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09-03-2012, 19:25:47

I'm new here and I would like to promote my latest point and click game "Paradigm Shift"
I got it up on steam Greenlight, need a lot of votes for this to be released which seems impossible :(

I would appreciate it if some could help me with the votes.
or just check it out and give some feedback or things that would also be cool to put in the game.



Paradigm shift" : The terrifying horror experience.

is a horror point and click game that takes place in small town called Riverlake that has been infected with a strange virus.
People turned into flesh eating zombies attacking everything on sight.

You are holed up in your apartment, for all you know you are the last survivor but food and water supply is running low.
It's time to take your chance and move outside and find a way out of town and reunite with your girlfriend...if she is still alive.
It was never supposed to be like this. It was never supposed to destroy everything.
Everything we'd ever known. everything that life was.

The chemical plant was built to push our city into the future, instead it took us back to the Stone Age. They told us it was safe.
They told us it would bring jobs, money, prosperity, security - they told us it would give us everything we'd wanted.

Greed became our undoing.

By the time the factory walls were breached by the explosion that rocked the earth at 5.15am Eastern Time on 12-08-2012 it was already too late. The chemicals escaping from the leak that had gone unnoticed for three days and nights had seeped into every living thing and had spread out for a radius of fifty miles. It contaminated everything it touched and kept on spreading.

It was the active agent in the drug. It became a part of our environment and it changed everything. It changed the very structure of the neural mechanics of every animal it touched - including us. Friends, family, people I'd known for decades, became as feral as wild creatures as they hunted desperately for their next prey.

It was never supposed to be like this. It was never supposed to destroy everything.
Everything we'd ever known. Everything that life was.

It would never be the same again.