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12-12-2006, 18:16:57
Click to play - Cube Crash (http://www.oceanbreezegames.com/index.php?PAGE=OnlinePlay&GAME=cubecrash&AID1=10&AID2=53&AID3=248)

New Working Link http://www.oceanbreezegames.com/index.php?PAGE=onlinegame&g=Cube-Crash&id=3

Game Description:

This is more a game of strategy than just clicking away. You only get one grid full of blocks so you must plan and click carefully to create as big of a match as possible.

To remove a group of blocks just click on a group of 3 or more of the same color, the blocks will collapse and move towards the middle.

The scoring works like this, the first two blocks are worth 15 points each and every block added after that gets 10 points on top of the previous blocks value.

A group of 3 blocks equals 55 points.
A group of 4 blocks equals 90 points.
A group of 5 blocks equals 135 points.

As you can see its better to make as large a group as possible, so take your time and plan it out!

12-13-2006, 01:54:28
very interesting

07-21-2011, 04:54:09
The link no longer works.
Going to move this to the games with broken links section.

When there will be a new link available, please let us know in this thread
and we will move it back to the puzzle forum.

Thank you :)