View Full Version : Haunted Halloween Escape

old biker
10-29-2011, 18:14:24
Haunted Halloween Escape is another new room escape game from games2rule.com.You are trapped in centre of haunted house in a village. You want find a way of escape from there by using your mind. Find the right way to escape from the haunted house.

Good Luck


old biker
10-29-2011, 19:06:36
very odd game :hmm:

10-29-2011, 20:53:36
Yep, pretty strange, but out (with a wee help)!

12-22-2011, 21:56:22
Hello everybody ! I'm so stuck in this game. I just have tree coins, pipe1, four woods which i set on fire. Where i can find key for the door and what is hould do the cat statue? I think that i have to find some king diamond for the necklace...