View Full Version : Ocean Around Me - Week One

old biker
12-04-2011, 11:02:41
The Ocean Around Me - Week One is another new point and click adventure game developed by Moshdef. Explore a lonely dessert island and your own subconscious as you fight to survive and descent into madness.

Good luck

Play here (http://www.kongregate.com/games/Moshdef/the-ocean-around-me-week-one)

old biker
12-04-2011, 12:43:18
to be continued :wht:

12-06-2011, 16:48:29
Oooookay!! :D

01-11-2012, 04:02:41
I get up to the coconut game, and my guy goes right off the screen never to be seen again. :wht::shy: