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old biker
11-29-2011, 18:03:40
The Great Automate - Chapter 2 is another point and click type adventure game developed by Paweł Drozdowski. The Great Automate - Chapter 2 is a 2nd part of point and click adventure game based on The Great Automate Story. This time you will explore ancient tomb complex.

Good luck

Play (http://thegreatautomate.com/games/tga2.php)

old biker
11-29-2011, 18:37:40
major bug after making the puzzle in the tombe ,i can back up :wht:

12-01-2011, 05:49:23
checkers? 3 buttons?
found a storage room. also number written on a wall. Eyelids heavy .. maybe back tomorrow to see what else I can do with this.

It did save my game but after a bit the picture covered my items and I couldn't get to them. Also can only click on one place to get a reaction - can't leave the area.
restarted: in, found prof, got coin, pick axe and empty bottle after giving him map. off to to break urns (coins & one gem). used gem in hole, through new door, number clue, skull and coins. did puzzle
note checkers ?game - found coin but that was all - push 3 squares, take item to prof to find something happened there. give him skull and get a handle. Used handle in a hole in a large tank through new passage - noted a flooded room and another room with 4 urns with powder in them
Playing from gamershood you can zoom but not from link on this page. there were things I could see on the wall in the flooded room with zooming in that I can't with this link. Think we should find some oil for lamps some place.
Time to stretch out.

Staff broke while trying to use it some place. Need to restart? Not played one of these games before so not sure about that. My knife also broke while trying to use it some place. Looked for walkthrough - evidently using handle and staff at the same time works. Which means I start all over... Nope - just click on the little circle and do the puzzle.
Struggling with puzzle in what was flooded room. ARGH! Got it!
there are 14 coins and 16 vases to be smashed. I missed a coin and 3 vases.
to be continued ..
So out of chapter 2.