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08-18-2011, 03:36:50

New room escape game "Summer Night Escape" from TomaTea on


08-18-2011, 05:46:16
I'm out!!!

08-18-2011, 20:02:27
What to do with a wet towel... ?
Still stuck inside....

... I give up :(

08-20-2011, 01:17:37
wow, a lot of clicking, but getting nothing........***

09-18-2011, 00:16:41
Sorry I missed this one, nice game:)

09-19-2011, 18:51:24
outside, click high on pipe on the left
I had to look for help for this one..:)
...I am out but a little bit of help was needed but I still liked this game very much..:D
Thank you for posting..:)

old biker
10-25-2011, 12:52:52
this one was not that hard ,great game again

10-25-2011, 19:52:19
hello! just started :-) and making good progress until now :-)

yep ! And out ! :-) Nice game

This one I was able to solve on my own :D

old biker
10-25-2011, 19:55:47
need help ? PM me :)

01-11-2015, 19:46:15
Solve Stars on 1st try, now in bathroom....
Position#1 moves diagonal, #2 moves 2 clockwise, #3 moves 3, #4 move 1.
Have dice and now another key plus a game board.
Pour water in horn on table.
Installed water tap, but need another key....
Took me a bit to figure out game board, but it was a lot of fun! Now have 4-digit combo.
Concept is to make the red ball (click R to start) hit alll blocks until you can hit lower green button.
Now have 3/5 pipes; now have colour combo.
Use wet rag on patio wall by light.
+/x, </>, o/+
Now have small box, but not allowed to put 3rd item in it yet....?
Run through drainpipe....L/S.
Entered colour combo and now have 4/5 pipes and another key...
I'm guessing I need last pipe to solve cabinet, but how to reach...?
Backtracked and found it.
Rod in wardrobe.
Solved last puzzle, and out!
Wonderful game!