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Eternal Becky
12-13-2006, 21:24:47
The Tinies are about to invade earth. To stop them, you must send them to their sleepers. But beware: The Tinies are uncooperative, and strange devices lurk in their bizarre ship. To beat the clock, you must think ahead, and carefully maneuver these cute but unruly creatures around walls, arrows chutes, traps, and each other while they turn cartwheels, make faces and tap oh the glass, trying to get out.
~Use the arrow keys and space bar to select/deselect
~Send them to sleep
~Show them the way to their own cushion
~Watch out, time runs fast.

Play Here (http://www.lestontonsflasheurs.com/jeux/tinieso/)

12-14-2006, 04:10:11
Kinda hard but noring after awhile

12-14-2006, 18:04:12
after 5th level really boring