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12-07-2006, 23:13:54
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On an early wonderful sunny morning Mystery was sleeping in her room at GamersHood Hotel, when suddenly the phone rang. She opened her eyes, tried to grab the phone, but pushed it accidently on the floor. She was too tired to see well, but finally managed to answer: "Yeeees?". A whispering voice replied: "Mystery, it's me, Darknight. Sorry to wake you up, but... We got a problem here." The alien got very alerted, since her Perfect Friend's voice was so strange: "What problem?", she asked, but the voice just said: "I can't tell about it by phone, you have to come to me, you know where I am, right?" "Yes, you are in the..." "Ssshhhht, don't say anything. Come and knock three times the sequence for S.O.S.", and the bat hung up.
Mystery quickly took a shower, dressed in a black suit to match the secrecy in Darknights voice, and sneaked down to the door of the Secret Basement. She knocked at the door ...---... ...---... ...---..., then suddenly the door opened very slightly, a hand grabbed her, and she was pulled inside. The door was quickly closed again. The basement was dark, only some torches were burning. Mystery stared at Darknight: "Is this the appropriate welcome for your Perfect Friend?", she asked. Darknight explained: "No, usually not. But we have an emergency. I was flying around a bit as every morning before sunrise, and when I came back, an envelope was nailed to the entrance door of the hotel. I took it, came down here and read it. And... it's not good news." He took a letter out of the envelope, and handed it to the alien. Mystery read the lines, frowned, and glanced at her Perfect Friend: "Oh, that's... OMB!", she then dropped the letter on the floor, which contained the following message:

<<This is a first and last warning! Your cat friend has peeped on us at a very unfavorable moment. Do not search for her, she won't return to you. And if anybody dares to continue spying, you will have to face worse consequences! Keep out Slurp Spider Island! The Slurp Spider King.>>

----------> To be continued

12-08-2006, 01:14:25
"Do you have any plan yet?", Mystery asked, but Darknight shook his head. "No, not yet. We must save BatCat, that is clear. But I don't know yet how. I think that I will fly above Slurp Spider Island first and see if I can detect something that might help us." The alien agreed but wanted to know if they should share the bad news with the other loonies. However, Darknight was not fond of the idea to tell the others about it. "No, you know them. They are so... let's say chaotic, and this is now a really serious case. If they knew about it, we would have a mess, and I'm afraid that BatCat's life would be in danger even more. If... she.... is still... alive.", the bat wiped his eyes, but braced himself. The alien asked: "Okay, you will do first a general operation from above. And then? What can I do?", and Darknight answered: "We will see. You can help me to make a logical plan as soon as we know more. And maybe some of your devices can be useful to save her." Having said that, Darknight left Mystery in the Secret Basement, left the hotel, and lifted up to the air.

Slurp Spider Island was some distance away, but the hero was driven by anxiety, and so he arrived to the island within a short while. He looked down, and saw a fortress in the middle of the island on a hill, covered with a thick spider web. On the eastern part, the ground looked red, while on the southern part some very strange objects stood side by side. The western part was covered by a big forest, and the northern area seemed to be the commercial center, and also the harbor was to see there. The fortress looked quiet, but Darknight didn't dare to get too close to the island, and so he wasn't able to see details. He took some pictures from above, and decided to fly back to GamersHood Planet.

Meanwhile Mystery got very hungry, and entered the bar, where Doglover, Adventure, Lilliputt, lili, and Themepark were already eating breakfast according to their individual taste. Doglover enjoyed fried chicken, Adventure ate a nectar soup, Lilliputt of course was having some carrots, lili - in her strange habit for flowers - ate cinammon rolls, and Sir Theme was enjoying rice pudding with some drops of oil. Suddenly everybunny stared at Mystery, who was looking very strange in that black suit. Usually the alien preferred more joyful colors. Mystery joined the group and ordered, like many times since she had stopped eating cats, scrambled eggs with toast, and a huge cup of coffee with much cat hair. Then she looked around, and greeted her kids and friends. She tried to look happy while she felt very worried about BatCat. Her breakfast arrived, but when she saw the cat hair on top of her coffee, she almost started to cry. She quickly stood up and ran up to her room.

---------------> To be continued

12-08-2006, 02:32:53
The small group at the bar was very vonfused. Mystery had never been seen in a black suit, and it was not her habit to run away before even starting her breakfast. What was going on, they asked themselves. Since they didn't understand this behavior at all, they decided to go up to Mystery's room, and see if she was okay. They took the elevator, and soon they were knocking at the door of the aliens room.
Mystery froze when she realised that the others had followed her, and had to think about a plan, since she was not in the state to meet them at that moment. She quickly beamed down one of her clones, and checked if it had not yet updated itself with the bad news. Fortunately its memory didn't contain the latest developments, so Mystery took off her black suit and told the clone to put it on. She quickly dressed in her pyjama, and hid in a closet.
Outside, the group was yelling already: "Myyyyysteryyyy, ooooopen the dooooor!!!" The clone opened the door and asked: "Sorry, I had to answer a message from my hubby. How can I help you?" Just at that moment, Slimy Jim rushed into the room and seemed to be very alerted: "Stay away from Mystery!!! Grandma, what's wrong? Why is everybody trying to break your door?", and pulled out his handgun. The group immediately lay down on the floor to avoid the gun, but Sir Theme looked at his son very vonfused. "Dear son, how often have I told you that a gun is not a toy? Don't swing it around when you are among your friends." Slimy Jim blushed and put the gun back. The clone turned to Slimy Jim and explained: "They had been knocking at my door, but since I was answering a message from grandpa, I wasn't able to open the door immediately. And our friends were thinking that I didn't hear them. Don't worry, everything is all right."
Doglover, Adventure, Lilliputt and lili were still in a shock, but managed to get up very slowly. They had still troubles breathing, and so Sir Theme got an air tank and oxygen masks for the four loonies. As soon as everybunny seemed to be okay, the clone asked again: "So, how can I help you?" Doglover immediately pointed the important question to the clone: "Mystery, why are you wearing a black suit?", and the clone answered: "Oh, yes. Well, Darknight is teaching me some batish culture, and he promised me to show me how to hide in the shadow. But he told me that I had to wear something dark for this occasion. So I went to the shop here, and bought the suit. And I was just trying it on.", and the clone smiled. But Doglover was not content with the answer: "But trying it on, or walking around in it, are different things. Why did you come to the bar in that suit? Spilling coffee on a new suit... Pffffft!!!" And Lilliputt asked: "And why have you run away just when your breakfast arrived?" The clone had to think about an answer, since it had no knowledge about the things that had happened before it was beamed down. "Well, I tried it on, then got very hungry, and I wanted to see if it still fitted after an enormous meal. But then I was notified that an important message arrived." The loonies found this a rather strange argumentation, but they were already used to such alienish explanations.
At this moment, Darknight rushed into the room, and whispered to the clone: "Mystery, I got some information.", and pulled it out of the room. The loonies wanted to follow them, but the hero told them, that it was just some information about batish culture for Mystery. Adventure decided to make herself fresh, the lillies were up to go outside to enjoy the sun and blossom together, Doglover planned to look for her sister, and Sir Theme wanted to talk with his son about this embarrassing incident once more.
Mystery - still in the closet - had heard everything that had happened. And she froze at the thought that it was her clone who was on its way to the Secret Basement with Darknight.

----------->To be continued

12-08-2006, 14:41:00
Mystery had to find a way to take the clone's place. She thought about a plan, and contacted Lilliputt, who was still blossoming with lili in the garden next to the hotel.
"Yes?", asked Lilliputt.
"Hi Lilli, I need your help.", the alien replied.
"What? Da alien needs the help of the illogical Carrot Islander? How strange, hahaha."
"Lilli, there is no time for such childish behavior. I'm in Darknights room, and he has just gone to the restroom, so he can be back in any moment. Okay, listen. We have been talking about batish culture. He told me that in his culture, it is common to stare at the wall on Mondays. But he also said that he found it very boring. Well, it's Monday, and he seemed to be very frustrated. And so I had the idea of beaming down some heroish pictures of him, and decorate the wall. I try to make the ritual of staring at the wall on Mondays a little more enjoyable for him. But I need somebunny who can get him out of here, and keep him busy for 5 minutes. Can you please do me this favor?", Mystery explained.
Lilliputt thought about it for a moment and then she answered: "Ah, a surprise for our hero? Of course, no problem. Don't worry, I'll keep him busy." The Carrot Islander then called Darknight. The hero just arrived in his Secret Basement, and picked up the phone. "Hi dear hero, can you come to the bar, please?", Lilliputt asked. But an impatient voice answered: "Lilli, this is not the right moment." "I know.", Lilliputt answered, "I can wait two minutes, no problem. Take your time, dear hero. But I need your advice, it is very urgent. I'll wait in the bar, see you in two minutes.", and she hung up.
Darknight didn't want to be impolite, so he decided to go quickly to the bar, give Lilliputt the advice that she needed, and to return to his batcave in a short while. So he entered the bar, where the Carrot Islander was waiting, and sat down.
"How can I help you?", he asked.
"Well, you know, my daughters have been behaving like cat and dog towards each other lately. Maybe you could talk to Escape, and ask her to be more lenient towards her sister. I mean she is the older one, so she should be more tolerant.", Lilliputt explained.
"Oh, sure, I will talk to Escape as soon as possible.", Darknight tried to speak in his usual voice, and give the impression of being unconcerned. But it was not easy for him to look into Lilliputts eyes when he pronounced the cats name.

Meanwhile, Mystery entered the Secret Basement, changed clothes, and tried to beam up the clone. Unfortunately the cave was shielded, and her device didn't work. She decided to send the clone into her room, and the clone ran upstairs.
Darknight returned to his room after a short while, and Mystery smiled at him: "What were we talking about?"

--------------------> To be continued

12-08-2006, 21:12:50
Doglover was standing in front of Mystery's room, when the clone arrived in pyjamas. The dog stared at it and exclaimed: "Have you gone completely crazy today?!? First you walk around in a black suit, and now made it even worse with your pyjama. What is wrong with you? Pyjamas at almost noon, pfffffffft!"
The clone was so shocked that its short term memory was deleted within a few seconds. It forgot about the words of Mystery to go into her room, and not to open the door. It smiled at Doglover and asked: "Would you like to eat lunch with me? I'll quickly change my suit, and then we could go down to the bar.", and the dog agreed.

Darknight showed the pictures of Slurp Spider Island to Mystery, and reported her what he had observed. "Unfortunately I couldn't go too near, and so I wasn't able to see the details. But I think that BatCat could be somewhere in the fortress.", he explained, and Mystery nodded: "Yes, this is very probable. Hmmm... we could fly with my spaceship to the island and beam down to the fortress. But, unfortunately we have no idea how it looks inside. I'm not sure if we can handle this problem alone. I would suggest to inform the other loonies about the situation, and discuss with them possible plans."
"No! No way! They will only cause troubles! You know them!", Darknight yelled, but Mystery made a strange grimace and replied: "Dear Perfect Friend. Remember when you tried to help us, and came back with a barrel, and then fell into the river? We had to save you. Don't tell me that you don't cause trouble sometimes.", and the hero blushed, and looked at the floor. The alien asked: "Do you agree to gather together here, and discuss the problem?", but Darknight still wasn't happy about this idea. So Mystery told him to think it over, and call her again when he had made a decision. She went up to her room, and changed clothes. She felt hungry, so she decided to go to the bar and eat lunch there. But first she wanted to meditate for a short while to be able to meet her friends without making the impression of being nervous. When she felt strong enough to face the loonies at the bar, she walked down the stairs. Suddenly she stopped, turned around, and ran back to her room. "OMB, where is my clone?!?", she thought. She looked everywhere in the room, but wasn't able to find it. She asked her hubby if he had beamed it up, but the answer was no. The alien felt that she needed a Tmani Juice.

Darknight sighed, and was unable to make a decision. He knew that all his friends were ready to put their lives in danger to save BatCat. He also knew, that the group had made a very good job in many dangerous situations so far. However, he also remembered how much chaos the loonies could cause, when they were on a mission. He was very worried about BatCat, and he wanted to do the best. He finally decided to visit Lilliputt and Mystery first. And he also needed a drink. He left the bat cave and entered the bar. He ordered a carrot whiskey, looked around, and saw Mystery and Lilliputt. He observed that Mystery was discussing about bikes with Doglover, and Lilliputt was talking with Becky, OneBun, and Murph. He quickly emptied his glass, and said to the group: "Hi my friends. I have to talk with Lilliputt and Mystery for a short while. We could go over to the library.", and he walked out of the bar, followed by the two loonies.

--------------------> To be continued

12-09-2006, 19:55:02
When Mystery entered the bar, her friends stared at her with eyes open wide. Murph asked: "How did you do that?!?" Mystery ran some data to figure out what this question might be pointed to, and came to the result, that the most probable explanation would be, that her clone had been here just before her. So she replied: "Ah, you mean the change of clothes? Well, that's just a matter of beaming. Nothing special." The tiger seemed to be amazed and wanted to know: "Oh, then you have shown this trick to Darknight and Lilli?", and Mystery nodded, and thought to herself: <<Okay, it seems that Darknight has been here, and went away with Lilli and my clone. All I have to figure out now is where they are. But first I need something to eat and a Tmani Juice. However, I can't risk that they come back, and I'm still here>> "Can I have some popcorn and a Tmani Juice, please?", she turned to Ana and then continued: "Well, I need to go back again, you know where you can find me if you need me.", and the group nodded. "Just to make sure that your memory is working fine: Where can you find me?", Mystery asked, and felt very intelligent. Doglover said with a bright smile: "At the library!", and the alien replied: "Very good, Doglover, you have an excellent memory." The dog felt very proud of herself, and smiled at her friends. Mystery took her popcorn and her Tmani Juice, and went up to her room, while quickly eating some popcorn.
When she arrived in her room, she contacted her hubby and asked him to beam up the clone, and gave the coordinates of the library for a better localization. After he confirmed that the clone had arrived on the spaceship, she walked down into the library and entered. Lilliputt and Darknight stared at her, but Mystery told them what she had prepared to say: "I'm sorry, we had an emergency on the ship. Hyper sat on the head of one of the clones, and it got very scared and started to run around in circles. Hyper becames also very scared and started to yell and scream. By this, the clone was so shocked that it ran even faster and started to shake its head. Things have escalated, and so hubby beamed me up to help him to stop this madness. I'm really sorry. But don't worry, Everything is under control now. I just had to change clothes due to the incident."
Darknight smiled at the alien and explained: "Well, as I told you before, I needed some information about both decision taking processes, the Eenie Meenie one, and the probability analysis one. While you have been away, Lilliputt explained me her way, and now I would like to know more about probability calculation." Lilliputt suddenly felt the urge to leave the library, since she had no nerves to listen to all the computer gibberish that would follow now. So she apologized, and told that she had some very important work thingy to do. She hugged the hero and the alien, and felt very relieved when she left the library, and went back to the bar.

--------------------> To be continued

12-09-2006, 21:12:22
Mystery, usually known as logical and calm with the exception of some tomato throwing issues, got very impatient, and said to the hero: "Dear Perfect Friend. You have told yourself, that we have a very serious emergency. And now, instead of saving BatCat, you just waste precious time. How on GamersHood Planet did you get the idea of learning probability analysis just at this moment?", and she shook her head in disapproval. But Darknight exclaimed: "I know! And what I do, is connected to the emergency! I really want to take the best decision, and for this, I need to use the known methods. That's why I would like to learn both: Eenie Meenie, and probability calculation.", and he felt misunderstood.
Mystery explained him, that the probability that the two methods would give different results was at 80% with a very small error probability, and that using both methods would just confused him more. Darknight looked at the alien with sad eyes, and had to agree with her. He felt that there was really no time to loose, but still wasn't sure if they should share the bad news with their friends or not. Mystery saw that the bat struggled with the decision, and quickly ran some data. "Okay, if you don't feel well about telling the news to the others, I suggest the following: We try to do something first, and if we see that it won't work, we'll have the backup plan of sharing the information with our friends, and let them help us. How about this?" Darknight agreed, and suggested to Mystery to fly to Slurp Spider Island, and to beam him down into the fortress as a scout. Then he would give a signal to her to beam him up, and they would make an exact plan." Darknight and Mystery finally found a first step that they agreed upon. They flew to the island, and Mystery beamed down Darknight. Unfortunately the thick spider web did not let the beam rays through, and so Darknight landed on it. He immediately got stuck in the web, and since he tried to free himself desperately, the web began to vibrate, and the spider solders were alerted.

Meanwhile Doglover, Lilliputt, lili, Murph, and OneBun, who were still discussing at the bar, started to worry about Escape. Doglover and Lilliputt had tried to reach her, but she didn't answer the phone, nor did she open her door. "Did you knock at it and called her?", OneBun wanted to know. Lilliputt explained that they had been calling, but not very loud, because they were afraid of another shocking incident with Slimy Jim. But everbunny agreed that they had not seen Escape the whole day, and that this was very unusual. They also remembered that some strange things had happened since the morning: Mystery in a black suit, Mystery in her pyjama, her strange explanations etc. And Lilliputt added: "Yes, and the fact that her hubby wasn't able to manage family issues, and just beamed her up from the library with no warning.", she glanced and Doglover and finished with "Pfffffffft.", which made her daughter very happy.
"But she came here, explained that she had shown a clothes changing beaming trick to you and Darknight, ordered popcorn and her alienish juice, and then said that she would go back to the library." lili explained, and suddenly felt dizzy, although she was sure that she had not have any drinks yet. Murph stood up, looked around and said what the most loonies were thinking: "I smell that there is something wrong. We have to find out what is going on here."

---------------------> To be continued

12-09-2006, 23:13:10
The group at the bar agreed to call all the members of the Looney Bin together, and decide what to do. Finally they managed to reach everybunny except Escape, Darknight and Mystery. They decided that they would start without them, but left for every of them a message about the meeting. Now that they had gathered together, they had to choose somebunny who would inform the others. Murph and Lilliputt had some argument about this, but finally it was the tiger who was allowed to speak first:
"Dear members of the Looney Bin. Since this morning we have observed many strange things that were going on. And the fact that Escape has not been seen yet today, makes us feel worried. Darknight and Mystery have behaved very weird in many aspects, and I would like to tell you a bit more about these things, before we can discuss what to do. ......"

Darknight suddenly became aware of the possible consequences of moving around too much in a spider web. He remembered that he still had a thin invisibility cloak wrapped around his belt for emergency. He managed to free one of his hands, and to grab the cloak. He needed a moment to unwrap it, and just in time before the spider soldiers arrived, he was able to cover himself. He didn't move, and concentrated very hard not to make any sound, and hoped that it wasn't too late yet.

Meanwhile Murph had finished her talk and some other loonies had given some additional information. The members of the Looney Bin were in deep thoughts, but could not really find an explanation for the things that had happened earlier that day. They only felt that there was something really wrong. Slimy Jim broke the silence: "We have to search the rooms of the missing members. We will knock at their doors, and if they don't open, we will have to break the doors. There might be some useful information or traces. Or are there any duplicate keys around for the rooms at the hotel?" The loonies shook their heads. No, there were no duplicate keys. Freakshow mentioned that the doors were probably very hard to break, and suggested to use dynamite instead. However, this idea was rejected after some agitated discussions. But everybunny had to admit that taking a look at the rooms was not a bad idea, additionally Lilliputt proposed to make a search in the library. They split up in 4 groups: One group would try to open the bat cave, one would search Escape's room, the third group went up to Mystery's room, and the last group walked to the library to see if there was anything to find.

Darknight felt that the spider web was moving very slightly, and heard the soldiers talking with eath other in slurping sounds. SLUUURP! SLRP, SLRP, SLURPPP! The voices came from very near, and the hero closed his eyes and did not dare to breathe. Finally the spiders slowly went away, and after a while the web stopped moving.
Mystery had watched the scene from above, and was hoping that everything went well and that Darknight would not be detected by the slurp spiders. After the soldiers disappeared, she tried to beam up the hero. She pointed the beaming rays on the place where the hero had been before, but it didn't work. The spider web seemed to be too sticky.

-----------------------> To be continued

12-10-2006, 01:23:50
Mystery figured the teasing comments that would be made by some loonies on the hero stuck on a spiderweb, therefore she decided not to go over to the backup plan yet. She knew that she couldn't do anything for Darknight at the moment, and directed her ship to Sky Island.

OneBun, Sir Theme, Adventure, Hyper, and BeanMan went down to the Secret Basement. Its door seemed to be very solid. Sir Theme suggested to melt a hole in it and climb through it. But Adventure was not very fond of such brutal methods, and tried to look for a tiny hole that she could fly through, and then be able to open the door from the inside. She discovered indeed a very small crack in the wall, and was able to look through it. She let the others know about her idea, and they agreed. Adventure flew around the small hole, and tried to figure out the best angle to enter the wall to be able to fly through it, because it was very small. She decided to fly to the wall in a high speed, then to close her wings to make herself thin, and to glide through the tunnel in the wall. But just before the moment that her head came out on the other side, her speed became too slow, and she got stuck. She yelled into the cave: "Heeeeeeelp, I'm stuuuuuuck!!!", but nobunny replied. In the first moment, she was full of panic, but then she imagined her body being stuck in the wall and her head sticking out of it, and she started to laugh. She laughed more and more, unfortunately there was no space left for ROFLing. OneBun started to worry that the door was still not open and yelled: "Aaaadveeeentuuuure!!! Aaaaare yooouuuu ooookaaaayyyy????", but suddenly her long ears detected something. She told the others to be quiet, and leaned her right ear against the door. There was some very low and strange noise to hear, but the room was - like all the rooms at the hotel - soundproof. Sir Theme decided that they should try to look through the hole, but since the crack in the wall was located high, he planned to transform himself into a bird. As soon as he arrived at the hole, he noticed that he could not look through it. "The hole is blocked by something... Or .... somebunny.", and he looked down on the others, who suddenly froze and stared at the bird. The bunny asked: "You mean... Adventure is stuck in the wall?!?", and the bird answered, that it seemed so. Sir Theme landed on the floor again and transformed back to his robot shape. What should they do now? They agreed that they had to save Adventure first, and for this, they would have to stand on each others shoulder, and the looney in the highest position should try to free the butterfly by using a stick very carefully. The best order would be if Sir Theme stood on the floor, then OneBun would jump on his shoulders, then BeanMan would follow, and Hyper climb on the top. They did as they had planned, and Hyper reached into the hole with a thin stick. "Be very careful!", the bunny called, and Hyper reassured her that he would pay attention.
Suddenly Adventure felt as she had been pushed at her backside, and felt panic again, but could not stop laughing hysterically. Hyper heard the noise and stuck his ears against the hole: "I think she likes it, she's laughing.", he said with a big grin, but the others were sure that this was not the case. Finally Hyper managed to push Adventure slowly into the cave, and she opened her wings and landed safely on the floor. She then lifted up again, and flew against the button next to the door, and the bat cave was open.

-------------> To be continued

12-10-2006, 14:57:33
In the meantime, the second group consisting of Bread, Freakshow, lili, Lilliputt, and Slimy Jim, arrived at Escape's door, and started to knock at it. "Escape, open the doooooooor!", they yelled, but nothing happened. Bread told about his idea of breaking the door using a battering ram like he had seen in a lot of movies. "How? And where do we take a battering ram from?", the group wanted to know, and Bread explained that they could use a tree trunk from the pile of wood next to the hotel. The lilies were not very fond of this idea, while Freakshow and Slimy Jim got very excited about it. Since lili and Lilliputt didn't have any better plans to offer, they had to live with the decision to use a tree trunk.
Bread, Freakshow and Slimy Jim went outside, and chose the best tree trunk from the pile. It was very heavy, and so they groaned while carrying it through the hotel to Escape's room. They had to pause for breath, then Slimy Jim told them to lift it up together and swing it. He gave the rhythm by repeating HEEEEY HOOOO HEEEEY HOOOO, and the group started to swing the log. Their action was accompanied by a loud banging sound, everytime that the tree trunk hit the door. Lili and the Carrot Islander had to give up after a short while, because the log was much too heavy for them. The rest of the group continued, and with a last huge effort, they managed to make a hole in the door. They put the log on the floor, and since they lost all their energy, all of a sudden they fell over. Lilliputt quickly stepped to them and offered some carrots to re-energize them, and lili climbed through the hole into Escape's room, and started to search for any useful information.

In the meantime, the third group arrived at the library. Bige, Crazy, Doglover, Hollandgirl, and Zox entered the big room with many shelves full of books, groups of desks surrounded by chairs, and a big blue sofa. They started their search at different places in the room. Crazy had not yet visited the library, and she was amazed by the number of books. She began to look through the shelves. Doglover tried to localize cat odor, and followed the tracks with her nose on the floor. Crazy found a shelf full of recipe books, and started to study the recipes for cakes. "Wow, so many new cakes that I will have to try!", she exclaimed, and Zox went to her, and explained: "Honey, we are here to find some information about our missing friends. You can take a look at the recipes lat...", but in this moment he disappeared. Crazy stared at the spot where Zox had been and began to scream: "Zox? Zooooooooooox! OMB, heeeeelp!!!" The rest of the group joined her immediately, and froze. Where had Zox gone all of a sudden? Bige stood there with eyes open wide while Crazy continued screaming and crying. Doglover and Hollandgirl hugged her, and tried to calm her down.

----------------> To be continued

12-10-2006, 17:05:35
Dazed, Becky, Maniac, Murph, and Vault went up to the door of the alien. The wolf and the tiger quickly glanced at each other, and began to scratch at the door with their strong claws. Vault wanted to help somehow, and decided to do the same using his sword. Dazed and Maniac stood there, and had no idea how they could be of service, but then started to encourage their three friends and yelled: "Very good! Good job! Keep on! Don't loose your energy! It's almost done! Just a little more! Don't give up!" etc.
After a while Becky's tongue was sticking out of her mouth, and she was hardly able to breathe. She turned to Dazed, and asked her to get them something to drink. She continued scratching, and so far the three friends had already managed to remove 3 cm of the door. Dazed ran down into the bar, filled a bucket with carrot juice, and grabbed some mugs. Maniac kept on motivating his friends. When Dazed returned, Becky, Murph and Vault filled their mugs a couple of times, and drank as if they hadn't got any fluid since one week.
Maniac explained: "Well, if you had done polyphasic sleeping like I use to do, you would have much more energy now.", and the rest of the group looked at him angrily. "Okay, then show us how much you can do!", and Maniac started to jump against the door over and over again. He immediately noticed that this technique might not be very successful, but since he had no alternative ideas, he was determined to prove his friends that polyphasic sleeping was very effective.
Becky and Murph rolled their eyes, and shook their heads simultaneously. Dazed joined in, and Vault observed them full of fascination. Maniac didn't realize anything that was going on around him. He was busy jumping against the door, and trying to think of a better method.
After a while Maniac felt pain all over his body because he had hit the door so many times, and got very angry: "Hey, why is it that we always have to drudge and work ourselves to death, while Mystery just takes a device from her belt, pushes a button, and everything is done?!? Thaaaaaat's noooooot faaaaiiiiir!!!! Hear me, Mystery?!?", and he kept on jumping against the door.
The rest of the group grabbed him, and tried to prevent him from going completely mad. They needed all their energy left to hold back Maniac, and to calm him down. Dazed agreed to take care of him, and the rest of the group took up their work at the door again. Finally they managed to scratch a crack in the door, and Vault enlarged it by using his sword, until it was big enough for them to be able to climb through it.

--------------> To be continued

12-10-2006, 18:15:01
Zox was very vonfused and stared at Mystery: "Why did you do that?" They were standing in the office of the spaceship company on Sky Island, and Mystery apologized: "I'm sorry that I had to beam you here, but I have to talk to you about business." Zox sat down at the table and asked Mystery to take a seat. Mystery began to talk: "Well, we haven't sold many ships lately, and I was thinking to make some improvements to activate our trading. We have some competitors, and therefore I thought about enhancing the beaming power of our ships."
Zox listened carefully, and thought about it. Finally he replied: "Yes, I think it is absolutely necessary to make some improvements. I was poring over this problem myself but had no really good ideas so far. But, yes, enhancing the beaming power sounds good!", and he smiled at the alien. Mystery continued: "Very good! Hmmm, you are a very good spaceship engineer, and I wanted to hear your ideas about the technical aspects. How could we reach a lot more of beaming power within a short time?" Zox took out some plans of spaceships, prepared some coffee for both, sat down again, and began to explain his ideas.

The groups in Mystery's room, in Escapes room, and in the library had not found anything useful, and so they walked down to the bat cave to join the last group. Adventure, BeanMan, Hyper, OneBun and Sir Theme were looking at some pictures that were lying on the table, and made a very worried impression on their friends, who had just entered the basement. They reported that they hadn't found anything useful, and wanted to know what their five friends were looking at. OneBun explained them, that they had found a letter with horrible news, and read the lines aloud to update her friends. "My Zox has disappeared!!!", Crazy cried, and broke down. Lilliputt immediately rushed to her, and gave her some carrots and hugged her gently. "Don't worry little squirrel, we will find him soon. I'm sure that he is okay.", and handed her a tissue. Murph got very alerted, and wanted to hear exactly what had happened in the library. Crazy wasn't able to speak, so Doglover gave a report on what had happened. OneBun was taking notes of everything that she had missed, then jumped on the batmobile, turned to the group and gave a summary on the currently known facts. ".... and Darknight and Mystery probably went to save her.", she ended her overview, arranged her notes, and glanced at her audience. Crazy whined: "And they killed Zox.", but OneBun said: "No, I don't think so. He just disappeared all of a sudden, right?", and Crazy nodded with tears in her eyes. The bunny continued: "Slurp spiders are not able to make a looney simply disappear." "But if they had used an invisibility cloak?", Becky asked, and the bunny had to admit that this was possible. However she added that it was not sure yet if the spiders had anything to do with Zox' disappearance.

----------------------> To be continued

12-10-2006, 19:26:01
Zox finished his explanations, then leaned back, and looked straight into Mystery's eyes: "Okay, I have given you my ideas. But now, let me ask you something. What is going on with Escape, Darknight and you? Escape has not been seen the whole day, and Darknight and you have been talking all the time about some secret things. I don't believe you that it was just about Batish culture! We have even searched for the three of you!", and the alien tried to make the impression of being calm: "Oh, that! Yes, we... we are preparing some surprise, but I can't tell you more about it. It wouldn't be a surprise anymore, correct?", and tried to smile innocently. Zox had to agree with that, but before he could reply, Mystery said: "Sorry, I have to go now, see you later.", and was gone.

There was a chaos in the bat cave, because everybunny wanted to share their ideas and plans with the others, but nobunny was listening to each other. OneBun's delicate ears started to hurt, so she decided to take an action. She plugged carrots into her ears, jumped into the batmobile, and pushed the alarm button. There was a terribly loud sound, and the loonies ran out of the cave yelling and screaming of shock. Hyper, Becky and Murph rushed outside, and started to dig a deep hole, while the other loonies tried to help them in their own way.
OneBun stood there in the empty basement, and was very astonished. <<What was this?>> she asked herself, and started to nibble on a carrot to be able to figure out what had happened. She was almost sure that she had to do with the latest developments, but could not find any explanations. Of course, with carrots plugged into her ears, she wasn't aware of the fact, that the alarm had been very loud. She decided to look for her friends, and was hopping through the hotel for a while. Since she had not been able to find the loonies, she then decided to go and look outside aswell. She arrived in front of the hotel, but everything was silent, and nobunny was to be seen.

The loonies were sitting in the hole, and holding up branches with leaves and small bushes to hide the hole from possible attackers. They still felt shocked, but also very tired from the recent adventures. Sir Theme was determined to take a look what was going on outside, but Doglover and Lilliputt held him back. "No, don't go, wait some more time.", they whispered. The robot was very curious, and so he decided to transform himself into a snake, and to have a quick glance. He slowly crept out of the hole, and looked around. He saw OneBun standing around nearby, she seemed to be in deep thoughts. He decided to return into the hole and to tell his friends that there seemed to be no danger outside. But suddenly somebunny yelled: "Aaaaaah, a snaaaake!!!!", and he felt that something hit him. He tried to get out but he wasn't able to come any further, because Freakshow grabbed his end and pulled him down.
The bunny heard some voices, and curiously hopped to the bushes and strange plants that were arranged in a circular shape. She was sure that she had never seen such an arrangement in the garden of the hotel before, and felt that she had to update her notes with the new facts that she had just discovered.

-----------------------> To be continued

12-11-2006, 00:58:34
Darknight was lying on the spiderweb, and waited until the soldiers left again. He was confident, that Mystery would beam him up as soon as the spiders disappeared. He waited patiently, and waited and waited, but nothing happened. After a while his toes and fingertips became numb. No, lying around and not moving was definitely not the heros thing, he loved action and dangerous missions. But, in this situation he was sure that he could not do anything against the spiders if they detected him. How much time had elapsed meanwhile? Although he had a watch, he wasn't able to push the light button on it with his only free hand. He decided to take it off by using his teeth, and finally managed to take it in his free hand and push the light button with his thumb.
<<One hour. One hour has gone by. Mystery, you are not my Perfect Friend anymore. You are now only my Erfect Friend. And every hour that you leave me here, there will be one letter less. So you might become my Etc Friend, later my Friend, and finally my End. Hmmm, yes End is really the end, after so many hours I won't have much chance to see you again, nor to take any action in my situation.>>
At this thought, he felt mixed emotions, he was sad, angry, and desperate at the same time, but also amused about his own word play.
After a couple of hours, when Mystery had become a T Friend, and when Darknights whole body felt numb, he felt a strong pulling energy, and suddenly stood in front of the alien. As Mystery saw that he was about to fall over, she quickly put a comfortable armchair behind him, and he sat down.
"Dear T Friend, why did it take you so long? I felt completely paralyzed down there.", he said with a reproachful voice.", and Mystery looked at him vonfused: "T Friend? Did you loose some letters in the sticky web?" But Darknight explained how her title had become shorter with every hour.
The alien told him about the work on the enhancement of the beaming power, that had taken a couple of hours, and apologized. Then she asked if he was ready to be beamed down again, this time with much more energy. "Are you sure that you can beam me through the sticky spiderweb?", the hero wanted to know, and Mystery explained that according to her probability analysis, the chance to get him trough it was at 95.4526174 % with a very low error rate of .521362 %. "Does that mean that I have a good chance of 95%?", and the alien nodded, but added: "We have to find a way to keep in touch. I'm not sure if the fortress is shielded, so we can't rely on my devices. On the other hand, I'm not sure what kind of alternative communication method we could use.
Darknight said with a bright smile: "If I were your baby son, we could use smoke signal", and started to laugh. An idea rushed into Mystery's mind: "Why can't we get some help of our friends?", but Darknight had some objections: "Should we burn down the fortress? BatCat would die! Should we send messengers and let them get stuck in the spiderweb? No, no, and no!" However Mystery didn't agree to beam the bat down before they had found a good functioning method to stay in contact.

------------------------> To be continued

12-11-2006, 03:16:02
OneBun took some notes on the new features in the garden in front of GH Hotel, and then heard some noise - but she didn't realize that the carrots were still plugged into her ears. She examined the plants a little more.

Lili noticed that the snake was her brother, and she started to yell at Freakshow to let her brother go. She wrapped her lilish body around Freakshow's wrists, and pulled as much as she could, but without any success. Then she turned into her ceramic figurine shape, and hit his fingers. "Ouch!!!", the looney pulled back his hand, and let the snake go. Sir Theme immediately transformed himself to his robot shape, and started to yell at Freakshow: "You hurt me! What on GamersHood Planet was this?!? I thought we treated any kind of species on our Planet with respect. Well... with the spiders and the worms we have to take care. But... snakes?!? And didn't you notice my metallic shine?!? Hrmpf!", and having said that, he climbed out of the hole and joined OneBun. The rest of the hidden group put the bushes and other plants and branches on the ground, and left the hole aswell.
The bunny stared at the changes in the landscape in front of her, and dropped her notes. "What was that? And why did you leave me alooney in the cave? Are you preparing some performance for our Christmas day?" All of a sudden everybunny started to explain what had happened, but OneBun could hardly hear anything, and yelled: "Caaaan yoooouuu taaalk loooouuuudeeer???", and Lilliputt discovered the carrots in her ears, and took them out. "Better dear friend?", she asked. The bunny nodded and yelled once more: "Siiiiileeeneence pleeeeeaaaassssseeee!!!!", and when everybunny grew silent, she continued: "I can't understand a thing if everybunny is talking.", and she asked Becky to explain her what was going on. The wolf informed OneBun about the latest developments, and OneBun started to ROFL, when she realized that all this action with the hole and the plants was caused by her.
After a short while the bunny stopped laughing and rolling, and stood up. Murph and Becky turned to her, and explained that they needed a plan as soon as possible. Escape had been BUNnapped, and the alien was on her way to save her with the help of Darknight. "But we have to rescue my Zooooox!", Crazy said, and looked at them with tears in her eyes. Becky suggested to go to Sky Island by boats, and then to take a good spaceship from there to the Slurp Spider Island. The only question was, who was able to fly the ship. But the group decided to think about that later.
Everybunny ran to the boat station, and they climbed into 4 of the boats. The loonies at the front of the ship pushed the buttons, and the boats were slowly lowered until they touched the surface of the Sea of Knowledge. They untied the ropes then, and started to paddle as fast as they could. If one of the loonies got tired, they changed places. The boats had a quite amazing speed, because the friends were determined to reach Sky Island in record time.

------------------------> To be continued

12-13-2006, 16:43:45
Darknight and Mystery were still discussing about the communication issues, and the alien set the coordinates on the switch panel for Darknight. However, as long as the operational reliability of a specific communication device didn't reach 95%, Mystery wouldn't want to start the next step of the mission. Darknight was tired of everything, and finally suggested the alien to ask her hubby and her clones if there was a way to enhance the power of her gadget. She agreed and walked to the main command station.

The boats travelled very fast on the Sea of Knowledge, and Sky Island was not very far away, when suddenly very dark clouds appeared on the sky. Becky shouted: "It seems that there will be a storm! Gather all your energy, we have to reach the island very soon!", and the loonies paddled desperately. But although they did their best, the roll of thunder grew louder and louder. "It's too laaaate, we haaaave to prepaaaare for the stooooorm!", the wolf shouted, and the loonies started to organize what was necessary. They knew that Lilliputt and Adventure could be blown away by the storm, therefore it was suggested to put them into Sir Theme's inner safe. The butterfly agreed, however the Carrot Islander didn't want to be locked in there, and so she was attached to Becky's leg. The robot then put a lot of oil and anticorrosive on his hardware to protect himself against any damage. Bread had to be protected aswell, and hence was wrapped in BeanMan's rain jacket. Lili wasn't afraid of the rain at all, but said that she would feel safer if somebunny held her in their hands or paws, and Hollandgirl was ready to protect her plantish friend. Everybunny was prepared for the storm the best possible way. But Doglover argued that a wet dog wouldn't smell very good, and seemed to be very worried about this problem. The other loonies tried to calm her down, and told that they didn't mind it. Their friend still wasn't very happy, but at least she worried less. Especially when she considered the situation of her sister, she felt ashamed for her behavior. She braced herself and hid under one of the seats in the boat. Murph stood next to Becky to protect Lilliputt even better, and suggested Hyper to stretch himself out under her to be better protected against the rain. But the small fox declined: "If it rains down on me, at least I can be sure that I won't start to burn, and jumped on Becky's head. The wolf wasn't happy about it, because she was scared that Hyper might be struck by a lightning, and she wouldn't want to be a lightning conductor. But then she remembered that the leader of the pack once told her that she was a very brave wolf, and decided to take courage.
Meanwhile the storm grew stronger and stronger, there was a driving rain, and their eyes and ears suffered from the thunder and lightning. After a short while OneBun started to yell: "OMB, I haven't got any carrots left, and I have to protect my ears!" Of course everybunny wanted to help, but what should they use instead? Sir Theme remembered that he had some robotish spare parts in his inner safe, and took out two smaller metal toes. They tried to plug them into OneBun's ears, and to their surprise it turned out that the toes fitted. The only problem left was, that the notes got wet and unreadable. Therefore the bunny decided to concentrate on everything and to keep in mind as much as possible, and to update her notes after the storm. All of a sudden Crazy remembered the scary adventures of Zox in the washing machine, and was hoping that he wasn't exposed to the storm somewhere on Slurp Spider Island. She was afraid that the spiders might have hung him out in the rain. Hyper wanted to take her mind off her worries, and jumped on her head. That of course drove her even more crazy, but at least she forgot to think about Zox for a while, and started to shake her head.

The friends moved closer to each other in the four boats, and were hoping that the storm would be soon over.

Mystery and her hubby did some work on the communication device, but they didn't have the opportunity to try it out. However, all the data had shown that the gadget could work well despite of the shield. "We have done some improve...", she started when she entered the room where Darknight had been, but her friend was gone. The alien noticed a piece of paper on the switch panel:

<<Dear Perfect Friend.

Yes, you are still my Perfect Friend! I'm sorry, but BatCat's life is in danger, and I could not wait any longer. I will try to figure out where she is captured, and will do all in my power to save her. I have taken one of your communication gadgets, and hope that you will find a way to contact me. Wish me good luck. Your Perfect Friend.>>

-----------------> To be continued

12-14-2006, 22:47:51
Mystery got very nervous after reading the letter written by her Perfect Friend. She imagined him down in the fortress, without any help to face the spider soldiers. She was also a little angry, why Darknight could not wait some more minutes. Now she had a probably good working communication device, but he had left with an old one. What should she do now?

After a while, the storm grew weaker and weaker, and the rain stopped. The loonies started to check if everybunny was okay, and if there was any damage on their boats. OneBun took the metal plugs out of her ears and returned them to Sir Theme, who opened his safe to let out Adventure. Bread was unwrapped again, but since everything in the boat was wet, he was placed on the dry side of the rain jacket. Doglover, Becky, and Murph shook the water out of their fur, which wasn't received with much happiness by their friends, but they didn't say anything. Lilliputt was untied again, and she hugged Becky and Murph for protecting her so well against the storm. She felt the urge to give her friends some carrots, but there were no carrots left, and this fact made her a little sad.
Meanwhile the butterfly had visited all four boats, and reported to everybunny that fortunately there were no injuries and no damages. This made the whole group very proud, because they realized that they had done everything that was required to get through that scary storm.
Crazy was tired of the fox on her head, who got very heavy by all the water in his fur. "Get off my head!", she shouted, but Hyper didn't move. "I'm such an unlucky fox. I'm totally wet, and I'm cold.", he said. Doglover felt reponsible to teach him how to shake himself to get rid of the water, but Crazy wasn't happy that Hyper used her head as classroom, because at every effort to shake himself, water was running down her face. Finally she got very angry, grabbed the unlucky fox, and wanted to toss him into another boat. Her friends tried to hold her back, and at last Hyper landed in the sea. Everybunny started to yell: "Fox overboard!", and Sir Theme immediately transformed himself into a helicopter to rescue his unlucky baby brother. But Hyper refused to grab the rope that the robot had thrown to him, but told instead with a big grin: "I don't need any help, the bath in the Sea of Knowledge has made me a lucky fox. I know now everything that fits into my brain.", and he began to swim, getting further and further away from the boats.

Darknight landed on a small hill near the castle. Unfortunaty half of his body was stuck in the ground. <<All right, this seems to be the error probability that Mystery is mentioning over and over again.>>, the hero thought to himself, and had to free himself before he could find a place to hide. After he had dug himself out of the ground, he hid behind a tree, and examined the area very carefully to find the safest way to the entrance of the huge castle.
"What are you doing here?", a voice asked from above. Darknight froze, and looked up. He remembered the animal that was sitting on a branch observing him. It was the parrot from GamersHood Hotel. He whispered: "Hi parrot, long time no see. But now, please be quiet, I'm on an important secret mission. We'll chat at the bar. Go there, and I'll follow you soon. Okay?", and waited impatiently for the reaction of the parrot.

---------------> To be continued

12-15-2006, 03:29:53
When the loonies saw Hyper swimming away, they began to follow him. Despite of the big effort that Sir Theme had put in saving his brother, Hyper kept on refusing any help. "He is swimming in the wrong direction!", Becky exclaimed, and the robot replied: "I know! But as you can see, I'm doing my best!" Sir Theme was out of ideas and decided to discuss the problem with his friends. The four boats were directed next to each other, and the loonies started to make plans how to pull the little fox out of the water.

The parrot stared at the hero for a moment and said: "Okay, if you pay my drinks." Darknight nodded, and hoped that the bird would fly back to the bar. Suddenly the main door of the castle opened, and five slurp spider soldiers walked out in one line. They were marching lock-step to the main door of the fortress, which was covered by many layers of spiderweb. They started to check if the door was still safely locked, and Darknight was about to run to the entrance of the castle that was still open, when he noticed some worms sneaking around inside the castle and watching the spider soldiers.
The hero knew that he would have to find another way to enter the building, and after another glance, he noticed that one of the windows was not fully covered by a web. He waited until the spiders returned into the building, then quickly lifted into the air, and landed on the window sill. He immediately crouched, and observed the room inside. It seemed to be empty, and so he jumped down and looked around. He had to be very cautious not to run into a trap or to make any noise that would attract the attention of the spiders. He saw a hammock made of spiderweb, this was probably a bed. A picture of the Slurp Spider King was hanging on the wall. Darknight also saw an object made of a strange grey material that looked like a desk with an integrated bench. He noticed some sheets of paper on the desk, and examined them. He froze when he read what was written on them.

<<well here's how to make my pink surprize
kechup + mayonnaise + grinded cooked or pre cooked meat (cooked turkey is best) + stur till pink = pink surprize>>

<<Recipe for Carrot Rum (that tastes good and apparenly makes you fly!)
1/4 White, dry rum
3/4 V8 Splash Tropical, if you have it, if not see, Lili's concoction
1 Teaspoon sugar
1 squeeze of fresh lemon
Mix and enjoy. Drink cold.>>

<<I like the last mix the best to...I think it was the following recipe:
Carrot Juice
Pineapple juice
Carrot Juice
YUM!! >>

These were without any doubt some of OneBun's notes. But why were they here?!? Darknight grabbed all the notes, and put them into his utility belt. It was time to get out of that room and search for BatCat. The room was closed by a thick spiderweb, and the hero had to use his special knife to be able to cut it. He looked around before he stepped out of the room. Suddenly he heard a voice coming out of his utility belt: "....night, ....fully .... me. .... answer?"

------------> To be continued

12-15-2006, 23:35:12
The discussions were as loud and chaotic as always. Different suggestions were declined, when finally Becky called Sir Theme, and whispered something to the robots ears. Sir Theme shook his head vigorously, and seemed to be upset. The wolf whispered: "Please, do it for your little baby brother.", but the robot refused. Becky got angry and declared that there was no point in trying to help such stubborn brothers, and she turned her back on him.
"No point?!? There's no point?!? Oh, how I hate that expression!", Doglover exclaimed and rolled her eyes. Lilliputt felt that things might get out of control, and therefore decided to do something. She hugged her daughter and told her a funny incident with the smurfs to cheer her up. Then she turned to Becky and asked what had happened. The wolf explained that Hyper had refused any help, and Sir Theme had refused to transform himself into a pot of ramen to save his little brother. Lilliputt tried to brace herself, but the thought of the robot turning into a pot of ramen made her ROFL on the seat of the boat, where she had been standing. The robot was disappointed and lifted up into the air again, which made the boat move a little, and the Carrot Islander rolled into the water. She sank for a moment, appeared on the surface again, and began to cough. When Sir Theme noticed the impact of his action, he apologized to his friend, and offered to help her out of the sea. Lilliputt looked angrily at the robot, declined with thanks, and started to swim towards Hyper.
The tense situation made the group depressed, and Murph roared in an angry voice: "That's enough! We are on a mission to save our dear friend Escape! And what are you doing?!? Pull yourself together! One for all, and all for one!" The group stared at the tiger, and some of the loonies felt ashamed. The silence was broken by Hollandgirl: "Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno!" Lili wanted to cheer up the group aswell, and added: "Or in gamershoodish: OneBun for everybunny, and everybunny for OneBun!" The loonies gazed at the lily who blushed: "Ummm.... I mean everybunny for Escape." "Agreed!", her friends shouted, and made themselves ready to follow Hyper and Lilliputt. The boats reached the two very soon, and after a short discussion, they were ready to get into the boats again.

Darknight jumped back into the room and thought <<Dear Perfect Friend, this is not the perfect moment.>> He took out the communication device and whispered: "Mystery, do you hear me?", but there was only a noise. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact the alien, the bat decided to switch off the gadget for the moment for his own safety. He continued his way through the corridor. Although he was very precautious, he didn't hear the three slurp spiders who stepped out of one of the rooms behind him. When he looked around again to check the corridor, the spiders were already running towards him. Darknight grabbed the front feet of the first spider and threw him over his shoulders. The spider landed on his back, and had troubles getting on his feet. The other two spiders attacked him from different sides, and just before they hit him, he jumped high up into the air, and the spiders collided. Both fell on the floor, and seemed to be unconscious. Darknight quickly tied their legs together. The other spider managed to get up again, and threw an evil glance at the bat. Darknight took his lasso out of his utility belt, and swung it. The spider started to move very fast, but the hero finally caught him, and wrapped the lasso around him, until the spider could not move anymore. Just at this moment, a fourth spider jumped towards Darknight, who yelled: "Time for the Hyper Trick!", and he jumped on the head of the spider. The soldier began to shake his head to get rid of the opponent, but the bat didn't let go. The spider ran around in circles and continued to shake his head like mad, but after a while he started to feel dizzy and suddenly fell over. Darknight immediately used some glue on the legs of the enemy, and when the soldier tried to run away, he got stuck on the ceiling.

---------------------> To be continued

12-19-2006, 18:48:23
The four boats finally reached Sky Island. Everything seemed to be calm. The loonies decided to get some food from the fridge in the office, and to look for a good spaceship. Lilliputt and OneBun entered the building while the rest of the group walked to the hangar. Sir Theme, who felt most competent to make a choice among the ships, examined them very carefully. The others were just walking around, and marveled at the shiny metal flying objects.
OneBun and Lilliputt entered the office, and much to their astonishment, they found their friend Zox lying on the table sleeping like a log. They tried to wake him up, but he didn't move. Lilliputt quickly stepped to the fridge, and found some carrot juice, then opened the freezer and took out some ice cubes. "Okay, we'll try it with both methods at the same time, this should wake him up!" Saying that, she told OneBun to hold his mouth open, and dribbled some carrot juice into Zox's mouth. Then she put some ice cubes on his head. They were anxious to know if the experiment worked. All of a sudden, Zox sat up, and stared at his friends. "What?!? Why?!? How?!?", he exclaimed, and seemed to be very vonfused. OneBun smiled at her friend and said: "God morning Zox!", and Zox replied: "God?", and seemed to be even more vonfused. The pink bunny let him some time to fully wake up, and explained what had happened on Myranda Island since he had been gone. She asked him how he had come on Sky Island, and Zox told her the incidence with Mystery. In the meantime, Lilliputt filled a basket with carrots, carrot juice, and tomatoes. The three walked over to the hangar to join the other loonies.

Darknight looked at the slurp spiders, and decided to put some tape over their mouths. He continued his way, and soon he arrived at a ladder made of web. <<Hmmm... BatCat might be in the dungeon deep down in the basement, or locked up in the tower. Where should I go now?>>, he thought to himself. Finally he decided to go down first, and climbed down very carefully. When the hero reached the basement, he heard voices coming from one of the rooms. He sneaked up to the door made of a thick spiderweb. He cut a small hole and took a glance. Two slurp spiders and three worms were discussing about something, but Darknight didn't understand a word. He determined to search the area for BatCat before the opponents left the room.

When OneBun, Lilliputt and Zox arrived at the hangar, there was a huge chaos. One of the ships was rotating 5m above the ground, some of the loonies were yelling and running around full of panic, while others were lying on the floor and covering their heads with their arms. OneBun shouted from the entrance of the hangar: "What happened here?!?", and Sir Theme shouted back: "My baby brother has hotwired one of the ships!" The pink bunny took some notes, then turned to the robot: "How can we stop him?", but Sir Theme shook his head: "I haven't found any useful data to answer this question." Then he turned to Lilliputt and asked: "Any idea if we could use your Eenie Meenie method in this situation?" The Carrot Islander was not really sure if the robot was only teasing her or asking her for help. But the situation seemed to be very serious, and therefore she didn't want to start an argument, and replied: "Not in this case, I'm afraid."
The spaceship was still rotating, but the movements of it became more and more chaotic. "Nooooo, Hyper is about to destroy my ship! Somebunny do something!", Zox yelled frantically, and suddenly turned to Lilliputt: "Sing it down! Sing it down!"

Darknight examined all the rooms in the basement, but no sign of BatCat. He decided to try to contact Mystery again. He switched on the communication device and heard voices coming out of it:
- No sir.
- But where are they?
- Our underground spies have reported that they have left the main island, sir.
- Any more data?
- Yes sir, our secret agent in the robot's head has reported that they are on the island with the spaceships.

------------> To be continued

12-22-2006, 20:50:14
Lilliputt stared at Zox with eyes open wide: "Sing... it... down? Umm... ya mean... well... why? I mean... why me?", but Zox got impatient and said: "Somebunny needs to stop this chaos! And since Mystery is not here to take care of it, you have to help us! Sing!", and turned to the loonies who were still running around and yelling, or sticking to the floor and covering their heads or ears: "Everybunny, leave the hangar! Quickly!"
The loonies immediately started to run towards the entrance of the hangar, and even Lilliputt joined them. She crossed her arms and said in hurt voice: "Yes, sure. If Mystery is not here, I'm good enough to solve your problems. Hmpf!", and walked over to the office to grab some carrots that were still left.
The loonies stood outside, watched the ship turning and tumbling in the air, and felt very helpless. Becky walked over to the office, sat down next to Lilliputt, and hugged her: "Oh my dear friend, don't feel hurt. It's not at all like you think. We all need your help, and since you have been able to help us so many times, we trust in your abilites. Please come over and save Hyper and the spaceship, you are the only one who can help." Lilliputt looked with teary eyes at Becky and said: "Why don't you ask the robot? He has always more logical ideas than I have. At least everybunny says that." The wolf told her friend to wait and walked out. She had a long discussion with Sir Theme, who finally entered the office and sat down. "Well, I have to admit that I can't do anything right now. I don't have a beaming device to beam into the ship and land it safely. And I wasn't able to contact mom. You are the only one who might be able to stop the ship. Let's not argue about different ways of thinking, I'm sure that if we use both, we might be most successful. I promise that I won't say anything about your Eenie Meenie method anymore. Really.", and the robot stood up and left the office.

Darknight assumed that the communication device had also a translator function, and that the dialogue was a translation of what the slurp spiders and worms had been talking about in the other room. He felt very alerted about the fact that there were underground worm spies on Myranda Island, and even a secret agent in Sir Theme's head. He knew that he had to talk to Mystery as soon as possible.
Just at this moment, the spiderweb that had covered the room began to fade away. He quicky hid around the corner and watched the spiders and worms step out of the room. The spiders turned around and sealed the door with spiderweb again. <<Hmmm, very efficient method...>> the hero thought to himself, while he was watching the opponents climb up the ladder to the next floor. He quickly hid in a corner, and said: "Mystery, can you hear me?"

Mystery was still busy trying to make a plan after she had not been able to contact her Perfect Friend. Suddenly the device started to make a strange noise, and the alien heard: "....tery..........me?" Mystery got very excited and turned to her hubby: "It's Darknight! Finally! But... I can't understand much!" Mystery's hubby stayed cool and explained to his wife that now that they knew Darknight's location, they could beam down an enhanced communication device. Mystery agreed and felt so happy about this idea, that she started to run around in circles yelling: "Yes, beam, do, yay!" Her hubby looked at her in astonishment, and said: "Honey, I think that you need to reboot.", then stopped his wife and pulled her thumb. During her rebooting process, he beamed down an enhanced device to Darknight.

The hero was about to leave the basement, since he had not received any reply from the alien. Just at this moment, something hard hit his right big toe, and he shouted: "OUCH!", but then quickly put his hand over his mouth. He looked around to see if any spiders or worms could have heard him, but everything remained silent. Then he looked down to his feet, and discovered the communication device. He looked up, frowned and remembered how he had been stuck in a hill after beaming down to Slurp Spider Island. He whispered: "Perfect Friend, your error calculations are getting better....", and made a strange grimace.

----------------> To be continued

12-22-2006, 22:01:03
Lilliputt considered what Becky and Sir Theme had told her, and decided that she was obliged to help her friends. And after all, it was about saving her daughter BatCat. She walked to the hangar, where the spaceship was still moving in the air with a loud noise. The loonies watched very curiously what would happen next. Lilliputt stepped in, took a deep breath and began to sing in a loud and clear voice:

Slooooooow dooooooown deeeeeeear shiiiiiiiip,
Giiiiiiiive reeeeeeest to the ooooooold chiiiiiip, <<OMB, I'm singing computer gibberish!>>
Reeeeduuuuuce locomoooootion, <<I'm turning alien!>>
Imaaaagine thee ooooocean, <<Yes, that's better.>>
And nooooow land on the flooooor,
Siiiiilent without a rooooooar. <<I'm turning Murph!>>

Darknight was finally able to talk to Mystery and give her all the necessary information about the secret agents on the island and in the robot's head. He also told her about his plan to go up to the tower, and continue the search for BatCat. The alien asked her Perfect Friend to be very careful and to report her any news. She promised to take care of the worm problem.
The hero slowly climbed up the ladder made of web, but suddenly felt a pain at his arm. He realized that two worms were staring at him and throwing burning balls of spiderweb at him. He quickly took a small fire extinguisher out of his utility belt, and used it first on himself and then on the worms. The two creatures looked like snow worms after the treatment, and began to cough. The hero cought them in a small box, and continued his way up. Finally Darknight arrived in the tower. He saw guards walking around in front of a room covered by a very thick spiderweb. Was BatCat in there?

Mystery directed her ship immediately towards Sky Island. As soon as the spaceship arrived over the island, she beamed herself down to the office. Nobunny was to be seen. She walked out, and there, in front of the hangar, she saw the large group of loonies staring at the inside of the building. She had a bad feeling, and began to run: "What happened, are there any problems?!?" As soon as she reached the entrance, Lilliputt walked out of the hangar, crossed her arms, and said: "No, not anymore."
The alien didn't understand anything and so she entered and saw her baby son Hyper sitting on the head of her robot son. Hyper was shaking, and all his fur was wet. Sir Theme tried to calm him down and to take him off, but he was not able to move his brother. The alien asked the robot what had happened and Sir Theme explained the whole story. "I'm such an unlucky fox, I just wanted to help.", Hyper said in shivering voice, and looked with sad eyes at his alienish mom. Mystery smiled at Hyper, and took him off Sir Theme's head: "Don't worry, I know that you only wanted to help. It's okay." She told Sir Theme to wait there, then walked up to Lilliputt, and hugged her: "Thank you dear friend. I'm so glad that nothing bad happened. And this is your merit." The Carrot Islander smiled very proudly, and finally felt that she finally gained recognition. Mystery quicky informed the group about the current situation, still holding the small fox in her arms.

The guards were much too watchful, and Darknight started to miss his invisibility cloak. <<Ah, that's it! I ask Mystery to beam down a cloak>>, he thought to himself, and looked for a safer place to contact his Perfect Friend.
But no matter how he tried, there was no answer from the alien. <<Hmmm, should I sing the Alooney Song now? Hehe... No. Dear Perfect Friend, would you be so nice and come back? I know that you are taking care of the worm problem, but I neeeeeed you here aswell. I neeeeed the invisibilityyyyy cloooooak. OMB, now I'm turning Lilli.>> He decided to sit down and to wait for a while. He hoped that her Perfect Friend wouldn't let him down. He was so near, all that he needed was the cloak.

-------------------> To be continued

12-30-2006, 21:14:19
Mystery agreed with the group to take two ships and direct them to Slurp Spider Island aswell. Then she said goodbye, and took her sons to the ship. She quickly talked to her hubby, and they decided to fly back to Darknight, and to prepare an antiworm update for their son as soon as possible. But since they didn't want Sir Theme to give away any information in the meantime, a clone of the alien took the robot and the fox to the beach of Carrot Island.

The group of loonies finally managed to choose two ships, one would be led by Zox because he was a spaceship engineer and was able to fly it. The question was who could fly the second ship. OneBun, who still remembered her earlier adventure on Mystery's ship, reassured the group that she had taken enough notes meanwhile to be able to fly a ship. Finally the spaceships took off and flew towards the island of the spiders.

Darknight, who had started again to take away a letter of his Perfect Friend's title, arrived at Ct Friend when he heard a noise coming out of the communication device. He asked the alien for an invisibility cloak and added: "Mystery, I have a request. Would it be possible for you to pay very much attention on the calculation of the error probability?" The alien was stumped and didn't really understand why Darknight asked her for that, but promised to do so.

In the meantime, Hyper and Sir Theme were relaxing at the beach. They decided to go for a swim in the Sea of Knowledge. The robot put a lot of oil over his body to protect himself against any damage caused by the water, and jumped in. He immediately started to scream and to shake his head: "There is a worm in my head, mother do something!", and started to run around in circles. The clone was very alerted but could not do anything. Finally it contacted the alien and asked for advice. Mystery promised to be there as soon as possible and directed the ship towards Carrot Island.

----> To be continued

12-30-2006, 21:19:12
Darknight hid under the invisibility cloak, and slowly approached the guards who were watching the area around the door very carefully. Meanwhile there were 4 guards, and the hero decided to spill some oil on the floor. He took a small oil can out of his utility belt, and poured the oil with a quick movement all over the area in front of the door. The spiders began to move their legs, trying to run away, but they didn't manage to move in any direction. It looked very funny how they slid on the floor, and finally landed on their backs, still rotating on the floor. Darknight quickly used his special knife to cut the thick spiderweb that covered the door and entered the dark room.
What he saw, terrified him for a moment. BatCat was standing on a bed of metal, fighting with her claws, her eyes closed, and singing the Alooney Song in a very loud voice.

My Moooooommy is over the ocean
My Moooooommy is over the sea
My Moooooommy is over the ocean
Oh, bring back da carrots ta meeeeeee
Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back da carrots ta me, ta meeeeeee
Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back da carrots ta meeeeeeeeee

My Myyyyystery is over the ocean
My Myyyyystery is over the sea
My Myyyyystery is over the ocean
Oh, bring back da space ship ta meeeeeee
Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back da space ship ta me, ta meeeeeee
Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back da space ship ta meeeeeeeeee

My rooooooobot is over the ocean
My rooooooobot is over the sea
My rooooooobot is over the ocean
Oh, bring back Sir Theme here ta meeeeeee
Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back Sir Theme here ta me, ta meeeeeee
Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back Sir Theme here ta meeeeeeeeee

My Daaaarknight is over the ocean
My Daaaarknight is over the sea
My Daaaarknight is over the ocean
Oh, bring back my hero ta meeeeeee
Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back my hero ta me, ta meeeeeee
Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back my hero ta meeeeeeeeee

My Adveeeeeenture is over the ocean
My Adveeeeeenture is over the sea
My Adveeeeeenture is over the ocean
Oh, bring back her flutter ta meeeeeee
Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back her flutter ta me, ta meeeeeee
Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back her flutter ta meeeeeeeeee

My OneBun is over the ocean
My OneBun is over the sea
My OneBun is over the ocean
Oh, bring back that symptom ta meeeeeee
Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back that symptom ta me, ta meeeeeee
Bring back
Bring back
Oh, bring back that symptom ta meeeeeeeeee

Darknight stared at his sidekick, and felt very sorry for the cat. What had she gone through? He tried to speak in a calm voice with her: "Hey, BatCat, it's me. Darknight is here to take you home." BatCat who only felt that there was somebody in the room, was even more scared, and determined not to hear any more slurping noises. Therefore she raised her voice once more, and fought even more desperately with her claws. She changed her song.

I'm scratching you all you slurp spiders
Even if you are good fighters
You have no chance, I will survive
Until my looney friends arrive!

Darknight shouted: "BatCat, your looney friends are here! Please stop it, we will save you!" But the cat didn't hear anything and went on defending herself. The bat was desperate, what should he do? He didn't want to hurt the cat, and so he had no chance to stop her. He quickly took out the communication device and yelled: "My Most Perfect Friend, I need you! I have found BatCat, but I can't stop her fighting! Do something!", but there was no reply.

-------> To be continued

12-30-2006, 22:40:38
Mystey's ship arrived above Carrot Island. She grabbed the antiworm update and told her hubby to beam up Sir Theme, but since he was running around in circles, the beaming device could not locate him properly. The alien had to beam down. She was determined to stop her son, and stood in his way. But unfortunately the robot didn't notice anything, and had an enormous speed, so that they collided and fell on the ground. The clone quickly took the antiworm update and used it on the robot. After a while the worm could be deleted, and mother and son regained consciousness. They felt a little dizzy, but otherwise they were okay. Now that the worm problem was solved, Mystery took her sons and the clone onto the ship again, and directed her ship back towards Slurp Spider Island.

OneBun took her piles of notes, and distributed them among the passengers. "I will tell you what information I need and you look it up." Her friends agreed and waited for the instructions. "Okay, now... We have to set the direction. Please look up the process to set it, and also the coordinates of Slurp Spider Island." The loonies started to search among the notes, and only the sound of paper was to be heard. After a short while Doglover shouted: "I got it, here!", and ran over to OneBun. "Hmmmm, let me see. To set the direction, touch the screen in the 4th line at the bottom and choose the coordinates of the goal. Okay, that sounds easy. Has anybunny found the coordinates of the island yet?" Adventure and Becky exclaimed at the same time: "Here!" They handed OneBun the notes, who began to study them. "Hmmm, two different coordinates. I seem to have forgotten to note down which one was invalid. Okay, let's try to contact Zox. Please look up everything you can find about communication with other ships."

Freakshow was very curious how it felt to fly with warp speed, and asked Zox if he could demonstrate it. The ship pilot replied that for such a short distance warp speed was not necessary. But the looney group begged him to show them how it was, and finally Zox agreed. He pushed the warp speed button, and the ship accelarated. "Oh, look at the stars on the screen, wow!", Freakshow yelled. "Stars?!?", Zox asked in a shocked voice and glanced at the main screen. What he saw, made him alerted. They had arrived in another galaxy. Zox pushed the button again and yelled: "OMB! I forgot that I was changing some of the ships to TRIPLE WARP. Uffff! Here we are." "Where?", asked the group, and Zox answered: "Ummm... well... I have no idea."

OneBun wasn't able to contact Zox, although she was sure that she had followed the instructions on her notes. Finally she said: "Okay, we have two different possibilities. May I ask our decision expert to use her Eenie Meenie technique?", and smiled at Lilliputt, who got very excited.

Darknight heard some slurping noise coming nearer, and it was clear that he had to do something. First he thought of putting the invisibility cloak on BatCat and himself, but since the cat was still singing in an incredibly loud voice, this seemed to be a bad idea. "Okay, I need a backup plan.", he said to himself, and facing the consequences of his action, he put BatCat on his shoulder, clenched his teeth, and left the room. He saw a big group of slurp spiders coming nearer, and quickly jumped on the window sill, cut the spiderweb, and lifted up into the air with the singing and fighting cat on his shoulder.

---------> To be continued

12-31-2006, 00:02:35
Mystery decided to ask about news from the two ships, but could only reach one of them. OneBun replied her, and told about their difficulties, but also reassured the alien, that thanks to Lilliputt's decision taking method, they finally found the island. The report of the pink bunny was interrupted by a roaring voice: "I see Darknight flying in strange loops near the harbor! There must be something wrong!"
The alien recognized Murph's voice, and got alerted. Just at that moment her instruments showed that there was something wrong with the matter-antimatter drive system on her ship, and the vehicle slowed down. She quicky updated OneBun with the latest problem, and promised to join them as soon as she was able to fix it. Sir Theme and his alienish parents immediately ran some data to find out the cause.
Murph was determined to beam down and shouted: "I will save BatCat! Let me beam down!", but the other loonies tried to hold her back, and explained that this was too dangerous. Becky turned to OneBun and asked if they could beam up Darknight. "Well, let me see. Look for the notes about beaming.", and the group began to search the piles of paper. Once all the notes had been found, OneBun put them next to each other, and tried to figure out how she had to proceed to beam up the bat. After reading the relevant notes, she was confident that she was able to do it. But no matter how she tried, it wasn't possible to locate the bat properly, since he was tumbling too fast through the air.
The tiger felt very nervous, and began to walk around. Suddenly she discovered a small beaming device. The problem was that she had no idea how to set it. She saw that she had to enter 3 coordinates, and knew the coordinates of Slurp Spider Island for the ship from the notes. But when she entered them, a small red light lit up on the device. "Hmmmmm... think Murph, think! Why doesn't it work? Hmmmm.... I think I got it! The coordinates for the ship were probably for the whole island, and now I need to set the beaming device to more exact coordinates of a location on the island. Okay... Darknight is near the harbor..." Murph walked back to the notes, and tried to find one that contained the coordinates of the harbor. Meanwhile the rest of the group was discussing different plans to save Darknight and BatCat. They didn't notice, when Murph started to smile happily.

Darknight was suffering from the claws and the loud voice of BatCat, and had big difficulties in concentrating on his flight. He was flying up and down, turned in the air, and decided to find a place without spiders and worms to be able to put the cat down from his shoulders. BatCat was still very determined to keep away any kind of enemies.

You cannot come near to meeeeeee
I am worse than a beeeeee
Go away, don't come baaaaack
I will never be your snaaaaack

Finally he spotted a place near the harbor which seemed to be completely free of spiders and worms. He flew in that direction but due to his concentration problems, he hit the ground. BatCat fell from his shoulder, landed on her back, and continued her behavior without noticing anything. Darknight was exhausted and desperate for a moment, but he remembered that he still had 2 tomatoes in his utility belt. He took them out, put one of them into BatCats mouth, who immediately stopped singing, and he began to eat his tomato.

---------> To be continued

12-31-2006, 01:46:20
BatCat immediately froze, and hit the tomato out of her mouth. She started to yell: "What's that?!?", and Darknight realized that this was his chance to explain everything to his friend. He talked in a low voice with her, and managed to calm her down. When BatCat opened her eyes, she looked around and didn't understand anything. She stared at the bat with huge eyes: "Where am I? Why am I here? What...", and Darknight told her what had happened before, but tried to be very diplomatic about the cat's behavior. While Escape was listening, she began to eat her tomato. Just when Darknight finished the story, they heard an enormous loud SPLAAAAAASH! and immediately stood up. They saw a big fountain on the Sea of Knowledge, and Darknight decided to fly there and see what had happened. He put the invisibility cloak on, and directed towards the sea. He saw something very deep down in the water, but could not recognize what it was. It started to come nearer and nearer to the surface, and Darknight almost yelled when Murph's head appeared. Murph began to cough and to grasp for air, but finally managed to breathe normally again. The bat uncovered his head, and asked very surprised: "What are you doing here?!?", and Murph said with a big smile: "I have come to save you!"
This was a very weird situation, and the hero felt speechless. But as polite as he was, he just pulled Murph out of the sea, put the cloak on both of them, and flew back to BatCat, who immediately jumped on Murphs shoulder: "Auntie Murph!!! I'm sooooo happy to see you!", and Murph hugged her niece with tears in her eyes.
Darknight waited patiently until his friends calmed down a bit, and then turned to Murph: "So now you are going to beam us up, right?", but Murph froze. "Well, ummmm... I just beamed down somehow, and didn't think of a continuation.", and blushed. Darknight shook his head, sighed, and tried to contact Mystery, but he had still no luck.

Zox sat on the floor, putting his arms over his head, and seemed to be in a shock. He had no idea where they were, and the screen showed the coordinates XYZ, which meant that these coordinates were not known. Where should he direct the ship now? He had already tried to enter the coordinates of Slurp Spider Island, of Myranda Island, Carrot Island, and Worm Island, but nothing had happened. He felt desperate. Crazy, Freakshow and Maniac tried to cheer him up, but Zox sat there in a deep depression. For some reason, most members of the group were not that desperate, and began to make jokes: "We are lost in space, haha!" "We have spread the virus into another galaxy, lol!" Finally Freakshow decided to use the Eenie Meenie method on the 4 directions, and to push the warp button after the decision had been taken. "Eenie, Meenie, Miney Mo, Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers let him go. Eenie Meenie Miney Moe. Okay, we got it!", he shouted, and pushed the warp button.

---------> To be continued

12-31-2006, 05:20:27
"Can't you just contact OneBun? You know, Mystery has some problems with her ship, I think she said something like fuel material problems. She is far away from here, and maybe that's why you can't reach her. But OneBun's ship is just above the island, that's where I beamed down from. OneBun tried to beam you up, but you had some strange choreography, lol."
"Oh, have we been dancing?", BatCat asked smiling at her hero, and Darknight replied: "Yes, sort of.", and pulled his cape on his neck to hide the scratches. Then he turned to Murph: "Well, do you have any idea how to set the communication device?", but the tiger shook her head: "Maybe if I beam myself into the Sea of Knowledge again? Lol."

The group finally agreed on a plan, when Doglover exclaimed: "Where is Murph?!?" Everybunny began to look for the tiger, but they could not find her. Suddenly Becky whispered: "She wanted to beam down... Can it be that...", and she looked shocked at OneBun, who immediately started to use the locating device. After a while she shouted: "I got them! All the three are there! BatCat is saved!", and she followed the instruction for beaming up beings. But for some reason it didn't work. OneBun was very disappointed, sat down, and grabbed a carrot. "Let me think... Hmmmm... Yes! Maybe the weight is too high. I have to raise the beaming energy somehow. Could you please look for this information in my notes?", and the group searched the piles of paper again. Adventure found the relevant note, and handed it to the pink bunny, who looked at it very vonfused: "Yes, hmmm, okay. There is an equation to calculate the approximate weight related to the beaming energy. Hmmmm... me maths not so good." OneBun decided to try it withouth any calculation, just according to her feeling. She raised the energy, and pushed the button that started the beaming process.
There was a huge rumbling, the spaceship began to shake, and the group screamed in shock. OneBun immediately plugged carrots into her ears, and looked around, Becky howled in a strange voice, and Doglover ran around in circles, carrying Hollandgirl on her back. Lilliputt covered herself with the notes and said to herself: "I'm not scared. I'm not scared."
On the platform BatCat, Murph, and Darknight appeared, sitting on a hill. "Oooops, I think that was too much energy.", the pink bunny concluded. The three beamed up loonies were very surprised, looked around, and finally recognized where they were. The bat put BatCat on his shoulder, lifted Murph and flew down the hill to join the group. They had a huge group hug http://www.millan.net/minimations/smileys/grouphugg.gif, and started to dance of joy. Then BatCat and Darknight told about their adventures, and Murph also added her beaming story. OneBun finally realized that it would be good to let the others know that everything was okay. She contacted Mystery, who was already on her way to Slurp Spider Island with Sir Theme, Hyper, her hubby and the clones, after fixing the ship. She was very happy to hear the good news, but was very worried that she had not been able to reach Zox' group.

----------> To be continued