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12-24-2011, 17:05:02
Pigsaw has kidnapped Obama's family to force him to play his twisted game on Christmas.

Play Here (http://www.inkagames.com/flash_games/obama_pigsaw_gift.html)

12-26-2011, 09:11:26
So far I have a teleporter (started the game with it),candy cane (found in Jack Skellington scene) , ladder, and shrinking pill (both found in the kids in the bathtub scene), broom, and flask with pink fluid (found in Jack scene),(found in Halloween Town). Pulled the right skeleton (left side, third in, with horns) and turns on fountain).
Use pink flask on candy for somniferus candy, and use candy on chimney at Macauly house. Gremilin near fireplace will eat it and fall asleep. Go to far front window and turn on fan for getting rid of second gremlin, and the third one will hide between door and near window. Hit him with broom and get dynamite, water gun and blowpipe from Macauly Caulkin. Grab the trampoline from Macaulay's house (it's the round table looking thing) and go back to Halloween Town.

Go back to Halloween Town and use the dynamite near the kids in the tub, then use the lit candle on the dynamite. Scare the kids and see a small door with a padlock. Go to the scene with Jack and put the trampoline down. Use it to get the key from the clock in City Hall. Use the key to open small padlocked door and grab dog. Give dog to Jack and take floating stone. Also, fill the water gun with the acid from the fountain.

Teleport to Rainbow Forest and use the floating stone to get across to the other side. Use shrinking pill and blowpipe on goblin (wait until his mouth is open and use it then). After he is chased off, grab pot of gold and round stone. Teleport to North Pole and give to Santa's Reindeer.

After you show sense to Santa's reindeer, go forward and squirt the snowman with the green acid. Go forward, and put the ladder against the tree. Climb tree and go across branch. Use floating stone from Jack, and round stone from Rainbow Forest. Push across and use on the Grinch. The cat will hiss, but realize his master won't respond, and will flee. Grab hat off of melted snowman. Give Santa presents and reindeer, and head for home. Merry Christmas!!

12-26-2011, 20:45:38
I want to play, but I can't stand looking at the guy

12-28-2011, 08:44:32
I want to play, but I can't stand looking at the guyWhich one? Pigsaw, Obama, or Santa?