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old biker
12-30-2012, 17:19:06
Alien Squirrel escape is a new point and click, escape the room game created by Ainars. Try to rescue Alien Squirrel from locked house. Collect items and solve puzzles in order to unlock door-lock and break out from house, then search for additional item, return in to the house and solve rest of the puzzles in order to obtain car keys. Use keys to unlock car door and drive away.

Good Luck

play (http://gongtats.com/2012/alien-squirrel-escape/)

12-30-2012, 17:34:53
The squirrel is safe...hooray!:cattail:

01-01-2013, 20:55:45
Gongtats :D

01-05-2013, 21:18:42
Ladybugs placed, men placed, fish placed....one more code to find.
You really have to look around for 2nd or 3rd items .
Wood box /w fuse like item....2 items in sides of box.
Found last piece of code....hiding by the tricky spot and left house to get microship.
Used chip around house to gather last items....placed found items, got key...and 'the squirrel gets the car'...?
Nice game.

01-05-2013, 22:21:09
Thanks graywolf! I was about to give up :)

01-06-2013, 21:46:54
Wow! Figured it all out myself! Gongtats!! :D