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10-29-2011, 21:26:14
Wizard Towers doesn’t take all your time every day to play. There is nothing to download but play direct from your browser. We know it is pretty well bug free; we're looking for balance.

As a player, you are quickly immersed in a world of fantasy in this multiplayer game of wizardry action, adventure and politics.

In the midst of chaos as warrior knights clash steel spilling the blood of one another there is an alternative world: the world of wizards who have organised themselves into communities for mutual protection commonly calling their estates “towers”. The nobles and the wizards have a mutual distrust for one another, but the worlds between those with a talent for magic and those who have not, rarely cross.

By popular demand, here are a couple of screenshots...



You are the one with the talent for magic: the one who can twist the mind of an arrogant aristocrat into childlike putty or raving lunatic. The aristocrat, on the other hand, has power over the peasants in numbers sufficient to collapse your home into a burning pyre of rubble. You have just passed through your apprenticeship; your life is now your own with the freedom and responsibilities that comes with it.

Beginning your destiny fresh from apprenticeship you may continue to enhance your arts and skills. Wizard Towers are open for you to decide which paths you wish to take; if you want to earn fame and fortunes and gather great treasures then undertake dangerous adventures. IF you want fame then master your arts, study crystals you have found on your travels or scourge tomes for their secrets. You may want to win in the political arena and vie to become the head wizard of the towers.

Grab your wands, grab your spy glass or staff, communities of wizards with whom you will acquaint, influence and even befriend await you. Whether you make friends or enemies, the opportunity to succeed in your personal ambitions is open to you where your wizard is of your own making.

Places are currently limited, so if you want to join us, join us here:


Look forward to meeting you in the towers!

12-01-2011, 19:24:12
We have a dozen active players and would like 10 - 12 more :) so come along and join in! The link is now fixed...


12-28-2011, 19:29:46
Come one, come all, still looking for a few more in this relatively bug free game. We now have a forum as well as bazaar and plenty of things for your wizard to do!