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Frantic Freddie
09-06-2012, 02:24:24
I'm an aficionado of salsas & hot sauces (good thing too,I live in New Mexico,the heart of chile country! :)) & since I perfected my salsa recipe a few years ago I've grown chiles & tomatoes for it.Sadly,this year none of my jalapeños & red chiles did well,dunno if it was too much water or a fungus or,more likely,I used the wrong soil.I do container gardening even though we live on 2.5 acres due to the fact that it always freezes in May!!! *grumble* That way I can cover the pots when the temp drops.

But my cayenne peppers are doing very well,they just started ripening up nicely.Last year was the 1st time I grew them & they did well so I dehydrated them,cleaned them & put them in an old coffee grinder to make cayenne powder that smells & tastes sooo much better than store bought,mmmmm :)

So I've decided I'm going to make homemade Tabasco sauce,looked up some recipes & it looks fairly easy to make,tho it does involve letting it sit for anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months & can continue to ferment (real Tabasco is fermented for 3 years).

Interesting thing about cayennes,they like a LOT more water than jalapeños or green/red chiles,as much as tomatoes.

Hope it turn out well,I have several friends who like hot stuff too.

Every year I go to the National Fiery Foods & Barbeque Show (http://www.fieryfoodsshow.com/?page_id=16) to have my mouth & innards seared into insensibility & usually come away with 2 backpacks full of stuff.My wife complains,but I just tell her to shut up & carry the damn things (I'M JOKING!!!!! :D)
The show originated in Albuquerque,but several years ago the promoters decided that Albuquerque was too much of a hick town for such a high-falutin' show so they moved it to San Francisco (cue paraphased the Pace line: "San Francisco? Get a rope" :D).
Well gee,San Fran not being known as chile hotspot (pun intended),the promoters & vendors lost their asses,so they moved it back here & now it pulls in thousands of people & $$$ every year.

Factoids: chiles are native to the New World,they're a member of the nightshade family which also includes potatos & tomatoes.
Chile seeds are spread by birds,who have no capsacium receptors so they can't feel the heat.

Anybody else like hot stuff? :D

Frantic Freddie
07-27-2013, 18:54:36
I just made a batch of shrimp & fish (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wahoo) ceviche, used our home-grown tomatoes & chiles.

I love it when I give it to people who've never had it: "Whaddaya mean it ain't cooked?!?" :lol:

old biker
07-29-2013, 09:24:37
not cooked ? :o

i guess i would pass on it too :wht:

Frantic Freddie
07-30-2013, 22:20:01
The lemon & lime denature the proteins (there' some high-falutin' words :D) just as well as cooking it, so the texture is like being cooked. It really is very good & I've had people try it & like it.

Me & the missus like sushi, we have no problem with good raw seafood, though we do prefer our shrimp cooked in some way, boiled or fried :D

I make a killer battered & fried shrimp, even make my own sauce :D

Frantic Freddie
09-14-2013, 01:04:11
I'm making my Chile Relleno Stuffed Chicken tonight, chicken breasts flattened & rolled around a green chile stuffed with Monterey jack cheese & the whole thing wrapped in bacon, then smothered in green chile tomatillo sauce :D

09-14-2013, 09:00:03
That sounds delicious but also way tooooo hot for me :P

Frantic Freddie
09-14-2013, 16:56:40
Whenever someone asks me "Is this hot?" I always say "I'm the wrong person to ask, better ask my wife" :D

09-14-2013, 19:46:56