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old biker
12-01-2012, 15:42:46
Psycho killer escape is a type of point and click escape game developed by games2rule.com In our city a new Psycho killer trapped the people in their own home. He was playing a game with the people by locking them inside the house without any exit and cut all the basic need like phone, electricity etc. He intimate about their trap in a post card and psycho killer given only chance to escape is through the main door. He leaves the people only if they exit through the main door. Psycho killer enjoys the people dying without food and water. Find the right way to escape from the psycho killer.

Good luck

play (http://www.games2rule.com/play/psycho-killer-escape/6668)

Bankrupt Monk
12-01-2012, 19:28:08
I gave up even looking to try and address the constant flashing light and quit. It was just way too annoying.

12-01-2012, 19:33:29
Okay....not to hard.....just flashy.....:cattail:

old biker
12-01-2012, 21:57:54
quitted for same reason :(

12-04-2012, 16:14:08
Yeah, that flashing light was just too much for me too...

12-04-2012, 17:47:38
Found book, combo box, key, 2 knives and a spatula. Opened all drawers, but one....found secret cupboard.....and that's it, I can't take the flashing light anymore.

12-07-2012, 23:56:42
Got a key in the front door but it is not opening.
Got a headache from the flashing so I am done with this one too

12-13-2012, 03:44:56
postcard, book, knife, cleaver, key, pancake flipper. box needs code. used knife and key.
chainsaw, opened box, 2nd key. used knife and flipper.
used key & chainsaw. a box found.
out .. I paused several times to rest eyes.