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old biker
11-13-2011, 18:27:05
Captain Zaron is another new point and click adventure game by Peter Lemiszki. You are Zaron, a fearsome pirate who returns to his homeland after his sister is kidnapped by an evil tyrant named Mulduralm, who plans to sacrifice her in an ancient ritual that will torch the entire kingdom in apocalyptic hellfire.

Good luck

Play here (http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/583653)

11-14-2011, 16:53:09
Started - slow - very slow. Saved and may try some more later.

11-14-2011, 17:04:00
making some progress but have more question than solutions so far.burnt bag, got spell book
have bunch of items

11-15-2011, 01:38:49
Need help with the bag! D:

11-15-2011, 08:04:17
I have worm, book, bag, log, spyglass, rum, empty flask, and horn to call leviathan. I've tried to give the worm to the fisherman at the lighthouse, but no go. I've also tried to set the log on fire at the drunken frog inn (or whatever it's name is), and I haven't been able to do that, either. I've walked around the beach, gone to my sister's house, gone to Norman's, gone to Saint Crabfloss, tried to get to the witch's swamp (with no luck), tried to get to the castle, mooched around the desert, and I'm stuck.
KitKatFox at EG24 made a walkthrough for this game. Here is it.
okay, here's everything I can remember. Sorry, it would take me hours to replay the game, and I don't want to do that. Hopefully, this covers it all. And I apologize for not being able to do this without spoiling some things later in the game, but the game isn't linear.

Sister’s house
Look at note
Get flint and steel (in pot inside sister’s house)
Get worm from outside

Norman’s house (west in forest)
Get Burn bag from him
Later: take him magic coconut for Fool Spell

Burn Bag Burning (Sister’s house)
Need firewood (from healer’s house) and flint and steel from Sister’s house
Get Spell Book

Lighthouse (southwest in game)
Get telescope and conch shell from upstairs, rope from downstairs
look at the map to desert on the wall (I think it was there)
Later: fetch spell from fish outside (need worm from near sister’s house -- turned to metal by dragon cave in upper west part of game, and magnet from magic shop)
Much later: silver key (need to fire cannon in large ship then you can reach in the model ship)

Desert (northwest in game)
Money in chest in middle-west of desert (go straight up 6 times, to your right 3 times (until you get to bones), down 2 times (until you get to cacti) and over 7 times).
later: way through desert (need water source)

Magic shop (in town)
Pay with gold from the desert for the Magnet

Waterfall in cave (southeast in game)
Need fetch spell – this clears the well in the north part of the game

South of desert
Honeycomb and mud (need gauntlet from library; need flask of water and bellows from the dungeon’s book burning room)

Healer’s house (northeast in game)
Behind it is firewood
Later: jellyfish statue and blue fire (need silver key from ship’s model; need bloom spell for plant behind house)

Well (secret entrance to the evil castle and entrance to dwarf city)
Need rope from lighthouse; need to open waterfall in cave by beach using fetch spell to empty the well
Sword from skeleton in the well
Later: need to staff to open the way to the dwarf city

Dwarf City (through well)
Need staff (save dwarf from ogre in forest)
Gear from Dwarfneed shovel from boarded hut north of healer’s house
Heavy jade statue in alcove – place this at the fool’s alter in the northeast to change shape with the fool spell
Gear from the balance -- use fool spell to become the heavy statue (you need to place the statue in the fool’s alter in the northeast
Tame lava (need freeze spell)
Get to the city – place the 2 gears and use magnet on the moving pieces of metal on the conveyor system

part 2

Mole Man
Go through log in the dwarf city
Use shovel to knock down body
Use either beer or water from flask to put out fire
Use beer from the drunken frog tavern to get frog drunk
Use sword from the well to get Deceased person’s hair
Get Music box

Make and use Spirit Voices spell
Spell in book at the library in town
You need open spell to unlock the right door in the back hallway of the drunken frog tavern
Make spell using -- hair of deceased from the mole, blue fire from using the bloom spell on the plant behind the healer’s house, and tongue from the carnivorous plant by the witch
Give mandrake root from dwarf to witch for portal to the underworld

Talk to ghost for code to red box from the tavern bed
Give dwarf in dwarf city the diamonds to free the slave girl, and then talk to ghost again for the Freeze spell
Talk to underworld worker and then scribe for the Sword master’s soul
Use music box from mole’s house to summon mole’s soul and then use the spirit voices spell on him – opens the coconut for the Warlock’s key

Drunken Frog Tavern
You can fill a flask with ale from the back wall of the main room
Emerald Rose you need the ruby rose from the dragon’s cave, the luck blessing from the altar near the ogre’s house – then give the rose to the player in the tavern and play his game
Meat in the kitchen in the back hall of the tavern (need open spell)
Use the sword on one of the beds in the bedroom (need sword from well and open spell to unlock the bedroom door) to find the Red Code Box

Need dispel spell from witch’s house for water source

Boarded up Hut
Shovel is inside (need bottle, rag, and flint and steel)

Need fetch spell for Keys
Talk to second room in the dungeon for letter from Rose
Get Spell Book back and get Bellows in the book burning room
Talk to evil king to get the rest of your stuff

Crying Man
Give him the letter from Rose in the dungeon for the Rag

Ship (across the lava field)
Use freeze spell on the lava to cross the field
Use flint and steel in the cannon to make a hole (go to the lighthouse and you can get the silver key from the model ship
climb the mast of the ship to find the Dyrad for the Bloom spell.

Ogre’s house
Need sword from well to pass the plants
Near the house is the alter for luck – place the honeycomb
To enter the house, you need the Magic Eye from the tower and the magic mirror from the guards in the labyrinth
Put the eye in the window outside the house and then look at the magic mirror
Free the dwarf for the Staff to the Dwarf City

Need fool spell and scorpion statue placed in the fool’s altar to scare spider
Give meat from the tavern’s kitchen to the plant – use sword from well to take the Tongue
Need mandrake root from dwarf for the witch
Dispel spell use freeze spell to pass the frog and enter house then use open spell on the book to read it

Healer’s house
Get them out of there by fetching the master swordfighter’s soul from the underworld
Use the silver key from the ship’s model at the lighthouse (after firing the cannon in the real ship)
Get the Jellyfish statue

Library (in town)
Get book -- inside is the Spell for the Spirit Voices
Use flint and steel to light candles to find the secret room
Get the Gauntlet and note colors associated with Roman numerals

Dragon’s cave
Use bellows on mud (add water to dirt at tree with beehive)
Use mud/bellows on dragon to blind it

To enter, you need 3 roses – one from the dragon’s cave, one from player at tavern (you need luck from the altar by the ogre’s house then give player the first rose and play for the second. Third you need shovel from the boarded up hut and dig at the arched entrance to the desert
Give the roses to the frogs
Note the Roman numeral math – you know that certain colors are for Roman numeral so do the math: e.g., yellow and blue make green, red and blue make purple, and red and yellow make orange
Set the 6 orbs to the correct colors
Use fetch to get the Magic Mirror from the guards that killed David Bowie in the game

Enter the tower by looking at the magic mirror – every time to rotate the 3 wheels on the door, you can see the backside’s in the mirror so you need to turn them so they don’t block the seam of the doors
Go through the maze to find the Coconut
Go to the place marked with the wind symbol and use the bellows to move the green water then go to the green water where it is pouring the drink it for the Open spell
Use open spell on statue at the opening of the tower and take the Magic eye

Fool’s Altar
Fool spell with turn you into whatever object is in the fool’s altar. You need to leave a statue in there. There are 3 statues – 1) the Jade scorpion from the altar itself, the heavy statue from the dwarf city near the lava entrance, and the jellyfish from the silver cabinet in the healer’s house.

last part

Give the water source (after using dispel on the fountain lady) to the desert man (6 steps north from entrance)
Go to the city
Go left of the sword shop and turn to a scorpion and then take lessons for the Sword fighting diploma
Beat the player north of the boy for the Action figure
Give the boy the telescope for the Prism
Go to the temple and turn into a jellyfish to enter
Go and place the prism on top of the tower in the right room and click the switch to open the door
Go north and place the eye in the tower – note symbols on the left wall
Go back and click the switch to lower the tower and look in the mirror
See 3 more symbols
Go back north and enter the symbols into the puzzle on the wall (the three from the wall go first and the three from the mirror view go second)
Make your way through the deadly passage
Open the tomb for the Head
Go south and use the fetch to drop the statue
Leave through the hole you made
Use the conch shell to summon the sea monster

Evil Castle
Defeat the 2 swordsmen
Go right and upstairs to the right bedroom
Free the bird and he will take jade statues to the fool’s altar for you
Go into the other bedroom and take the Potted plant
Go downstairs and left to the gears room
Use bloom on the plant to stop the gears and end the fire
Search around the castle to find the hint for the door code (I can’t remember where, but I think it was next to a storage room across the fire)
Open the silver doors
Beat the wizard

Friendly bit of advice #1--Save early and often. If you come to a new scene, save then. You can restore later.

Friendly bit of advice #2--Remember those Bells of Soaring (one at the beach, one at the Dwarves City, one at the Tower and one at Zat are your friends. Use them often.

Dear Peter Lemiszki, a good online game does NOT take 5 days to finish. You should cut out 1/2 the mazes, and ease up on the sword fighting. Otherwise, cool game. Sincererly, Purp.