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11-16-2006, 01:04:10

Japanese drag and drop game. You have to drag and drop people and things to the right places in the right order until everyone leaves the scene.

1. Show the smoker to the Park Keeper.
2. As the two begin to argue show the rules to the Park Keeper.
3. Show the little brown bird to the lady with the popcorn.
4. Show the little brown bird eating popcorn to the blackbird.
5. Show the blackbird to the popcorn lady.
6. Show the piece of popcorn on the sleeping guy to the blackbird.
7. Show the sleeping guy to the angry man. I guess he's the boss and the guy is skiving off work!
8. Show the popcorn lady to the dog.
9. Show the crying girl to the Park Keeper.
10. Show the bench to the Park Keeper.
11. Now get the girl to pick up all the coins.
12. Show the slot machine to the girl.

11-18-2006, 22:29:53
Thank you Kyle for the walk-thru. This is a very cute game! Well done! I just wish I could understand what it says.

11-19-2006, 00:17:47
It is a very cute game. Bit too cute but I was bored so I played it! I agree with Kialei... Wanna understand what it says lol

09-05-2007, 20:59:23
for those who want to nkow what the story line is,well then here you go!
(today im gonna propose to my girlfriend.but i lost the diamond ring!i remember going to the park yesterday,ill check there!)and so begins the game