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10-30-2011, 14:49:09
Griselda the witch went to town to buy supplies for halloween. When suddenly she was set upon by a group of irate townsfolk who didn't like witches.
Terrified Griselda ran for her life with the irate mob hot on her heels.
Without her broom she will need to find another way across the lake to her house.
Help Griselda get home to her house on the lake before the angry mob catches up with her.

Have fun & good luck!

Play Here (http://www.roguejoker.com/games/2011/griseldas_escape.html)

10-30-2011, 16:40:44
:hmm: looks like I am stuck...I need 4 more spiders and 1 toadstool.
Okay, took me a while but I have found them....turned out that I missed a view...:D
Now I am stuck again...why???
I am at the house and no idea how to continue from here....I have found an item and used it, got numbers but now what???
If anyone does get the end, please leave a hint here so I can go and try it....Thank you...:)
It is a nice game so thank you for posting...:)

old biker
10-30-2011, 16:42:18
need 3 spiders 1 bat 1 toadstoel
made fire

one more mushroom :)
math doesn't work :?:

10-30-2011, 17:32:59
No, last window, I don't get but...where do I need the math??? I have no idea what to do with those numbers..:?

old biker
10-30-2011, 18:03:40
code for wooden box

i restarted but stuck on the math again
yay out , i mean in
for the math13X3 means 3X3 +10X3 ...97-2 =9-2 and 7-2 =75 etc

10-30-2011, 18:05:11
Missing a worm?? Duh, where else would one look:?

10-30-2011, 18:10:18
Woodenbox??? I must have missed a view??
one in apple, one in pumpkin, one in soil

old biker
10-30-2011, 18:16:22
wooden box use hammer on the vase

10-30-2011, 18:21:52
And I am in, no problem with the math. Got it first time:D
First two number times three, second two minus 2, third pair plus four. If my memory is right

10-30-2011, 18:51:10
Okay...missed that item too...so where can I find hammer??
Help....having problems with finding knife
POP got it...
...not my day...now I am missing one toadstool again...:S

Yay.....finally found it and I also found the missing item...like I said before...I missed a view, again...:P
Thanks for the explanation about the numbers, old biker...got in..:D

10-31-2011, 00:25:22
Nice game :) thx for posting