View Full Version : Doomsday Apocalyptic House Escape

12-09-2012, 13:52:56

You're trapped in an Apocalyptic House and find some hidden objects to combin them help you resolve some puzzles to escape.

Play here (http://www.flash512.com/esc-games/escape55/)

12-09-2012, 14:59:55
Great game...not as dark as last one.....The puzzles could have been a bit harder...but it was way to much fun to complain...grin...:cattail:

old biker
12-09-2012, 16:39:13
game buggy ? used chalk outside the game
out anyway

12-13-2012, 20:46:17
No bugs for me and chalk was used where I was supposed to use it.
Proud of myself that I got out without help which is unusual for me with these games :D
Nice one again