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10-17-2012, 12:38:23
is there a way I could remove or clean some paint that have poured on some childrens shoes? the paint has splashed on several shoes as the can slipped out of my hands but as I tried to quickly dip them in water nothing much happened only some paint began flowing and it later dried when I removed the shoes.

Frantic Freddie
10-17-2012, 18:05:17
It depends on the kind of paint & the shoe material.If it's latex paint get a product called Goof-Off,designed specifically for latex.

If it's oil paint,well,not so good.Paint thinner or mineral spirits can eat right through a lot of materials (don't ask me how I know this ;) ),you'll want to test any paint remover on a small area 1st.Goof-Off may not hurt the material but could discolor it.