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old biker
12-24-2011, 21:55:16
The Wok is another very good point and click adventure game. In this game, you have to help our hero to find his way by using your point and click adventure solving skills. Can you help our hero and complete the game?

Good luck

play (http://www.gamershood.com/18674/point-and-click/the-wok)

12-25-2011, 03:33:48
Oh, this was *wonderful* -- funny story line, just puzzling enough to be challenging, and great music. *Thank* you for posting it!

12-25-2011, 08:21:29
very cute one.....:cattail:

12-25-2011, 21:14:45
spider is being very mean. took me a few tries.
and now the bridge is driving me batty.
and now arrows - did 2 of the right ones. tried the rest for 3rd place . so, now I'm thinking. needed to click elsewhere
At last after many deaths ...
"the end"

01-15-2012, 21:10:46
died many times....but i love it....:haha: