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Chapter 1
It was a sunny day on GamersHood Planet and all of the loonies were at their annual picnic. Everyone was having a good time when suddenly they heard a scream. It was OneBun who had made the ridicoulosly loud noice and now she came bouncing towards the other loonies. For some strange reason she was not pink as she usually was. No, she was all blue! «You guys,» she said with an even squeakier voice than usual «Somebunny stole my delightful pinkness» Everyone was shocked and babling wildly. OneBun had gone blue! How could that have happened? And most important: Who had done it? Everyone was going crazy, but suddenly Mistery climbed up on top of one of the picnic tables and made a weird, Alienish wistle that made everybunny quiet. «Thankyou,» she said wile having everyone's eyes on her «Let's not go all wild, but try to find out what happened!» The crowd mumbled in agreement «First I think we should hear what OneBun has to say!» OneBun slowly came up trying to cover herself with a bundle of carrots. «Uhm,» she said while slowly drawing the carrots away from her face. «Well, I was just taking a bounce in the woods when I suddenly saw the most beautiful flower. It was orange, and smelled like a carrot of the best, so I had to go there and smell it. But wile smelling it I heard a weird sound from behind and when I turned around to see were it came from, I got a look at my back and to my horror, it was blue.» This caused more mumbling, so Mistery had to wistle again. «HEY!» she yelled when they didn't come quiet at once «OneBun, can you show me that flower?» OneBun nodded and started bouncing off towards the forest again.
Finally OneBun stopped after bouncing in at least five minutes «Bubut...» she mumbled obviously vonfused «I don't understand» «What *puh* don't you *puh* understand?» Mistery said after finally catching up with OneBun. «I, I could swear it was here, but now it's gone...» «Hmm...» Mistery said trying to catch up with her breath «Where exactly was it?» OneBun jumped a few steps till she could allmost reach a big tree that had so many twigs and branches that Mistery could barely see her fluffy friend. «It was about he...» But before she could finish the sentence, she was gone.

Will be continued

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Chapter 2
Mistery kept staring at the spot where OneBun had been standing a moment ago. Then she came to her sences and went closer to the tree. Slooowly and carefully. As she approached to where OneBun stood, she saw a little bump in the ground looking like someone had just put some extra grass on top of a hole or something. She quickly called the other loonies to come and help her, since she didn't think she could save OneBun alone. The loonies came running in an impressing speed, but Darknight tripped and since he was in the lead, everyone tripped over him again and all the loonies ended up in an enormeous Loony Pile. Darky seamed to be rather squished, so Mistery decided to wait a while before asking for help.
After some time, everybunny finally managed to get up and Mistery gathered them to tell them what had happened. «But why didn't she notice it?» Miss Holland asked. «Isn't she like one of the smarter loonies?» «Well, yes,» Mistery said «But you must remember she was very upset and vonfused about suddenly being blue, so when you think it over it isn't really all that weird that she didn't notice it» Everybunny seamed to agree with this. «But what should we do, then?» said a voice from the croud « We can't just stand here all day, can we? I say we should all jump into that hole and rescue OneBun» Some people started to wisper like that was a good idea, while other people shook their heads and looked like they were NOT gonna jump in that hole just like that. « Ok, ok,» Mistery said. «I can see your point, but on the other hand: It won't help OneBun a bit if we go down there now and get captured the moment we set foot down there. ThemePark. Can you come up here, please? I need you to figure out the odds of what will happen if we go down there now.» The robot did as his dear mother told him to and got to work.

In the meantime OneBun had fainted, but now she was starting to come to her senses. She opened her eyes, but she still couldn't see a thing. «Were am I,» she thought fighting not to panic «And where is Mistery? I could swear I was just going to show her the flower...» She was lying on something soft. It was quite good to lie on, but the thing was; it was moving.

Will be continued

12-07-2006, 12:04:34
Chapter 3
Everybunny was waiting patiently while Theme tried to calculate. After a while he was finished and spoke to the croud: «Everyone! After my logistics it would be dangerous to just jump in there and there's a 63% chance that we get caught before even finding OneBun.» «So what do you suggest we do, then?» Lilli yelled. «We can't just stand her and let those meanies get away with it!» «I agree with that,» said Escape « We have to save her!» All of the loonies seamed to agree with this. «Ok,» Mistery said. «But we shouldn't all go down there at once. I suggest just a small group of loonies go down there now, so that we have a backup plan. Theme, you stay here with the rest of the loonies!» Theme sighed «Yes, mom...» «Now, I'm gonna take with me Escape, Darknight, Becky, Zox, Lilli and Lili.» «Eyh,» said Zox. «I ain't going nowhere without Crazy!» Mistery looked at Zox' crazy girlfirend, Crazy. She didn't seam to be paying attension at all, but on the other hand, she was a SuperSquirrel if she wanted to so maybe taking her wasn't such a bad idea after all... «Ok, Crazy can come if, and only IF, she behaves!» «Yes, yes, I promise,» Zox said happily. The loonies Mistery had called on gathered and slowly moved towards the hole. One by one they went down in the dark, misterious path leading downwards. The lillies were trying to blossom, but they found that very hard since there was no sunlight down there, so they gave up. Mistery was going first with an alien device that looked like a flashlight, but gave no light at all. Escape was all the way in the back trying to stay close to Darknight, since she was so frightened. She didn't at all like being underground... She was trying to walk carefully, but suddenly her legs slipped in the muddy ground and she started to slide down hitting Darknight, who hit Lilli, who hit Lili, who hit Zox, who hit Crazy, who hit Becky, who finally hit Mistery... All of them were now sliding down in an enormeous speed. Crazy was screaming so badly Zox had to kiss her to make her shut up. After a long wile sliding, they suddenly hit a bump and stopped. They were at the bottom of the tunnel now and in a large room that was lightened up by a bunch of candles. «Awww,» said Crazy «How romantic...» Everybunny looked at her like she was crazy, and ofcourse she was...

Meanwile all the other loonies were quite bored. Some were playing games or just sitting by a tree while Theme was trying to figure out a backup plan. «Are we just gonna sit here all day?» Doglover said impatient. « According to my...» Theme started «Oh, go to Worm Island with your logic!» Doglover said with a raised voice. She turned her back on him and walked away. Miss Holland was waliking around crearly looking for something. «Has anybunny seen Adventure?» she said «I haven't seen her in a while» At that moment Adventure came out of the forest «Hi, guys I was just... What's wrong?» she said when noticing that all the loonies were looking at her. «Adventure, what...» Miss Holland started before Adventure took a look at herself and screamed. Instead of her normal red colour, she was now a pale blue.

Will be continued

12-07-2006, 18:54:37
Chapter 4
All the loonies stared at Adventure. Sure, she looked awfully pretty in that colour, but...it was still a huge problem. ?Adventure!? Theme said ?How did this happen?? ?I, I don't know... I was just taking a walk. I didn't even notice it till now.? Adventure tried to think for a while. She gasped. ?It must have happened when I landed on that orange flower that smelled of carrot.? ?Wait a minute,? said Theme ?Did you say orange flower? Mom was talking about an orange flower. That's what caused OneBun to be blue too!? The other loonies started to mumble after this. ?Whoever did this must know that we loonies love carrots? said Miss Holland. ?Noone else must smell that flower, or else... we'll all get blue, one by one!

The searching party was still down in the big room, trying to figure out what to do next. Mistery took the lead as usual: ?Ok, is anybunny hurt?? Noone answered ?Good. Now we just have to figure out what to do next.? ?I suggest we take a break,? said Crazy ?I'm tired *yaaaawn*? The rest of the group looked at her like she was insane. ?What? I'm not the alien, Mistery is.? ?Sweetie,? said Zox ?It's just that we don't really have time to take a break now. We have to go find OneBun.? Crazy looked disapointed, but got up and started walking ?Well, what are we waiting for, then?? Everybunny looked at her with big eyes and hurried to get up too.

OneBun was still a little dizzy and trying to figure out what had happened wasn't easy. She tried to concentrate while chewing on her last carrot. ?Come on, OneBun... REMEMBER!? she said to herself, but the only thing she could remember was falling and then darkness... The soft blanket, or whatever she was lying on, was still moving under her. She had gotten used to it by now. It was quite comfortable just lying there, getting moved by something that seamed like waves. She was still trying to figure out where the slurp she could be when she suddenly stopped moving.

Will be continued

12-07-2006, 22:06:43
Chapter 5
The loonies now thought that it was time to do something. Theme was once again trying to come up with a backup plan, now with help of the blue Adventure. «Let's see now,» he mumbled «If they went down there and the tunnel is about two miles.They should be about...» He wandered around a bit «HERE!» Adventure came running with a blue spraycan and made a cross where Theme had pointed. «But why do you wanna know were they are anyway?» she said. «Because then Hyper can dig a tunnel down there and we can check if they're allright» «But why not just use the old one?» Theme blushed. He hadn't really thought about that, how smart he ever was. «Uhm, yeh, sure...» he said, obviously shamefull. «Let's do that, then!» He tied a rope to a tree nearby so that they would be able to get up again if they weren't needed. «But who's going down? I mean, should we all go? What if something happens and we don't have extra backup?» said Miss Holland clearly worried «Hey, I'M Backup, remember? There will be NO backup without me!» said Theme a bit iritated. «Ok,» said Hyper «So we all go, but then what?» «What do you mean «what»? What is there to do? We gotta find the others, ofcourse» said Murph. All of the loonies got on their feet and one by one they went through the tunnel. First went Miss Holland who slid down with a great «Wiiiiii» while Doglover was «pffffft'ing» at her. After Miss Holland had done that, Theme meant that they all should do it since they would catch up with the other loonies in no time then.

The small loony groop had been walking for quite a long time and Lilli was starting to complain about how much her feet hurt when they suddenly came to a road fork. Wich direction should they take? Lilli now wanted to use her Eenie meenie miney mo, while Crazy was consistant to go to the right side. Mistery decided that they should split up. «Ok, so we have to devide into two groups: Crazy, Zox, Becky and Escape, you can take the right one and then Lili, Lilli, Darknight and I will take the left one.» Everybunny seemed to be happy with this solution and decided to meet back here if they met a dead end or found OneBun.

Onebun was still trying to figure out why she had stopped, when suddenly she felt like someone was lifting her up. Then a bright light got switched on in front of her face so she couldn't see a thing. OneBun knew this was not a good time to panic, but she couldn't help it. She began to squeak and squirl so much that the person who held her had to strap her real tight to a chair. Unfortunately she kept on squeaking, so he gave her a shot that took her out within five sec's.

Will be continued

12-09-2006, 16:36:34
Chapter 6
«Lalalala, I love life,» Crazy was singing while dancing ahead on the way. Zox was trying to keep up with her, since she was holding his hand in a firm grip. He didn't really like to be dragged away in this speed, but what could he do? Becky and Escape were a little further to the back. Becky was helplessly trying to comfort Escape who was crying her eyes out because she wasn't on the same group as Darknight. Suddenly Crazy stopped singing. «What's wrong, Crazy?» asked Zox, but she just layed a hand over his mouth to keep him quiet. Becky came running towards them to see what the problem could be. «Listen carefully,» Crazy wispered. Now they could all hear squeaks in the distant. «It's gotta be OneBun!» said Escape while trying to wipe the tears off of her face. «Should we go get the others?» Becky shook her head «There might not be enough time and besides, they'll come after us when they are unable to find OneBun, so there's really no point.» The rest of the group agreed and they kept on walking (even Crazy managed this) in absolute silence...

The loonies lead by Mistery were still walking in the other tunnel, unaware of what the others had found out. It seemed like they had walked forever and the Lillies were now leaning on eachother because of their soar feet. Suddenly the tunnel started to seem brighter and they could now see without using flashlights. It got brighter and brighter till suddenly...«It's the sun!» Lilli and Lili yelled running towards an opening where all the light had come from. The lillies were dancing in the sun finally blossoming again while Mistery and Darknight were discussing what to do next. Should they go back to see if the others had found anything, or stay here and rest for a bit? In the end they decided to go now just in case the other group needed any help. Lilli and Lili were still dancing and blossoming wildly in the grass screaming and singing. Mistery and Darky looked at eachother and decided to leave them here to pick up later. And then they turned and went back into the darkness.

OneBun had in the meantime awoken and was to her horror in a cage. A boul of water and a bunch of not too fresh carrots lay in a corner. Outside of the cage OneBun could see a weird silhuet. It was long and skinny an not in any way human (but then again, she was used to that). But what was that? She could hear something from afar... Something she'd heard before. Yes, it was Crazy singing. This gave her new hope and she started to squeak so that they'd know where she was. When she started squeaking, the silhuet stopped moving and then came closer. Closer and closer, clearer and clearer. When it was right besides her cage, she could see what it was. And this sight was so breathtaking that she immediately stopped squeaking...

Will be continued

12-10-2006, 12:44:21
Chapter 7
The four loonies were silently getting closer and closer to where the sound had come from. They could now see a warm light, like from a torch, shining at the end of the tunnel. OneBun had long gone stopped squeaking, so they were now more worried than ever before. Squeaking was a bad sign, but at least they then knew she was alive. The tunnel was quite bright now, and they could see it widing out further ahead. «Guys,» said Becky «This is the final point! From here on there might be danger, so if anybunny wants to quit and go back, they better do it now!» Though she could see the fear in the loonies' eyes, they all looked determinded to rescue OneBun. «Ok,» said Escape «I suggest we count to three and then quicky run in!» They all nodded at this «One, two...» But she didn't get any further, 'cos Crazy had allready gone and now she was at a corner peeping at whatever was there. She waved at the others and they slowly aproached. From where they stood they could see OneBun asleep in a small cage. Crazy was afraid she was dead, but then saw her mooving in her sleep. Suddenly someone came towards them and then they stood face to face with...

Theme and the other loonies had now all come down the slide and were ready to move on. Adventure was complaining how she wasn't even blue anymore, but all brown and muddy. Hyper was sitting on Theme's head since noone had agreed to carry him in a pot. He was quite cranky about this and from time to time he would mumble: «SUCH an unlucky fox,» wich was clearly just to iritate Theme. «Hrmpf, we should try to get going» said Sir Theme while shaking his head trying to get Hyper off. «Yeah,» said Miss Holland «We can't just stay here all day, then we'll never catch up with the others!» Everyone agreed and started walking.

Mistery and Darknight were having a quite nice conversation about Alienish and Batish culture as they were walking back. «So,» said Darky «It really IS normal to eat cats where you come from?» «Yes, indeed. I can't really see why this isn't normal among humans.» «I guess they prefer them as pets,» said Darknight. The way back didn't really seem as long as the way there, and before they felt they had even began walking, they were allready at the fork road again. «So now we should go ri...» Mistery started, but Darky put a hand over her mouth and said: «I can hear something! Someone's talking.» And now Mistery could hear it too «Ouch, sis! Stop stepping on my tail all the time!» It was Doglover's voice «Sorry, I didn't mean to,» said another voice they soon recognized as Miss Holland's. The two loonies looked relieved at eachother. Then they could see Sir Theme and the other loonies coming around the corner. «Hey,» said Theme in a surprised manner «Why are you here and where are the others?» Mistery and Darknight started to explain for the chaos of loonies who now were down in the small fork road. «...So we assume we should take the right side now and see if they need any help.» They all agreed and continued walking.

Will be ended :wink:

12-10-2006, 23:15:03
Chapter 8
The loonies, now joined by Mistery and Darknight, continued walking till they came to the same place where the other loonies had stopped. They could hear voices now. Someone with a hoarse voice that they didn't know was talking: ?Interesssssting, very interesssssting.? This made them worried sick. ?Mma,ma,maybe we should just go back...? said Adventure, who allready felt interesting enough. ?Oh, don't be such a coward!? said Doglover. ?We need to save them.? She walked closer to the corner an looked around it. Everybunny stared at her, and to their surprise she turned towards them and smiled. ?Come on,? she said and waved at them. Then she disappeared around the corner.

Mistery and Darknight looked questioning at eachother. Then they started going towards the corner aswell. What they saw around the corner shocked them. They saw a bunny, a squirrel, a phoenix, a wolf, a cat and a serpant, soon to be joined by a dog, sitting at a table having tea and cookies. The serpant looked at his new visitors, smiled and said: ?Even more guestsssssss! This musssst be my lucky day.? Everybunny looked at the snake in shock, till Becky asked them if they ould like some tea. Then Adventure awoken from the trance and asked: ?Who are you and what have you done with my delightful red colour?? ?Sssssorry, I forgot to introduce myssself; I'm Big Sssscary Sssserpant. And I allssso have to appologize about your colour. I was exssssperimenting with a sssserum to make people happy, but it failed and made people blue insssssstead.? Adventure looked even more vonfused after this ?But... you can make me red again, right?? The serpant sighed and said: ?I'm not sure... That'sss why I brought the bunny down here ssso that I could find a cure.? The group mumbeled a bit, then Mistery said: ?Maybe the GH virus could help?? OneBun blushed. Why hadn't she come up with that idea. The GH virus made people ROFL and everybunny knew that people who were blue never ROFL. She quickly found one of the shots that lay on the table behind her. This she stuck into Zox' arm (?Ouch, what did ya do that for??) drew some blood and gave half of it to herself and half of it to Adventure. ?Now, let's see if it works, shall we?? she said. ?I sssssure hope sssso,? said Big Scary Serpant. Adventure and OneBun started to shiver all over then their collor changed. They were green, no yellow, no orange, no, purple, and finally: Their normal pink and red. OneBun was so happy she quickly ?borrowed? a notepad from Serpant and wrote down everything that had happened. ?Now,? said Theme. ?Let's get back to our picnic!? There was an extremely loud cheer from the croud and then they all started walking.

Later on the Picnic they were all having a good time. Eating, laughing and telling eachother stories from ?Real life? Big Scary Serpant had joined them for the picnic and was now playing hide and seek pretending to be a root. Suddenly Mistery remembered something: ? Hey, were are the lillies??

The lillies? Oh they were just fine. Blossoming with the rest of the sunlight while lying on the ground. Having a just as good time as all the others.

The End