View Full Version : Halloween Escape 1

10-24-2011, 15:07:23
Halloween Escape 1 is the first chapter of the new point and click escape game series sponsored by 1001Arcade.com and JuegosDeEscape.net You are trapped in a spooky place surrounded by carved pumpkins, candles and tricky puzzles. Find your way out of the room and join us tomorrow for another episode in this special Halloween week.

Play Halloween Escape 1 (http://www.1001arcade.com/play/halloween-escape-1)


old biker
10-24-2011, 16:54:31
to be continued...can't wait :D

10-24-2011, 16:55:27
Stuck in room one for number code on the purple sign post? nvm worked it out count purple candle wicks from ist scene when you enter door 1

Hmm.. to be continued, hope it remembers the key I found in room one :)

old biker
10-24-2011, 17:12:13
every day a new one ?looks good with five doors :D

10-25-2011, 06:38:39
Done...though the darned hat was hard to find!
behind rocks, have to click to remove rock first