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old biker
10-31-2011, 00:04:05
Escape 3D: Elevator is another 3D point and click room escape game from Bored. Going up? Top floor please. Suddenly the lift stops in between floors and the lights go out! You hear strange noises and then the man next to you passes out onto the floor. You can barely see anything through the darkness and the elevator shows no sign of resuming. The help buttons aren't working, maybe they need to be fixed?

Good luck


10-31-2011, 00:54:13

10-31-2011, 15:35:30
Navigation in these games is a nightmare. Why don't my mouse and their cursor line up?

Any tips greatly appreciated. Using Firefox.

10-31-2011, 21:48:36
Got out!! Just had to figure out to use the actual numbers, not the buttons on the keypad !!