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05-11-2005, 17:07:24

Venture in Paris

07-25-2005, 01:06:13
Do I have to know how to speak French?

07-25-2005, 01:53:45
yes, you must undestand french if you want to play this... I don't understand french, but I tried to play... I failured after 1 minute....

The Raven
07-25-2005, 03:25:54
8-| ez to work this JUST LEARN FRENCH ;)

The Raven
07-25-2005, 03:27:41
U Dont Have To Know Frech 8-)

The Raven
07-25-2005, 03:31:31

08-14-2005, 10:14:45
will a french dictionary help?

08-14-2005, 19:53:47
Not really, unless you already understand some French lol
I made it to the end (at least, I think it's the end) . . . but it isn't too interesting . . . and I had to use the French walkthrough :P

Here is a translated version of the walkthrough if you are interested:

1) Click on the door
2) Prof. Morel's Studio: Click on the door when the knock sounds. The woman will give you a ticket to Bercy. Click on the card that says 'Coiffeur' (hairdresser) and that will give you a ticket to Chateau Landon. Then, click on the green lid to the right and your various tickets and keys will come into view. Click on the one for Bercy (red) and a hand holding the ticket will come up. Click on the ticket again, and a paper with a dot for Bercy comes up. Click on the dot.
3) Panoramic of Bercy: Click on the guard at the entrance of the boat. Three possible answers to him will appear, and choose one, though none will convince him to let you on. Look to the left, and look at the gramophone. It needs a record. Look around until you see a dog with a neck brace which amplifies its barking. Take the neck brace, and click on you ticket inventory to go to the coiffeur (yellow ticket).
4)Panoramic of Canal St. Martin: You are in front of the hairdresser's. Click on the two talking women, who repeat one phrase: "Change the record." Click on the door of the coiffeur to go inside.
5) Coiffeur: Click on the two people to listen to their conversation (it isn't really necessary to understand it). Look around, and try to take the record from the table (it won't let you). Look to the left and examine the fan. There is something blocking it outside. Click on the door to go out.
6) Panoramic of Canal St. Martin: Click on the talking women again. In the closeup of their feet, you see a pot of flowers - that is what is blocking the fan. Click on the pot twice to move it. Then enter the hairdresser's again.
7) Coiffeur: The fan is now unblocked. When you click on it, it tells you that the sound is not loud enough. Put the brace on it to magnify the sound. The hairdresser hears it and repeats the women. You are them allowed to take the record. Proceed to Bercy (same way as in scene 2).
8) Panoramic of Bercy: Put the record on the gramophone. It plays a song which the guard then repeats, allowing you to enter the boat.
9) On the boat: Click on the woman. She sends you back to the Prof.'s studio.
10) Prof. Morel's Studio: Click on the drawer to open it. Click on its contents, and it reveals a clue about the bookshelf. It tells you to click on the third row, third column. Do so. The bookshelf moves aside to reveal a secret doorway. However, a security computer appears, asking for a fingerprint and a blood sample. You will manage this with the help of two items from the Canal St. Martin. Click on the message which has been slid under the door. This gives you a ticket to the rue du crime (crime scene) and a ticket to Les Mauvais Garcons. Go to the Garcons (restaurant).
11) Panoramic of Canal St. Martin: Take the candle from the table. Look around until you see the space between the bridge and the man falling out of the window. There is a cloud of mosquitoes. Click on it to get one. The proceed to the crime scene.
12) Crime Scene: The actual crime scene is in the part of the picture that looks like a garage. When you pass your cursor over the entrance to the crime scene, a lightning bolt will flash. Click on the entrance.
13) Inside the crime scene: Go to the right until you find a smoking cigar. Click on it, and the use it to light the candle. Then go back to Prof. Morel's body and put the candle on the Prof.'s hand. This will give you a fingerprint. Then put the mosquito on the Prof's arm. This will give you a sample of blood. Then leave the crime scene.

That's all I have time to put in now, hope this helps.

08-14-2005, 23:17:01
I did all that and once I get back to the apt. to use the fingerprint and blood, an old woman appears and shakes her finger at me. Then nothing works after that. I can't go any further.

BTW, did you happen upon the ducks on the canal? I had a red fishing pole and could catch the ducks and take them to the bank of the canal. Then the canal was drained. What was that all about??

08-15-2005, 08:55:21
it's such a pity we don't learn french in my country.
): i have a french dictionary and dun know how to pronounce the words in there. *sighs*

Michael Jackson
12-10-2006, 05:49:43
I can't start! How do you log in or whatever you have to do?