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12-04-2012, 21:48:20
hello :bee:
try to escape from Brick Bunker Escape Room .. :horserun:

[ Play Brick Bunker Escape ] (http://www.ichwillspielen.com/?redirect=2178)
hAve pHun yOur vixvvxiv :mar:

12-04-2012, 22:19:16
Finding it tedious... smashed 24 holes in the wall... still have hammer. stuck with a clothespin that is called nippers and cottonwool (?) Hmmm....

Made fire found a stick and combined the nippers/cotton wool/and stick No idea where to use it yet
Also have 4 digit code and nowhere to put it! I've tried smashing and burning everything, and can't get the grill open! :(

12-04-2012, 22:23:15
Out. Have to agree about the hammering.
SueLook for the stick
Sue, hint 2try fire on grill (I think!)

12-04-2012, 22:51:52
Ack! Just didn't put it in the right spot!! Thanks Scissors... OUT!! :D

old biker
12-05-2012, 09:16:01
and do things in order :o

12-08-2012, 20:40:05
Thanks for the help Sue

I am out :D

12-09-2012, 20:22:02
I'm in....have hammer, knife, clothes pin & lightbulb.
Used knife and have cotton wool...
Used hammer....it's a pain, but keep going until readable...
2 lightbulbs now; placed them in only spot possible.
Now I have 4 digits and seem to be stuck....?
Clicked 'everywhere' and found stick, now made fire....ummm, where to put it...?
behind BBQ.
Finally....Zoom on BBQ, put fire on lid.
Entered code, key and out...
Other than fire location not making sense, it was okay.