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08-20-2005, 20:35:33
Last step of the Spieler's Trilogy: That's here that you will find answers. But will you reach them?
Point and click adventure game by Anode & Cathode.

Click Here (http://games.anodeetcathode.net/casino/) To Play.

Click Here (http://www.gamershood.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2259) For A Walkthrough!!


08-21-2005, 06:28:12
What it the answer to the riddle?

That is the only part I 've never finished

08-21-2005, 10:30:58

* denotes an optional step

* Pick up coin on casino floor (to the left of start position) *just for the hell of it*
- go to the right, and cick "got to cloakroom"
- Click on eyes twice, and get Banana (#1)
- go back to casino floor, and go to the bank (left side of screen)
- click on the monkey's right hand (the one on the counter) and type in the # of slot machines (12) in the box
- back to the floor, and click on the staircase to go up to the second level
- click on the poker table (the round one)
- click on the dealer (3x)
- watch where the fly lands, and when it does land, click on whatever player's hand the fly lands on
- get the 500 ticket (gold), and 100 token (red)
- head to the first level, and into the bar
- click on the 500 ticket, and then the bartender's hand
- select "Champagne", from the menu
- take the champagne
- take your change
- give the bartender the change (as a tip)
- Bartender tells you to "bet on the '10'"
- go out to the casino floor
- click on the champagne
- click on the coin in the champagne to get "A coin 'A&C'"
- click on the slot machine on the left side of the screen
- put the blue "A&C" coin into the slot
- click "PUSH !"
- grab the "a button"
- go back up to the secon floor
- go to the roulette table (long one)
- click on the guy with the monocle (round eye thingy)
* grab the "A riddle"
- click on the token
- click on the guy in the red on the right of the screen
- click on "10" (its black)
- grab the card
- head down to the cloor, and to the bank
- click on the monkey-dude's face
- give the monkey-dude the card
- take the map
- click on the map
- click on the house pic (the one right above the casino pic)
- click on the left hole under the porch (there's 2 holes) (2x) for the square thing
- click on the left hole under the porch for the banana (#2) (3x)
- click on the doors
- close the open cabinet
- open then close all 6 of the other cabinets
- get the banana (#3)
- click on the cabinet that was closed
- grab the key
- head into the bathroom (door on the far right)
- click on the glass on the sink
- click on the silger faucet in the shower (2x)
- head back to the entrance
- head into the kitchen
- click on the button
- click on the open hole on the microwave (the top, black one)
- click on the microwave door (to open)
- put the faucet into the microwave
- close microwave door
- hit red button on microwave
- take the "hone carved" (#1)
- head out into the entrance, and into the upper bedroom
- click on the left painting
- grab the banana (#4)
- click on the safe (note down "spieler-2005") (you can't do anything to the safe until you get the code)
- go out into the entrance, and into the lower bedroom
- grab the "a connector"
* there's a note under the bed if you wanna grab it
- click on the map
- click on the middle of the upper 3 pictures (jacuzzi/hammam house)
- go into the "hammam"
- grab the "hone carved" (#2)
* click on the paper
- go out, and then into the jacuzzi
- click on the little panel near the door
- grab the banana (#5)
- put the "a square with hole" (the purple block thing) into the hole
- click on the block again
- click on the mirror (says the 8th book in the 3rd")
- go outside and click on the stairs
- note how there are groups of 3 dots running up the stairs starting from the lower right
- click the middle dot
- click the left (lowest) dot
- click the middle dot
- click the right (upper) dot
- click on the key and then on the red door
- click on the door
- click on the connector, and then on the socket in the lower left of the screen
- click on the closest computer
- play the game (just click on everything repeatedly until it dishappears)
- You must get the highest score (beat 3000) to unlock the door to the attic
- see the score near the middle (spieler-2005)? sound familier?
- note down "gregory-3000" (thats the key for the safe)
* click on the far computer, and put in the answer to the riddle (see bottom)
* you get wallpapers, and satisfaction (unless you cheated!)
- click on the far door
- click on the long blue coffin
- grab the banana(#6)
- click on the book on the third (top) shelf, and 8 books from the left (hence the earlier clue)
- note down the clue "13 notches and the key is yours"
- click on the map
- click on the picture of the house
- go to the upper bedroom
- click on the safe
- put in the password ("gregory-3000")
- click on the note
- note down the clue "on a square, the 4 is up and to the left"
- click on the map
- go to the casino
- go to the bar
- give the glass to the bartender
- grab the "hone carved" (#3)
- click on the map
- click on the pic on the far right
- click on the lever 13 times (you must wait for the lever to reset each time)
- grab the key on the waterwheel
- click on the key
- use the key on the mill door
- go into the mill
- click on the blue panel
- put in the numbers to coplete the square (see how each row/column/diagonal adds up to 15?)
- hit "OK"
- go up the ladder
- put the 3 "hone carved" into the wall-art
- click on the red nose/button
- go up the ladder
- put a banana into each of the monkey heads (click on the banana and then the mokey's eye)
- hit the switch
- click on the door
- listen (click) thru the story
- click on the paper
- click stuff till the credits roll


08-22-2005, 01:32:38

Hey James

Did you figure out the ANSWER to the riddle?

09-03-2005, 14:13:30

10-14-2005, 14:02:40
I cannot pull the lever even onece. What do I need to do?

12-05-2005, 08:04:47
how do you put the FAUcEt In tHe MiCROWAVE?

ihave tried everything . and what do you mean a button in the microwave

12-06-2005, 07:07:16
how do you put the FAUcEt In tHe MiCROWAVE?

ihave tried everything . and what do you mean a button in the microwave

nevermind i figured it out forgot to get the button from the slot machine

Chris Mapa
05-09-2006, 02:52:07
The answer to the problem regarding the riddle is 2681789. I just merely tried all the numbers that i had written down from the riddle and entered them into the system until i found the right one.

Chris Mapa
05-09-2006, 03:06:16
Can someone please tell which exact spot to place the last hone carved in the wall?

11-21-2006, 21:20:16
I did it all by myself and I even figured out the riddle. :) #14775

12-14-2006, 17:10:31
that was a sweet ending...:rose:
the square riddle was quite easy..