View Full Version : help me to remember a old escape game

10-17-2011, 03:46:12
I can't be quite without remember this game. I played 2x about 5 years ago, for me was the more tough ER game.
If someone played this, will remember for sure. here is what I remember:

- Was a messy and small room, with a computer and a printer
- you needed to find the wires to turn on the computer
- there was a frame on wall, that in fact was a puzzle (a abstract drawing) that u needed solve too.
- there was a kinda peg game, that u needed to solve in order to get a object inside of that
- I remember that are lights that u can turn off, and in a part u needed to use a chemistry that react with some objects and some letters bright on the dark.
- and in the end, i remember about a ring... i am not sure, but the guy was dreaming or something like that.. and then he marry with his girlfriend, and there is a great piano song (that i recorded and i have in my pc)

please, if someone played this game... give me the name.


10-17-2011, 16:07:32
That would be "My Diamond Baby"

10-18-2011, 22:07:23
Oscar, thank you a lot! I thought i would never find this out!
thank you man!