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12-14-2006, 23:58:21
Escape the room in 10 seconds. If you choose the easy mode you get 5 seconds extra to escape. Also there are the ways in the game to reset your time.


The loading can take a while.

12-15-2006, 15:17:20
Well i got out didnt need a key thou, and i really like tht music at the beginning :D

12-16-2006, 18:19:47
Too easy lol..... I liked the music too though :D

12-16-2006, 19:10:58
Very easy nd multiple ways of getting out 1. Use the gun to shoot the knob (Gun located in drawer) OR Get the night vision Googles, turn off the light, use the Night Vision, look under the Desk and take that Gun.
2. Use Katana to slice door (Katana located beside the shelves.
3. Find the password (It's on the TV)
4. Use Bazooka (Unde the bed)
5. Get the shears (Under the bed) And the night Vision Googles, turn off the light, use night Vision googles, turn to where you got the Night vision, look up, use shears on the key and then just click on the doorknob of the door.
6. Use the last key behind the picture.

I'm still missing 7 ways. But I will update when I find them

Found two more 7.Disarm the bomb using the numbers (Press down at the beginning)
8. Disarm Bomb using the red cards (Press down from the Door)

Items that I can't find a use Crule Shoes on the Shelf, The plant thing in the flowing pot (Reminds me of a monster off of the Castlevania Seris) The symbols behind the planting pot, the action figure on shelf, and the red thing under the pillow.
Anyone know what they are for?

12-16-2006, 20:17:10
hint: click on any clock to get more time

12-27-2006, 18:03:17
The key in the ceiling won't come down when I use the shears. HELLLLPPPP!

12-28-2006, 21:55:56
nice katana lool,never thought a katana slices a d00r l0l

03-22-2007, 19:05:05
I found the only way (i think) to finish this that hasn't been previously posted.

Grab the night vison goggles, turn off the light and turn towards the desk, click on the floor infront of the fallen chair, then click the chair for the Beretta 92F (its taped to it), click fire now and shoot the knob off the door

I can't seem to get the shears to cut the string that the key is on though

02-29-2008, 18:02:41
All your doing is defusing the bomb.
Took 3 plays to work out to look at the red cards on the floor

03-04-2008, 23:46:08
wont work the web for me..