View Full Version : Super Sneaky Spy Guy - Space Crystal

old biker
04-30-2012, 15:06:10
Sneaky is on a new mission searching for a stolen space crystal. The space crystal is very important and if it falls into the wrong hands the world is in danger. Use your Super Sneaky skills to find the space crystal!

Good luck

play (http://www.gamershood.com/20036/point-and-click/super-sneaky-spy-guy-space-crystal)

Bankrupt Monk
04-30-2012, 19:14:09
This one was pretty easy. Was only stuck once or twice and not for long.

Good day though. 2 Self Defiant and one Abroy game. :D

05-05-2012, 20:37:10
as always a great game...:)