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09-28-2011, 05:14:47
Device a point and click room escape game developed by Kotorinosu. In this game, you are locked in a room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles.

http://kotorinosu.net/games/device/play (http://ktrns.pya.jp/esc/device_en.html)


09-28-2011, 08:23:48
So far, I have iPod (found in drawer in opening scene (needs battery). Also found a doll's head behind hanging scroll in second scene that goes on the stand in the cat scene.

Got the doll's head puzzle by looking at the left side of the scroll it was behind (left side). For more help it was DLDDLDLLLD* Got red stick with key, and a disc. Checked the bottom of the stick for another stick.

Key on red stick opens middle drawer in opening scene. Found two handles, one for machine in right hand wall where doll's head was found and one for the stick in the bottom of the red stick. The black handled stick is an allen wrench, and you use it in the outlet next to the cat. You get a plug that doesn't quite reach the outlet off the it's left your right.

Look at the lines on the electrical plug, and use that on the picture above the cat. You get a key that opens the far right drawer under the clock. Get a multi-plug extention cord to plug the cord into. Got the shapes the smiley faces are to be. It's upside down so it'd be W3OMU(upside down*)^X Get a yellow egg with a key inside. Put dead battery into yellow egg and put in cat to recharge battery and get a color code. There are three colors before the cat's bell, and three after--the bell is the middle button. Use nippers on red scroll to open it up. Click on the left side to see more of the scroll. Use gear to run the card suit wheel.The key to open the window, to find gears running the clock, and nippers. Use your Allen wrench to stop the gears and open the clock box and grab a second gear. Use the hands where the clock stopped to open the code box on the table. You are now the proud owner of an abacus. *I know I said upside down, but there's no upside down "U" on my keyboard.

Click the colors on the cat's collar (changes every game), using the bell as the middle button. For example, mine was GBRcenterGBP. You will get a disc and a doll's head. Place the disc on the box in front of the gear window, and the doll's head on the doll. She will get a fan with some patterns on it. The patterns are congurant with the keys on top of the robot. > is Left diamond, and D is left circle. The robot will go down the hallway. By this time, the cat's collar will be all green, meaning you have a recharged battery. Take the battery and put it in the phone. Click on photos, and you will get card suits in a pattern. There is a wheel with card suits on them. Open the scroll, and see that going up and to the right will get the card wheel going. Click the suits in the right order, and you will get a box of matches. Open the box, and there is a memory chip in it. Look at the phone in large size, and turn it over to put the memory chip in. It's a movie of a Pacman game. Open the scroll, and use the matches on the very far left for another pattern of light and dark circles. Use the dark circles to call**, and you'll get an e-mail. Read the e-mail and you will see the word MAXWAVE. Once again, it's time for those weird smileys to come up with something. You should have the third disc for the box, and get an orb for your troubles.

The robot is back, with a gold key for you. Use it on the far left of the table under the clock, and you will get a series of buttons to push. Push them in the same order as the Pacman game, and the drawer should have the third gear in it. Use the gears and go left (bottom center, left of gold, left on other gear. The doll should move up. Move the abacus beads to corrospond with the buttons on the drawer under the doll. The door will open and there will be a fourth gear. use the gears to have the doll go down, and a door will appear. Alas, we aren't escaping yet. There's one gold gear, and a note. The note says one silver gear is lighter then the gold gear, but two silver gears are heavier then the gold one. Get all five silver gears, and leave the gold one. The way the gears should look for your escape route is this. (http://img232.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=718132949_finishcogs_122_18lo.jpg) I hope this helps everyone. Thanks to everyone including KitKatFox and premiere from EG24.

09-30-2011, 18:21:02
Hmmm How to open the door when the doll goes down... Seems there's a circle there, but the doors won't open

old biker
10-23-2011, 14:29:51
made it out , thanks for some hints Purp (there goes my sunday afternoon ):)