View Full Version : Power of eyes 2

11-19-2006, 15:32:06
A similar game to "Find it". There are 5 levels and you can try 3 times for each level.


11-19-2006, 15:55:57
Uhm, lili, what exactly am i supposed to find? im a little cofused....:S

11-19-2006, 16:41:22
As the time passes, something in the pic is changed eventually.:) I know this game is difficult, I can't pass level 2 yet...:P

11-19-2006, 16:44:30
oh, i see, it should get easyer now.. xD

YAY! i made it through level 2!! want a hint?

anyways, here it goes:
its on the building! its white... ;)

11-19-2006, 17:08:56
Thanks Zox, well I try it again now..:)

Aha!! I got it!! thanks again Zox!!:hug:

11-19-2006, 17:11:17
-and im stuck on level 3 xD
btw, have you noticed the "?" button in the top right corner? ;)

11-19-2006, 17:14:00
Yes, I know that button:D .... So you use it, huh??:P

If you use it, level 3 is not difficult.. but lvl 4 is just :evil: :S

11-19-2006, 17:23:40
im done with lvl 3, now its lvl 4... :S

i beat lvl 4! ^^ and lets just say that i work magic with paint! xD

11-19-2006, 18:21:11
i beat the game!!!
-and now for the walkthrough!
Lvl 1:
A chessnut is going from covered to uncovered... xD -or you could say the chessnut is getting revealed from its green shell.^^
Lvl 2:
A banner/sign on the building disappears.
Lvl 3:
Two stripes on the melon gets one. They'r on the right side of the melon.
Lvl 4:
A grape appears(when you press the "?" button its on the right of the 3 bundles that are shown).
Lvl 5:
One of the red leafes is turning yellow. It might be a good idea to use the "?" button here.

11-19-2006, 23:25:35
I become more and more looney while playing level 4 over and over agian... :crazy:
It just don't see it. :wht: I give it a break. :P

11-23-2006, 20:19:55
Level 4 is far too hard =P

02-20-2008, 18:51:49
Level 4 ------- hard, but very good!