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old biker
11-14-2011, 13:40:25
Scappa Dalla Cantina - Basement Escape aka Escape From the Cellar is another point and click room escape game created by Italian developer Tony Stani. In this game, you are locked in a dark basement full of junk. Find ways to get out and ... attentive to the spider!

Good luck

Play here (http://escapegame.xoom.it/escapegame/scappadallacantina.htm)

old biker
11-14-2011, 14:06:04
pixel hunt ....

11-14-2011, 21:47:44
Most definitely... only managed to get the light turned on. :(

11-17-2011, 16:02:00
a hook at the right of the safe and a glass on top of shelf

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toy in top-right shelf