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09-12-2011, 20:49:03
I was trembling, my heart trying to violently escape through my chest, but i gathered myself together and checked the window for any sign of Hatter. I had all kinds of thoughts flying through my head, if that (***) ratted me out- My thoughts were interrupted by a loud knock on the door followed by a distinct voice, "Are you here Rabbit?" Hatter said quickly. I raced to the door and looked through the peep-hole and saw Hatter on the other side of the door, holding his side, trying to catch his breath.

I opened the door and Hatter rushed inside with one swift movement, "Are you alright, What happened at the portal?" I asked. Hatter just gazed at me, like he had forgotten who i was, then i realised why he wouldn't say anything. "Alice?" I said in a trembling voice, Hatter sat down and i prepared for the worst. "Alice was captured by Caterpillar and taken to the Red Queen" cried Hatter "There was nothing i could have done to stop him". I looked at Hatter and got up quickly, my eyes quickly shifted to the drawer on my right, i walked over to the drawer and opened it, pulled out the gun Alice gave me and headed for the door. "Where are you going" Hatter asked as he stood up to block my way, "im going to get Alice back, she's a strong girl and will be tortured to death by the Red Queen if we dont act quickly" i snapped at Hatter, but it made me feel bad for him.

Hatter moved out of the way, I opened the door and stepped onto the street's of Wonderland, I had no idea what i was getting myself into. I closed to door halfway when i was interrupted by a loud shout, "Rabbit!" shouted Hatter, "Yes?" i replied opening the door once more, "look after yourself" he said in a sad forgiving tone. I did not say anything back, i only nodded hoping he would understand why this had to be done, I closed the door and headed for Wonderland Jail to break in and see if Mouse knew how to get inside the queen's castle...

This is just a rough page of a story i'm writing. tell me what you guys thing :).

09-15-2011, 00:15:14
Sounds good, Vortex! Looking forward to more of the story! (Just don't forget our no violence rules. ;)) I can't wait to see what happens next in Wonderland!!!! :D

09-15-2011, 19:33:13
Thanks Escape, the story will be released chapter by chapter on Deviantart. :)

10-11-2017, 19:06:00
Meh thought I would straighten out the text a bit because I realized people were getting criticaled for 300k by the wall of text :S but thats as good as its getting. Its just my style of writing i'm afraid.