”. “Why, thank you for that enlightening information”, Lilliputt said cynically. “It is a valid argument”, Mistery insisted unaware of the cynicism. Lilliputt simply shook her head and rolled her eyes at the aliens’ statement and so got another irritated look from Mistery. “We still need to find the way to the portal”, said Maniac who had returned from the fruitless search for Misterys hubby, “and how are we going to do that without Adventure?”. “Perhaps the bees can help us”, Escape suggested. “Oh, good idea”, said Freakshow with an evil grin, “ask them”. Obviously the communication with the bees was less then great without the butterfly interpreter. “Well, where is Tae Fae?” said Becky in thought, “maybe she can help.” “Tae Fae had to return to her fellow fairies”, Mistery said because she got a message from the purple fairy, “she won’t be back until much later and only if she has permission to join us again”. “Which leaves us with the best solution to the problem of finding our way”, Lilliputt said and smiled in triumph. “Please tell me you don’t mean the “eenie meenie miny mo” thing again” sir Theme with a sigh. “You have a better idea?” Lilliputt said hurt by his words. “Well, according to my calculations”, sir Theme said while Lilliputt immediately sighed and looked bored, “the most probable course is that way” and pointing out the direction he went on “with a calculated 66% chance to be the right choice at this point”. Lilliputt hoped nobody would ask the robot to calculate the possibility of running into any wasps during the march to the portal. Sure enough Mistery and sir Theme started to experiment on different calculations and statistics which the little islander found terrifically boring. During this time nobody noticed that OneBun was missing. Suddenly Doglover exclaimed “but where is the bunny?” and that’s when they realised that OneBun had dug one of her famous holes and gone poooooof again. “Are we going to leave without making sure that the wasps won’t pollute the river again?”, Maniac wanted to know, “I don’t think a bomb is a good way to solve the problem”. “Maybe if we somehow could get the wasps infected by the virus, they would not need to pollute the river because they would ROFL anyway”, said Beanman. “No, that would start chaos amongst the wasps. They are not allowed to ROFL”, said Lili, “it would make ‘em even more angry and suspicious.” The problem seemed hopeless for all but the alien. “An interesting problem”, she called it, “but there is a solution. I just need to think a little about this.” Sir Theme had nothing to add, and the rest of the gang seemed more anxious to get out of there than to ponder upon a difficult problem. ”We need to make the wasps ROFL resistant. Then there really would be no need for them to pollute the river”, Mistery suggested, “all we have to do now is get to the portal”. In the middle of all this there was a loud crack from the woods and out stepped Misterys hubby. “Aaaah”, he said as he stretched out his arms, “that was a vigorous sleep”. Again the gang avoided looking directly at Mistery and tried hard not to laugh out loud. The hubby strolled towards Mistery, put his arms around her and gave her a kiss. “Did I miss something?”, he said with a smile. “How could you tell where we were?”, she wanted to know feeling a little unsure about having her hubby around the loonies of the Hood. “I heard this loud splashing noise and then some drunk voice, but I couldn’t tell what was said. Anyway I figured it could only be your gang”, he answered still with his long green alien arms around his wife. Lilliputt thought it odd that the alien hubby knew how to hug and kiss since Mistery had such problems in that area. “Maybe male aliens are in better contact with their female side then the female aliens are with their male”, she thought to herself. “Well, we need to go to the portal”, Mistery said and untangled herself from her hubby’s arms. “Oh, I know where that is dear. I had one of the robots calculate the coordinations.” He gave the calculations to sir Theme. “Here,” he said, “can you tell in which direction we need to go”. The robot seemed happy about the numbers and descriptions, Lilliputt thought it odd a logical beeing knew happiness like that.

----------> to be continued by Mistery :D

12-06-2006, 18:15:57
Sir Theme looked at the calculations, and stated: "Yes, the knowledge about the coordinates of the portal and of the wasp territory are very useful. Theoretically." Mystery's hubby stared at the robot: "Theoretically?", and Sir Theme replied: "Yes."
"Hmmm, and practically?"
"It's not."
"Why?", the alien asked.
"Because we have no idea about our current coordinates. And without those, this information is worthless.", Sir Theme explained.
The group grew silent. What to do now? Lili, who has become very logical lately, asked: "And if we could figure out the coordinates? I mean, we could ask a resident of Adventure Island." Mystery explained her daughter, that there is probably no resident on Adventure Island who had an idea about coordinate systems. And it would be too risky to walk around and try to find somebody anyway. She suggested to wait until Darknight was sober again, and let him fly high and take a look from above. Sir Theme exclaimed: "But, mother, I could transform into a helicopter and fly high!", however Mystery shook her head: "You make too much noise." "But... I can also transform to a bird.", the robot said in a complaining voice. Lilliputt and Doglover started to ROFL, because they found it very funny that a bandwagon talked. The other loonies glanced at them angrily, since they felt that this was not the moment for ROFLing. Finally the Carrot Islander and the dog managed to stop ROFLing and blushed. Everybunny agreed that Sir Theme had a great solution for the problem. They put Darknight on the ground, and Sir Theme transformed himself from a bandwagon into a bird. He flew very high, and saw a big part of Adventure Island from above. There was the portal, and he was also able to make out the wasp territory. When he joined the group again, he explained the route that they would have to take to arrive safely at the portal. Then he transformed himself into a bandwagon again, and Darknight, still snoring, was put on him again.
The group started to walk, led by Sir Theme. Suddenly they heard a loud voice shouting: "Zoooooooooooooooox, wheeeeeeeeere aaaaaare youuuuuuuu?!?" Zox froze, blushed, and said: "Ummm, that's Crazy I think." Mystery said: "Yes, indeed. It's crazy to yell around and wake up the wasps. Who can be that illogical?", but Zox explained: "No, I mean it's Crazy, my girlfriend.", and started to run to find Crazy. Sir Theme rolled his eyes, and said: "Now we have to deal with a hysterical girlfriend, that's the last thing we needed.", but Lilliputt, Doglover, and Becky said: "Awwww, how cute.", earning a frustrated glance from the robot.
Meanwhile Zox arrived with Crazy, and introduced her to the loonies. Everybunny was pleased to meet her, and even Sir Theme calmed down. They continued their way, and Crazy and Becky started to talk about different recipes for cakes, making the group very hungry. Finally they arrived at the portal, and they started to dance of joy! It was such a difficult adventure, and they could hardly believe that it was over!
Sir Theme went to the portal, tried to enter it, but got an electric shock from the portal, and smoke started to rise from him. Crazy, Doglover, Hollandgirl, lili, and Lilliputt screamed; while Slimy Jim, Maniac, Bige and Freakshow ran around in circles, not knowing what to do. Becky howled desperately, Dazed covered her eyes, Murph roared of shock as never before. BeanMan fell off his bike, Hyper dug a hole and hid in there, Vault thought about harakiri, Zox hugged Crazy, Bread jumped into the river, and Escape tried to jump on Darknights shoulder. Escape landed on Darknights face, who woke up: "Take your claws out of my nose, please.", he said very politely, and seemed to be sober again. Escape was in such a shock, that she jumped around on Darknight, so that finally he grabbed her, and handed her to her mom. Lilliputt hugged her daughter and tried to calm her down. Murph held her tail into the river, and pulled out bread, who was still shivering. Mystery and her hubby used some sticks to get Sir Theme out of the malfunctioning portal. Finally they managed to pull him back, but it was too late. He seemed to be a little melted and squished, and his parents stood there in a state of shock, staring at what was left of their son.
The group gathered around the robot, terrified and unable to speak for a while. Then Becky asked with tears in her eyes: "Can he be fixed?", and Mystery and her hubby nodded: "Yes, but we need to take him on the ship." Mystery tried to use her beaming device, but still on Adventure Island, it would not work. How could they go back on the main island without the functioning portal?
At this moment, they heard "OUCH!!!!!", and turned around. Hyper and the bunny were holding their foreheads. "What happened?", Lilliputt asked, and OneBun explained that Hyper and her were digging into diametrical directions and suddenly collided. The group explained her what had happened and showed her the robot. OneBun sat down, her face full of worries, and started to nibble on a carrot.
"Hmmmm, okay. I have made a very long tunnel that leads into my basement. I think it's the best if we take that way. But it's a very long tunnel, and it's dark in there. It won't be an easy way for many of you. I hope that you got still enough energy left to crawl through, and that nobunny is afraid of darkness.

------------> To be continued by Lilliputt

12-12-2006, 01:15:57
While giving Becky some comfort, Lilliputt stared in disbelief at the hole in the ground and muttered “Energy?! I haven’t had a good carrot for some time now. I think it is crazy, Crazy, to go down there, so go, Crazy, go on and go down. If there is anything crazy down there I’m sure you would be able ta spot it first.” Crazy didn’t think it crazy to be asked to do something crazy although she did not feel crazier then the rest of the loonies. Her boyfriend Zox on the other hand was not so happy about the idea to let her go first so before anyone had a chance to stop him he jumped into the whole and like a leaf blowing in the wind he fluttered out of sight with a “WHEEEEEEE!”. Lilliputt was still very uncomfortable with the idea so she said, “this has gone way too far for me. I don’t wanna go under ground. What am I? A worm perhaps?! Nah, I’ll get out of here in my own special way”, she said in a sulky tone. “What other way?”, Mistery said irritably as she now had about enough of the obstinate little islander. Her son had melted and there was only a small chance of saving him so why would Lilliputt start being difficult now?! The alien stared at the little islander maliciously but her hubby calmed her down and asked “May I ask how you will get out of here then?” Lilliputt tried to avoid meeting the glance of the upset alien lady and answered “I will sing my way out of here”, and holding her chin high she took her partner in bloom by the hand and walked away from OneBuns hole. “I’d better go with her”, Becky said, “or she will stumble on more problems as she always does”. “I’ll go with you”, Dazed offered and followed the wolf. “While we are standing here arguing, my Zox is all alone in that hole”, Crazy said raising her voice, “so now it’s my turn and no matter who is going I’m jumping in now” and so she jumped. “WHEEEEEEE!!!” she cried as she fell through the hole followed by the rest of the group. Mistery and her hubby held their son as they jumped down too leaving OneBun to wonder if she should follow. The pink bunny didn’t go though as she thought there might be some more interesting notes to take if she followed the little islander. She left the hole, leaping through the woods with ease while having a nice juicy carrot for a snack.
Lilliputt and Lili were caught up by Dazed and Becky in a matter of moments. The friends reunited and grinned at each other as they once again were on an adventure by them selves. “Why did you leave, Lilliputt?” Becky asked as she gave the islander a friendly tap on her shoulder. “Because I sense a presence and it seems to be stronger here than anywhere else. I have to find out if my instinct is true you see, dear friend”, Lilliputt answered sincerely. “We need to go uphill first and then I hope you will all enjoy my beautiful song, it’ll be extra nice this time”. Her friends tried to hide their smiles, as they knew the islanders’ song had always been a dreadful experience and only their strong friendship made them go through the pains of listening. “Of course”, said Dazed without being too convinced. “Certainly,” said Lili the intelligent and brave ceramic figurine as her blossoming suddenly turned into a paler shade. “I think we need to scout the area before you start singing”, Becky said carefully, “I and Dazed will have a look”. That meant that poor Lili had to stay with her partner in bloom and listen to the horrible song Lilliputt no doubt had in mind to sing. On the other hand Lili realised she could not simply leave her partner. That would be crazy as Crazy. They agreed to do as planned and so went uphill to find a good spot for Lilliputt to sing her song. When they finally reached it Lilliputt cleared her throat, smiled at Lili and started to sing the most ghastly song the poor ceramic figurine had ever heard. She felt as though she was about to crack on certain parts of the song but tried to hold it together. Becky and Dazed had of course left in a hurry to “scout” the area and so were not around when suddenly the earth began to shake. The noise grew louder and although Lili had a huge problem to listen to the song, she still sat tighter together with Lilliputt. The little islanders’ voice cried louder and her song seemed to attract whatever it was that made the noise. Out of a cave not to far from where they stood stones suddenly blasted away followed by a great ray of fire and out came the largest most impressive dragon Lilliputt had ever seen. She still sang her song without fear until the dark dragon with its claws in the air, its pale green butterfly wings flapping slowly as it reached them roaring while spitting fire in the air http://thumb11.webshots.net/t/30/31/1/55/4/2800155040044203991DWpgTO_th.jpg. Lilliputt then stopped singing, paid all the necessary courtesy when standing before a dragon and then said in dragon language, “hello, my name is Lilliputt”. Of course anyone might think it strange to say those things to a raging dragon however the gestures and the words did have an immediate affect on the dragon. It sat down, stared at the little creature very puzzled. “Why have you called on me? And who might the tender creature be by your side?”, the dragon growled and showing its impressive fangs. “This is my partner in bloom”, Lilliputt said, “Lili the intelligent and brave ceramic figurine”. The dragon took it in and tried to make sense of the fact that something it could melt by simply breathing on it was intelligent and brave. “I am Petalon the Dark”, the dragon said because it could not think of much else to say. “I am pleased to meet you great Petalon the Dark”, Lilliputt said and bowed, as she knew dragons were very picky about formalities. “I did not know there were butterfly dragons still left on Butterfly Island”, she continued, “but I would very much like to ask for your help. Actually, had I known you were here I would have asked for your help much earlier”, she said and then realised the reason why this island was so special and things did not work, as they should. This dragon had an impact because of its unusual magical strength, very likely it had an enchanting effect on the whole island. “Then speak little one”, the dragon said and stood to listen to what the islander had to say. “Well, ya see it was like this. Mistery the alien told me that, well us that is, the loonies of the Hood…”, Lilliputt began. “Wait, hold on”, said the dragon who is Mistery?And what is “an alien”?”. “Why Mistery is a mod which makes her a God but she is not of this world and still has online kids.” “Huh?”, said the dragon and looked at the little islander as though she was crazy, “are you crazy?”, he finally asked. “No of course not”, said Lilliputt confused by the idea, “I’m not Crazy, my name is Lilliputt”.

Since the text I entered have exceeded 10000 characters I have continued the chapter in the post below.

12-12-2006, 01:16:54
It was at this delicate point that Becky and Dazed came crushing through the woods in an attempt to “save” their friends. The dragon hesitated and only took a defensive stance as Becky leaped forward to stand in front of Lilliputt while Dazed took hold of Lili. “What are you doing?”, Lilliputt said and tried to calm her friends down, “we were having a conversation you know”. The wolf looked at Dazed and they shared the confusion. “Well, I’m sorry that we are trying to save you from a terrifying dragon with great big fangs. Go ahead and become lunch, why don’t you?”, Dazed teased, “I’m sure you must look kinda yummy”. “Oh, go over there, sit down and don’t move or we WILL end up in a dragon soup”, Lilliputt said annoyed by the interruption, “ I was just about to get somewhere if we don’t count the part where he thought I was Crazy”. “But you are crazy”, Becky said frankly, “that’s not much of a secret.” “No, I’m not”, Lilliputt insisted, “I’m Lilliputt the Carrot Islander. You do remember me, right?”. “I mean you are crazy as in loony”, Becky corrected. “Oh, now you are just being difficult”, Lilliputt said as she realised she might have misunderstood the dragon a little bit. She turned to the dragon and said “our problem is that we were on a mission to find Adventure the butterfly who was butterflynapped by the wasps.” The dragon relaxed when he realised there was no threat posed against him and asked “Why?”. “Because the wasps are secretly polluting Sparkling Nectar River with anti ROFL serum and Adventure found out. So they took her away becuse they were afraid she might say sumthin’ to da Honey Bee Queen.” “Oh”, said the dragon not particularly amused by the strange tale, “and what would you like me to do in all of this.” “It is of great urgency that we get to Carrot Island so that we can be beamed up to the space ship”. “What is a space ship?”, the dragon wanted to know. “It’s a kinda carriage that flies in space”, Lilliputt said, “Mistery the alien and her hubby has it, you see. How can you not have heard of her. How long have you been sleeping.” “Well”, said the dragon “let me think. What year is it?” “It’s 2006 and soon it will be 2007”, Lilliputt answered. “Then I have been asleep for only about five hundred years in humans way of counting I should say”, the dragon replied and thought it odd to be awaken by such a tiny little character only to be asked to become a flying travel transportation for humanish needs. He thought the very idea was by far absurd. “Have you tried polyphasic sleeping? Maniac says it s a sleep pattern intended to reduce sleep time to 2–5 hours daily.” To this the dragon did not seem to have an answer because reducing sleep was not his intention when having been in slumber for the past 500 years. "Aaah!" was all he could think of to say. “If you would be so kind and take us to Carrot Island, I could introduce you to my other dragon friends”, Lilliputt said and knew that was a suggestion too tempting for any long sleeping dragon to resist. “We might need one of his dragon scales, Lilliputt”, a voice from behind said and there was OneBun chewing on her carrot while taking notes. “How interesting. I didn’t know you spoke the ancient Butterfly Dragonish language.” She was busy taking notes and hardly gave the dragon so much as a glance. “Who is that?”, said the dragon. “That is OneBun, who is a symptom of a virus and a mod which makes her also a God but she doesn’t have any online kids.” The dragon looked from one character to the other and thought them all taken right out of a loony bin. Gone were the days of chivalry, now it seemed like dragons had to reduce themselves to becoming travel agencies. He sighed, realising he had no idea what the little islander was talking about but the idea to meet other dragons was indeed tempting so he agreed. He withdrew his thorns from his back so that the passengers could easily find a place to sit and set off with Becky, Dazed, Lili, Lilliputt and OneBun the pink bunny, who scribbled notes all the way to Carrot Island only half aware that she was flying on a dragons back.

The drop was not that long and at the end of the hole there was a heap of leafs so that one would land safely. The gang could not help but laugh and as they wiped leafs off themselves Zox turned up with a couple of torches. “Where is OneBun, the Lil(l)ies, Becky and Dazed?” he asked before kissing his girlfriend Crazy. “They had other things to see to”, said Mistery, “now which way should we take?”. “That one”, Zox replied as he had found a sign that said “right way”. The tunnel was very narrow and at times they had to crawl their way which made it difficult when trying to bring along the unconscious robot with them. All however pitched in and with ropes they pushed and pulled until they ended up in a small underground chamber. Zox was the first to tumble into it and as he rolled on the floor he hit something. He giggled at his clumsiness but as he opened his eyes he realised the face above him belonged to a Trojan Horse. He panicked and leaped to his friends. The horse however did not seem to be bothered by the strange visitors until he discovered a robot was amongst them. It got closer with eyes that had a tinge of hunger, grinning at the robot maliciously. Darknight was quick on his feet and together with BatCat overpowered the Trojan Horse ‘till it had no choice but to flee. Freakshow was about to set after it with a bomb but Slimy stopped him saying that there might be others around so the bombs might be more useful then. The group of friends settled in the chamber for a while in great, need of rest and took a little break. “We have been crawling down the tunnel for hours”, miss Holland said, “it can’t be too far now”. “I think so too”, Maniac said and started to walk towards the hole opposite the one they came through. They all agreed to move on because rerobooting the robot was getting more urgent by the minute. Hyper on the other hand wanted to have a closer look at the malfunctioning robot and now that he finally had a chance he picked and poked on the strange looking metallic surface while the others prepared themselves to leave. Somehow he must have triggered something because the robot twitched and his head started to spin while uttering something very odd “Σ = {0, 1}, Σ* = {ε, 0, 1, 00, 01, 10, 11, 000, 001, 010, 011,…}…..*screeeeeeeeaaaaaaaach*…….. return stack.stackPointer.data…” Mistery and her hubby jumped as they heard their son talking. The others froze and stared at Hyper who happily grinned back as he was about to push another funny looking button. Smoke started to come out of the poor robots head while he continued “ return self.stack_pointer.element….*screeeaaach*…” “Why does he want his “self to be returned to the “stack pointer”?”, Murph wanted to know. “Perhaps he would like to be enlightened by the ways of harakiri”, Vault said. “No, he does not.” Mistery said firmly, “my son is trying to access his communication processor”, she said and hoped she was right. “Bah!”, said Doglover while taking hold of the rope that was tied around the robot, “it’s just some of that no good computer gibberish”. They started to work their way through the tunnel with Murph, Freakshow, Darknight and Escape as guardians against Worms and Trojan Horses. There were surprisingly few so when the y finally reached surface, the aliens beamed them up to the space ship.

When Lilliputt and her friends finally reached Carrot Island they felt relieved. It was good to finally walk on familiar grounds. Lilliputt left Petalon in the company of her friends which might not have been such a good idea considering Dazed was still convinced she was about to become a pickle for the dragon and Becky was not too appreciative of the dragons smell. “Well”, thought Lilliputt, “if one has been asleep for five hundred years without taking a bath, sure one might smell just a little bit. Why be sooo picky about that?”, she wondered forgetting the wolfs sensitive nose. Lili was really the only one who did the only logical thing in order to communicate with the dragon. As they were on the beach she started to draw pictures in the sand and the dragon realising it was meant as means of communication added to the picture. While that was going on Lilliputt called for her friends the dragons and so Petalon was finally introduced to them. OneBun appeared out of nowhere just as she had earlier disappeared and was about to “borrow” one of Petalons scales. Lilliputt managed to stop her and in a very formal tone she spoke in dragon language, asking for a scale. Petalon eyed the strange little bunny, who did not look at all appetising as other bunnies he had eaten in years that had passed. Then with a very dignified gesture he gave three scales to Lilliputt, saying that two she could use as she pleased but the third was the token of their friendship and with having done that he left with the other dragons. “Oh, good said OneBun and took two of the scales out of Lilliputts hands. One for the potion and one for my research.” “What potion?”, Dazed asked. “The potion to make the Wasps ROFL resistant of course”, OneBun said in thought, “we just need to get beamed up to the ship where the aliens can help us make it she said. “Oh, yes…that makes sense”, Lili agreed. “Well, I must be off, here take this”, OneBun said and handed one of the scales to Becky, “bye peeps!” and with a POOOOOOOF she was gone. The next thing the friends knew they were back on the space ship, where sir Themes robotic needs were taken care of. Now the last problem of the equation was how to inject the wasps with the potion. Maybe the aliens had an idea.

----------> to be continued by Mistery :D